The Embarrassingly Comprehensive War of the Spark Prerelease Guide

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The Embarrassingly Comprehensive War of the Spark Prerelease Guide

49 467 views | 24 Apr. 2019
49 467 views | 24 Apr. 2019

Dev takes a deeeeep dive into War of the Spark Sealed to talk about deckbuilding tips, some important numbers, and all the best commons and uncommons in each color so you'll be ready for your Prerelease!

Preorder War of the Spark:


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James H

Thanks for not calling them spoilers.


dev ur the day9 of mtg. keep it up fam


London we gooo

BooMan TheGhost

challenger troll and the new sage are gonna be busted basically my whole board is gonna be unblockable in commander


Thanks Dev. :)


Planewalkers are aids and this isn't magic anymore.

j smith

I remember my first helped so much...but i will live and die with 33% mana...i always die. Lol...burgler rat

Chris Archuleta

"Raging Crotch"


The like / dislike ratio is great


Had no time to study the set, this video really helps what to expect!

Zachary Sproul

pre release in 6 hours thanks for the guide Dev, great as always

Румянцев Пётр

Thank you, Dev! I don’t play sealed, but your guides make me feel warm and fuzzy)))

Samuel Desjardins

Nicolas Audet, veux-tu jouer à MTGA?

Tony and Chachi

This was great. 10/10. Needs more cat cameos.

Lucas Wang

all I want to do this prerelease is proliferate. A lot.


As usual, going above and beyond, Dev! You're too good to us


Killer primer. Very impressive Dev!

Andrew Glandfield

Amazing. Thank you

Robert Gamron

I just wanted to tell you that this video hot me to my very first top 8 finish! Keep it up man. I really enjoy all your content. Thank you.

Will Kennard

Love your vids dude, just a great tone of voice and you seem like a down to earth bloke.

Jack Palmer

Tyvm. For the info and your time and efforts.

Anon Anon

You would be a very successful arena streamer my guy

Thomas Collins

Ob nix was complete garbage for me

Meta Gaming

Lol this was great

Jonathan Sanders

but how does MSRP not exist? that's like saying land doesn't exist... its a core mechanic that cannot be messed with and we all agree on.


A small note about Eternal Skylord (and other cards like this) is to be careful about your play patterns. Attacking with a 2/2 flyer amassed army just to have your skylord removed in the declare attacker step and then eaten by a bigger ground creature WILL happen. Just keep that in mind.

Christopher Cronkhite

I think you undervalue Heartfire. I would agree if it only damaged creatures, but it’s can hit ANY target. So a planeswalker, or, your opponent. It’s not only removal, but it can hit them for the last bit of damage you need to win.

Martin Rasmussen

I appreciate you too Dev, you are the man for real!


If splashing a 3rd Mana type, do you think green would be the obvious choice? At least then, there's a better chance of ramping

Brandon Dennis

Vivian's Grizzly is actually crazy. In the late game, it's a mana sink that lets you effectively dodge drawing your last six or so lands, instead getting you the creatures you need (more so in green than almost anywhere else.)

Fanime Guy

Thanks man. I have definitely been using and abusing your channel. Its greatly appreciated. I have an idea for a deck btw. Simic Ascendancy

Ron Bianchi

My plans before this video:
Thursday - Endgame
Friday - Work
Saturday - Hang out with wife all day and night

Plans after video:
Thursday - Endgame
Friday - Work
Saturday - Hang out with wife all day and claim victory at the prerelease at night!


Amazing video, it'll help me dramatically in 10 hours!!! Thx bro

Jehan Silva

you can also have obnix destroy your own creature to draw you two cards. Can definitely be relevant


I LOVE YOUR advice so much, I've watched this video twice on 2 separate devices,


Wow what an ugly set. The Japanese cards look So Much Better.

Dale Botha

Hey Dev! I really like your longer format vids! Longer please!

Bill Cowall

31:10 ha! a 3/2 isnt much... rogue refiner was a 3/2 good enough to be banned !

Jeff Toney

Legit again

William Vargas

We had to wait so long in between videos! Haha jk, got spoiled by the daily videos. Another great video. !

Darren Cartwright

Super helpful, thank you!!!!


Thanks for the great vid


Ob Nixilis actually works better as a way to sacrifice your own weak creatures to draw cards. The card advantage it gives for sacrificing small creatures which aren't doing anything can completely turn games.

corey gish

Ty dude

Nirmal Asokan

Bond of discipline is at best mediocre. Check out LSV's take on the card in the limited resources podcast

Donovan Long

I stopped listening to limited resources, I found their insight really negative and unfun. Thank you for keeping it positive and encouraging, love you dev

Zodiac Demiurge

When you start deck techs, could you do an Amass Grixis deck tech?

Brandon Dennis

This is seriously quality content.


So keep that in mind

Elijah Ramos

The lore to magic is so good I love the books never understood the game


Great video, watched one day before going to my prerelease, have a good idea of what to play now, thanks. :)

Just Magic Mostly

no more couch? bummer.


Yes, the song is back! That's my jam. You're my fav Dev. I am a cat man and you have made me a better player!!! Keep going my dude.

Electronic Shaman

Loved it! Looking forward to the pre tomorrow :)

Bastien Clarke

You rock

Moisés David Velásquez Gutiérrez

thanks keep making this kind of videos i appreciate it.

George Hutchinson

I won my prerelease event thanks to this advice. Played white/green midrange and had proliferating fliers all over the shop. Thanks for all your hard work Dev!

The Original Captain Trips

liked the video in advance....hope this will help me know what to pick in my draft... +sub if it does!!


Dear SBMTG Thanks the informative video I went to 3 Prerelease and went undefeated 12-0 much love from the Netherlands:P


My whole collection got flooded in a car crash. Should I keep going ?

Steve Saint Hair

Get some bubbles for that fish

John Horan

Are you gonna do one of these for Modern Horizons?? Please do! This vid was really helpful prep for pre-release last time


Whats the card in front of the owl?

Jeremiah Bachmann

War Screecher is just a reprint of Bond of Discipline. Not sure why WotC would do that in the same set...using the same art and card name too. Strange.


How'd your prerelease go Dev?

The Original Captain Trips

nice video...idk if i missed it but id like to know what you feel are the top 2 colors to draft

Brandon Dennis

Cyclops Electromancer can be compared to Flametongue Kavu, and any card that can be compared to Flametongue Kavu is almost always going to be good

Lady Rose

False on law rune enforcer. There are amass 1 cards

Kenneth Lockyer

In the past 4 pre releases I have placed top 3 and I played 4 colours in all those


How many boxes should I buy I'm new

The Original Captain Trips



There is so much gravy everywhere!


Only things i think were sort off missing, in regards to the prerelease:
1. Shower beforehand, brush your teeth and use some Deodorant (and after spraying throw it in your bag, just in case 'touching up' may be required)
2. Take something to drink and to eat with you, seeing the event takes a good 5h (or more), if your LGS allows it as sometimes they prefer you to spend some money on food & drinks. Consider some gum or mints, or just some hard-candy.
3. While the LGS will supply lands most of the time, if you have lands, take them with you (pre-sleeved even *see below), so you don't have to wait in line at the land station, if you pre-sleeve your lands make sure you also have the same sleeves for the rest of your deck. (this is mostly a time/stress saver !!!) ~ (also take a few extra sleeves with you just in case one tares on you)
4. Take 5~6 different colored sleeves with you for tokens (i bought cheap bright orange sleeves for this at one point ~ the off color obviously so you don't shuffle them in your deck !), and sleeve up some promotional/advert cards in them, or lands with the back-side showing. These can be your (or your ops) stand in tokens, with a dice on them. (Just in case you wonder, what to do with the 45 other orange sleeves in the time being. Well, the bright color with the promotional cardboard in them are great to use as dividers in your collection, or to sleeve up a commander, i use them so much that i have 100 orange sleeves by now, just because having an off color thing that stands out clearly is handy to have.
5. Take dice with you if you have them, if you don't have them, consider buying some cool ones a the store (they will have a wide selection for you to choose from), Proliferate AND Planeswalkers will use dice this time around.
6. Bring your best mood !

* I take 17 lands of each basic land type with me, and I pre-sleeved 8 of each, then i bring 30 sleeves. I do not sleeve all the lands, just to 'safe' me some sleeves; Seeing a landbase of 17 with generally 2 colors, this means i will only have to sleeve my 23 card deck and one extra land (given i do not splash with 3 basics of a 3rd color). This save 5~7min and some hassle sleeving up everything and frustration at the landstation, well worth it, as deckbuilding time is limited. (it's also nice to have the extra sleeves to sleeve up some crazy foil card so it stays nice and minty)

Draft’em MtG

Love u dev, stream arena plz!


Do I keep all the cards from the packs or just the deck I will make

Hungry Gluttonz

Imagine a rare 1/1 w/ haste and lifelink 10 years ago? We got a common that does that now!!!

Legio IV

This helped me a lot. Thanks for the video.

Lucien Tibbetts

Immediate thumbs up for the impractical length of your title

james benson

Can we call it punch for the 1-way fight mechanic.


Always love your stuff .. Thank you!!

N Smith

You can never be too in-depth for me, Dev

Quinn Griffith

I love everything you do here Dev

D Topa

Gideon's Triumph can be cast to remove an attacker/blocker before combat damage. I think that's pretty good removal in limited. It doesn't help push through damage (unless trample) but it will often remove their biggest attacker unlike Chandra's Triumph.


Hidden Ob Nix usage: you can destroy your 1/1 creature to draw two cards if you need or want to

Colby Bastian

Thank you for the primer took second place at my 60 man!


What about Kayas ghostform? Its am amazing common. Whats your take on it?


I've just started playing MTG, and you're video just answered a ton of queries I had ^_^ Keep up the good work, man!! have an amazing day!!


I have ran 41 most time and never really had a problem.


I think a potentially better use for Ob Nix is cashing in your own redundant creatures (or creatures with death triggers) to draw cards. Sacrifice is a supported arch-type in this format.

Gareth Battell

I love this guide. I played in 5 pre releases for this set, came first in 2 of them and in the top 4 of 2 others... I put that down to this guide. I would love this content for every standard set in the future!!! Thank you Dev, you're an angel!

Rachael Keyne

Super helpful! Thank you

Kristian Allen

Highly Appreciated. Thank you for you effort

Zachary Woisin

Thanks for the timely post. I like the depth of your analysis

James Niver

I have very little faith that I will remember much of what you said at my pre-release thing today, but--
thanks for trying


And a video filled with cards that I pulled so little of.

Charles Lizana

27:48 That's what she said.

Giovanni Chavero

Thank you so much for your advice yesterday I won all my matches :)

Jackie Renee

Just wanted to say thank you for how in depth but entertaining your videos are. I have been playing MtG for 3 years and have taught many, many friends how to play and I recommend your videos in the pre-release prep emails I send out every set. I have been watching you since I first started and you rock :) Also t-shirts are pimping and cats are super sweet!

Enchanted Celebi

Oh man pre release is starts in 48 hours!


I wouldn’t splash for a third color in this format, the fixing is pretty bad lok