TOP HIDDEN OP World of Warcraft 3v3 PvP Comps | BfA 8.3 WoW PvP Guide

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TOP HIDDEN OP World of Warcraft 3v3 PvP Comps | BfA 8.3 WoW PvP Guide

16 191 views | 27 Jul. 2020
16 191 views | 27 Jul. 2020

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Stahp SP

the pal on wizk's team doesn't even play ineffable lol. he's like 50% verse mad respect

Robin Andreschak

finally someone is mentioning Shatter/Godcomp, by far the most fun comp to play, i've been dodging everything but a mage on my sp after my 1st Session

dre mro

Il save you the video Destro lock , x , x GL hf




u cannot simply call shadowpriest + mage a shatter play. fire mage has no shatter


Basically just any niche class plus destro is prob fine

Anime & Dreams

Balance Game

Nevan Slone

Does anyone else hate the Paladin icon in the thumbnail? It just seems so plain and non-Paladin-y


What about MM hunter :( sadlife


Best comp for fury!


Love the videos lately, hope they really can help people with meta-slave mentality.


Just play anything with a holy paladin... Broken spec

Theo Logan

Fist of Justice / Ineffable interaction is nerfed now FYI, a judgment during ineffable will only lower the CD as if the HoJ CD was not under the ineffable effect

Skill Capped WoW Guides

Hey guys! Later this week we'll be releasing guides that detail which comps counter the highest ranked comps in our tier list ( Enjoy!

Clipz Gaming

Called fireplay/godcomp shatterplay, shatterplay has a frost mage not a fire.


Mongolian Earthworm Cleave


UH struggles at surviving? Do we play the same game? They struggle vs chaos bolt but everything struggles vs chaos bolt.


I like this vids its interesting yo hear why a comp is good


Look, just find yourself a decent Destro lock... and que up lol BFA is beyond broken


As some of the comments already say! Love this video and such videos!

Dominik S

What is the name of addon showing buffs/debuffs next to enemy health bar please?

Kilyén Balázs

Unless you are a shadow priest.


man I really like these videos :D


This is the type of content I really like seeing. Something that makes people considering challenging the meta a bit and open their mind to new possibilities.

Alexander Artemenko

Hey guys thanks for the high end content my ret hit 2200 I still think ret is weak lol

Salvador Fox

Shadow priest is so under rated!!!