[Quick Guide] the Holy Grail

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[Quick Guide] the Holy Grail

318 784 views | 17 Dec. 2018
318 784 views | 17 Dec. 2018



if lost, buy another one for 500 coins from The Lady of the Lake in Taverly


- weight reducing armor

- 1 stamina potions (4)

- better and faster melee weapon to than Excaliber


- 1 Draynor

- 1 Ranging guild

- 1 Draynor Manor

- 1 any charter ship with a bank + the fare fee

--- Fishing Trawler Minigame teleport

- 2 Camelot

- 1 Goblin Village

- 1 Fisher realm

--- Fairy ring BJR or Brimhaven (Ardy cloak + 30 gp)

- 1 after quest completion

Quests: Merlin’s Crystal

skills: 20 Attack

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Slayermusiq1

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/slayermusiq1

Old School Runescape 2007 2007scape quest


hey put the cost of charters and the fact you need coins to buy them idiot.

Luke Reynolds

I followed the entire guide as a 1 def pure looking to get some easy prayer XP. Got to the final part to speak to the King and saw your reward of prayer along with DEFENCE xp! Thankfully I didn't give the King the Holy Grail lol.


these guides are so hard to follow...

David Crooks

Pretty smooth guide. The only real thing I’d recommend as a big improvement would be to show your world map when you reach a destination. You just assume everybody knows where all the locations are. Oh and try not to say sex when referring to a sack


No "K thanks bye"???

Kevin Goossens

You really help me out whit your vids


For ironmen theres a ship to brimhaven in ardougne that only costs 30 gp

DJ Dipoko

Where is bjr located

Bara Robber Baron

No offense, but the guy on the bridge is very easy to do with magic, I actually don't know why you'd say otherwise.


"that was uh.....that was it "

Vincent Valentin

Tip to make this fight a little easier. Go to your options, click the controls tab, and under NPC 'Attack' Options change this to "left click where available". This way you don't have to right click the knight and select attack every time, just left click him.


Worth noting, if you haven't bothered to do this quest until much later, don't bring a BIS weapon. Accidentally killed him twice with a Ghrazi rapier and he respawned.


i used fire blast an worked way better lol

Christian Castens

Holy shit why do you cover up all of the recommended items in the beginning until you say it, that bothers me so much and gives me anxiety and I don't even know why.. love ya though


Best ending ever XD Thanks for the guide my man!


Died at the troll because laptop cut off and have no idea how to get back


I know you guys come to the comments for the big tips so I'm here to drop the big kahuna. When you go to entrana you can open the door on the side to save a couple seconds instead of running in the front enterance. Thank me later.


Black knight has 1000 defence in range and magic wtf

Mildly Awake

@14:06 you say "the castle" ...which castle, where is this?

Chris Martinez

great quest guys if you forget magic whistle you can find one in the same location youll be fighting the npc at bottom left by the trees


you are amazing.

mark ragen

Here from Trailblazer leagues, Thanks again slayermusiq!

Cambell Langmead

Can you kill the black Knight titan with mage?

Lunars Fall

another easy way of getting to brimmhaven is to go to ardougne port all u need to do is bring a few extra teleports there and the port is super close by taking u to brimmhaven

Aaron Newell

The fisher king wasn't there, what should i do?

Jack Foster

No kthxbye? I feel robbed.


Everyone: House
Slayermusiq1: POH

Detested Individual

k thanks bye

Kyle Nichols

can't you just use glory ammy to get to karamja then run to brimhaven??


Dope, thank you


when you forget your fally tele..... totally didnt just happen

Joshua K

Quick and convenient tip for very low levels: Halberd the Black Knight Titan.


Change the "NPC 'Attack' options" to "Left-click where available" if you don't have it like that already. With that you can simply attack him with left click and move away way with left click. A bit faster and less annoying.

She V.

Just so you know, Dramen staff is not allowed in Entrana

Soefjen Aa

12:30 Ardougne Teleport

Miguel Dorado

option 4 for galahad doesn't appear help!

Bernard Narkevich

well, pausing a video at 6:58 thinking that I got this and concentrating oon the game wasnt the brightest idea of all

Tyler Kent

Love ya man. Thanks for the awesome quest guides.

aivaras grigauskas

you can kill it with magix its actualy faster on low lvls


nice took me 3 hours to kill it, then i pressed continue video and then it spawned again fml

Our Odyssey

learn your goddamn NORTH EAST SOUTH WEST

Andrew Gatt

k thanks bye

Dempsey Visser

At 10:50, the bell ain't there no more, where can it be found now?

Henry Kieninger

after I defeat the titan tye holy bell doesn't pop up? I'm not sure what I need to do. my quest just shows I need to find a weapon to defeat the titan.

Anonymous NFA

I defeated the black knight titan!! Combat lvl 31 but used the Sliverlight took me nearly 30mins and used the wrong damn sword

Zack Slutzky

"...here in camels castle" i laughed

Ryan Roth

God is it annoying following the guide then u say the wrong thing and I'm like wtffff


The moment in slayermusiqs career when he finally upgraded his set up

Mighty Mungus

Yo! I appreciate you forgetting about that antidote.

Salty Steve1989

quest only took 20 min. thank you.


Thanks again


Started a fresh account a week ago and your guides are extremely helpful.
Thank your for all your work, I greatly appreciate it my friend! :)

Tyler B

Time to ruin the zerk. Gonna go med lvl so its time to do def quests

Jake Durschel

Been following your guilds for a while now, and one thing you always fail is to let people know of important information that could possibly kill them, like how you must kill the Black Knight Titan with Excalibur or it'll re-heal for full health. How the hell do you leave that important detail out, I really should mind another person who does guilds, yours have killed me 4 times now because you fail to include important details. If people are willing to risk following your guilds you should have a full proof plan specifying all details before anyone engages in any combat. Once more, because of your inability to correctly do guilds I've died on multiple occasions for reasons unnecessary.

zack trey

love your guides
always better than others and straight to the point!

Mr Kalkan

12:34 the code BJR that i have written down.... err we all still love you man


him: you will need these 9 teleports!
Me an ironman: This is gonna be a loooong walk


you have no idea how mad i was while fighting the titan. Didnt realise i had to use excalibur to kill him. si i had to kill him 3 times and i used an adamant scimitar. But i love these videos, you have helped me out alot <3

Lee Chadwick

Dont need to execute with excalibur, at least when using mage.


Can't t alk to merlin as he still is frozen in the blue crystal after having finished merlins crystal earlier a few months back.


ty :)


halberd is the way to go for safespotting the black knight titan, its not click intensive like the other solution however remember to still use excalibur to finish off.

per person

use a halberd to make the fight easy. safespotting

James Barrett

lmao that ending made me lol out loud (laugh out loud out loud). I did it in the SE corner (south west)


loving the quick quests!

Rafael Sampaio


justin surma

thx as always :D


Can i use arclight instead of excalibur?

There is not a fish in my boot!

I did what you said for the Black Knight Titan, and people kept coming up to me and stealing my kill over and over, I would recommend instead, taking a lot of food, and using protect from melee

Leopold Stotch

For poor ironmen: Ardy cloak and take boat to Brimhaven. It's 30gp

Saint The Barber




I'm confirming that it is possible to kill him with magic. It's semi afk and I preferred it over the method shown in 7:15

lol rev

your guides are very well done, comparing your older ones to more modern ones in-particular - i won't follow other peoples guides after using yours.



where was the: K, thanks bye! ?????


Thank you for the guide.

Luis Filipe Pena Borges de Andrade

Ok thx bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This quest on an early ironman, just kill me.

KaNahui ___


Damian Taliana


Strategy Plus

was actually quicker to use brimhaven house portal.

Why 10

Got lost during Enlightened Journey, High Priest not helping.


refund my time watching you and countless times youve fucked people up

Strategy Plus

this guide is lacking bro. makin me tele here there and everywhere just to get somewhere i could've teled directly..

Emil H

" If cb = <40" ... vry angry... its " IF cb<40 = bring antidote"

Tiki Torchs

This guy just cant do a good outro

Hugo Araújo

so many fcking teleports

American National

you have to blow the whistle after talking with fisherman king before going to camelot


BRUH WTF why didn't you say it cost 1600 coins for the chartership my poor ironman couldnt afford it.... Slayermusiq smh

al astair

Head weast


Another awesome guide bro... thanks again :)


If the whistles disappear (like they did for me), walk out of the room and back in.

Taylor Bennett

duuude i died and couldnt get the whistles again they werent on the table!!!


you suck at this dude - Does anyone know where I can get some clear and instructional guides for these quests?

Justin Wolf

I can't do the quest because my excalibur is an acrlight? Someone help?


Poison damage is good btw. I was holding Excalibur and it finished him off and I went through.

Joe Shmuck

Wow i thought it was supposed to be an easy quest. I couldnt even keep track of all the teleports lol

Furry 'n Fluffy

Slayermusiq you've helped me so much with these quests so I want to help you out too. North East South West (Never Eat Salty Waffles) quick way to remember it. ok bye!

Lasse Dollis Spilling

I just defeated him with magic while wearing excalibur, seemed to work

Bernard Leighton

ita may take a min, but you can kill black knight titan with magic till the last hit...Then need to use Excalibur for the final hit... if you take to long killing him, he will respawn and youll have to start again...

Thomas Soanes

So I see the titan and thought I got this didn't watch slayer fight him realised I forgot my weapon including excalibur proceeded to kick him too death and his health regenerated.....dont be like me! Best guides as always slayer musiq xD