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103 904 views | 6 Mar. 2019
103 904 views | 6 Mar. 2019



1. Contract: Zandalari Empire

reated by scribes which allows players to earn 10 bonus rep with the desired BFA faction when completing world quests in ANY Battle For Azeroth zone where world quests are available. requirement to use a contract is to be friendly with the corresponding rep

2. Darkmoon faire buff whee!

The Darkmoon Faire offers valuable reputation buffs: Darkmoon Top Hat and WHEE!. These do not stack; each increases experience and reputation by 10% for an hour.

3. In Battle For Azeroth, while the World Quest Bonus Event event is active, completing World Quests in Kul'tiras and Zandalar award 50% bonus reputation with the appropriate faction.

4. Mission table-

Periodically, new missions will pop up on the Mission Table with varying rewards. Some missions will reward Zandalari Empire reputation with a bonus objective of 150 Zandalari Empire.

5. New to 8.1 are special Faction Assaults, which spawn several times a day similar to Legion Invasions.

Completing a Faction Assault in Zuldazar ( Shores of Zuldazar) also awards 500 reputation. The related World Quests also award Zandalari Empire reputation.


Continuing in Battle For Azeroth, emissaries will still be a part of daily world content. Each day, Horde players will receive an emissary quest (located on the in-game map) from 1 of the 6 reputations Horde players have access to. In order to complete emissary quests, players must complete 4 world quests, that by default, awards reputation with the corresponding faction. Upon completion, players will be awarded 1,500 reputation with the faction whose emissary quest they completed.

7. World Quests spawn at different times for max-level players that have completed Uniting Zandalar. Regardless of difficulty, world quests award a flat 75 reputation before buffs. During the World Quest Bonus Event in Battle For Azeroth, players get bonus reputation with the appropriate faction via Sign of the Emissary.

8. New to Battle For Azeroth is a feature called Island Expeditions. When completing island expeditions on ANY difficulty, players have a low chance to receive items that can be redeemed for 250 reputation with the faction the item corresponds to as well as various cosmetic rewards such as toys, pets, and mounts. The reputation item associated with this faction is Island Flotsam (Item is turned in at Jani in The Zocalo at (35,7) in Dazar'alor). You can learn more about rewards from Island Expeditions in Nightswifty's Island Expedition Rewards Guide.In Patch 8.1, you can purchase Island Flotsam for 100 Seafarer's Dubloon. This repeatable turn-in awards 250 reputation.

9. Gaining reputation with Zandalari Empire is relatively simple: Quest through Zuldazar to reach Friendly, then complete World Quests in Zuldazar at level 120 for additional reputation. You can unlock world quests by reaching level 120 and completing the Uniting Zandalar.





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JestinDeGinger ._.

There aren' t any contracts for sale on my server

Abdalla Elsheikh

What is that mount please tell me!!!


Good guide, but i felt that the background music were annoying, keep it up :)

Felix S

Tip mate, lower the backround music :)

George Mess

Current Buyout price for contract on my server is 699 gold.

Miss O.P.

how'd you get all that fish oil?

Bill Wumsen

Your target frame is lower then your player frame!
Just kidding, doesnt make the video bad, though thanks alot


They really need to raise contract rewards to at least 100 or more. 10 is pitiful. 10 is about as bad as doing island expeditions over and over and getting 2 dubloons each. Fuck that.

Time-gating is bullshit game design. If Blizzard doesn't know that, they're incompetent. If they do know that, they're bad game designers. BfA has been a huge disappointment and it's shit like this that really contributes to that. I can accept it in raids, because there are just so many of them these days and I'm only into it for the transmog anyway, but if someone wants to work towards something, they should be able to. Effectively, took, not by scraping by. I could spend all day today working on getting the last 2k rep I need for Zandalari Trolls, but a better plan is to just wait a day or two and get the world quests which offer way more reputation, because that's how Blizzard designed it.



At this moment I'm 305 rep points away from unlocking Zandalari Trolls. I have both achievements finished and the grind has kind of been killer. But I've found some side quests out around Zuldazar, not world quests, but regular missions you find wandering around and running into NPCs, that have given 250 rep each. That got me down from a little over a thousand points to go, now to the 305. I'm so excited. If anyone knows of other hidden side quests (since they don't appear on the map), I'd appreciate any info.


Damn i wish i knew about the contracts for it I'm stuck on honored lol but thank you for the video and all the tips


Seeing someone in their garrison brought back memories...

Steal the painkillers

Nice video dude

Bilal Al Sakran

how long did it take for you guys to get exalted in the zandalari empire?????

Jonathan Bartolome

What addons are you using to make your UI look so clean?

LeshShatzi Gaming

you should rly stop doing drugs bro ;d

Check 1212 Gamer

ty sir i will use this info to unlock zandalari trolls i like too =)


if any one is watching this and is like " But i just came back to the game, how do i get this fast" Remember its blizzard, You cant, the guy who has this unlocked played the game for a 1year. and is ahead of you


Thanks alot you let me know which one to buy to turn em in to get rep I didn't figure it out cuz none is saying a shit about that.


when youre talking about rep farm, but u cant activate the contract if ur friendly. kinda oxymoronic

Timo Heikkinen

We like da zandalari mon keep up da good work mon! :D

Lane R.

What addon do you use for the WQ?

Aaron Anderson

What's your mail box and vendor page add-on?


Farm Island Expiditions for the coins and do world quest for that zone when they are up. Fastest and most effective way to farm for Zandalari

Megan Ziegler

Where do i find Jana for the flotsam?

Igor Beierbach

Definitely the BEST informative video about reputation I found in internet! Thank you for that!


Really like your videos!, If you could just crank up your volume a bit, kinda hard to hear you.


Is it in Zuldazar I unlock Zandanlari?