Russian WWII Song "Katusha" (Hebrew Version 1945)

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Russian WWII Song "Katusha" (Hebrew Version 1945)

143 374 views | 23 Dec. 2009
143 374 views | 23 Dec. 2009

Israel music history




The male vocalist is Eli Gorenstein, I'd recognize his voice anywhere. He voiced many Disney characters in their Hebrew versions (Scar, Jaffar, Sebastian, Lumiere and more)

Bus Bus

Fuck israel from

MR John


Guillermo Duarte

Kak krasivo zvuchitsia Katiusha po evreiski!!!

ilya benkhin

Can any body find any other hebrew songs that is related to music that have to do with the second world war

Lechi Arsanukaev


TV Mystery

Matvey Blanter soviet jew is composer of this son 1938.

Джоник Македонский



Egypt is still in the middle of the revolution. The first try went badly, so they're starting again. I have to admire their guts. Libya shows promise if they can bring the mountain militias under control but the government is still weak. A little touch and go. Lebanon is resilient. Losing Syria should weaken Hezbollah. Syria is lost. It'll be years after the fighting stops before they can begin to recover. No idea how long until the fighting stops. Mali is going to get bloody.


@pinz2022 well, the admiration to the Soviet Union lasted until the 50's, but it was only as strong in the smaller Kibbutz movement "Hakibutz Haartzi", which was more left wing and Socialist, but also - anti-Communist. In my kibbutz, for example, the Communists were expelled in the 50's. After the truth about Stalin came out, even the Kibbutz Artzi movement of doezens of Kibbutzim grew apart from the USSR. The only thing that people were still possitive to was the cultural aspect.

צמח ישראל מרום

The composer of the song was Jewish, so all the anti-Semites: commit suicide.


good song. lyrics, please? xD

Cübbeli Turuncu Ninja

Kgb in Israel


I try my best to be apathetic toward politics... But something deep within me wants to scream FUCK FASCISTS EVERYWHERE


Rest in peace Ofra Haza❤ (yes she is dead, she died in 2000 from Pneumonia and organ failure, her husband died a year later from an overdose)

Beefy Blom

A version not mixed with another song? Am I dreaming?

inspektor kot kot

? jew katyuscha


Much longer than for arab nations.Sudan: R.I.P, Syria: R.I.P (what's left from Syria now is just garbadge), Egypt: almost R.I.P, Lebanon: R.I.P (thanks to Hizballah), Yemen: R.I.P.

Johann Sebastian Bach


AngeL LoQuillo

Buena canción


ahem... falklands.

II. Werve

Best Hebrew version ever !


@pinz2022 I come from a Kibbutz, and we grew up on Russian and Soviet music. It was part of the culture, because most of the pioneers came from the Russian empire. Even though our grandparents came from other parts of Europe - it already became Israeli folk. Add to it the fact that the founders of our country were socialists, and there was a lot of admiration to the Red Army. We know who really defeated the Germans in WW2 and saved us - it was the Red Army, not the Western powers.


איזו שפה איזה שיר. חבל שאין כבר כאלה ברץ.

Niko aka Medvjed

israel sucks

Amadeus Bollin

I am all wondering what their names are.

Leonela Ruben

Алексей Андреев

А есть полная ссылка на эту передачу?


I love this song ! Thanks so much for sharing. Regards.....Abe

HS Zhou

This is why Hitler called soviet union a jewish conspiracy


великолепно! всех с праздником!

dani tsirekidze

The most close version of the song what I remember from my childhood

Adir filipescu

it can't be in 1945... sound is too good. Must have been in the 50s or 60s

Dinh Tien Dung

This song I heard and liked the tone when I was tiny. Remember the years of Soviet Vietnam always stand against imperialist aggression. Thanks for the great Russia, thank Kachiusa song. I love Russia! I love VietNam. Tôi yêu nước Nga, tôi yêu Việt Nam! I hate China

doug douglass

1945 was actually before the country existed! it was a brittish state.


"Katysha" is a Russian wartime song composed in 1938 by Matvei Blanter with lyrics from Mikhail Isakovsky. Both were Soviet/Russian jews. The lyrics translated to Hebrew and Yiddish in 1940s. So, "Katyusha", basically, has full right to be called "jewish song".


Does anyone know the names of the female singers?


Can somebody please tell me who is the person at 0:30? Thank you.


Un gars qui m'a fait découvrir cette musique sur JVC il y a un bout de temps maintenant. Si tu es là sache que je l'écoute toujours.

Little Chloe

<3 <3 <3 <3

Jean Genie

Livlevu 'agas ve-gam tapuah
`Arfilim pashtu `al* ha-nahar
Ve-Qatyusha 'az yats'a la-suah
`Al hofo** talul ve-nèhedar.

Ha-na`ara shara belév kaméah
`Al nishrah shè-be-`arevat ha-tekhol,
`Al 'ahuv nafshah ha-mitga`géa`
'Igrotav lah yeqarot mi-kol.

Hoy, shiri shirat na`ara ohèvèt
`Ufa `im qarné me'or ha-yom,
La-lohém `alé gevulot molèdèt
Mi-Qatyusha na mesor shalom.

Yizakhér be-yaldat tom nèhmèdèt,
'Èt shirat 'ahuvato yintsor,
Ve-yagén `al 'èrèts ha-molèdèt,
Lo Qatyusha 'èmunim tishmor.


girls are beatifuld and boys are handsome.
And, they are dead now.



El de la izquierda no es Camilo Sesto?

Исторические реконструкции 3D

Молодцы, очень красиво

Dmitry Klenin

Does anyone have an idea about when this performance was filmed? Judging from the style of haircuts and dresses, it should be the very beginning of the 1970's...

Bobosher Bahriddinov

Да здравствует Узбекистан


cool song

Dan Dobrjanskyj

Stupid question are there Christians in the Israeli Defense Forces?  Are there Israeli Christians (i.e. Christians that are Israeli citizens)?

Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов

Long Live Israel and Russia!

Ilyan Zolliani

Wonderful version... pure Poetry. Grateful love from Italy.


@maar162 Ummm, that's a rather awkward sentiment. The old USSR DID recognize Israel at Independence but it later became the chief supplier of weapons, military intelligence and military advisers to your dear, dear Arab neighbors for a long time. I shouldn't be having to remind you of this basic history. Say! As long as we're on the subject; were those rumors true about you guys having bizarre, twisted sexual orgies as kids in the beit yeladim after lights out?

Heather Rosengrant

inspektor kot kot

rascwietali jablonie i grusze

Ahmed Hafez

What are the saying?

TV Mystery

anyone knows name of this singers?

Psyko Parano

Trop stylé.

M.R Wakawaka

אכן נהדר!

Davit DDD

не смптря на то чо не русском самое натуральное исполнение етой песни, то что я помнйю с детства, молодцы

Sam Bensimon

Mazal tov le Am Israël !!!

Milan J

B_g blagoslovio Izrael!


Выдатная песня! Я і не ведаў, што ёсць яе варыянт на іўрыце.

Александр Самсонов

Картаво поют!

Lev Ornshteyn

0:50 Way to miss your cue.


@DivyaPreity4ever All right, well we all know what happened to Ofra Haza. It doesn't bear belaboring. But still, I would love to know how the Russian WWII song was acquired by you guys. And how it translated so smoothly to Hebrew.

Елена Геннадьева


Heather Rosengrant

Everyone beware of the racist “aliens” .. humans that been rich as fuck apparently since the 60’s .. they love abducting people with a date like rape drug that gets them tingly. Then they lose 2-4 hours who knows. Some days. Totally made sense seeing the tv show about a white an black couple

TV Mystery

love it

Pilpel yarok

לבלבו אגס וגם תפוח .

Vicino Orsini

My favourite is the version sung by Fabrika on Avtoradio, but this one is lovely and the video brings nostalgia 100%%

Bobby Fisher

Ugly version


@pinz2022 children house (biet yeladim) was until age 12, so no sex or orgies (I grew up in one in the 80's). The free sex was in the older days of our grandparents when they were young adults and there was not much to do in your spare time. But even that's a bit of a myth... In fact, kibbutzniks were and are pretty conservative like any other small community. sorry to disappoint :)


Don't be so sure. Arab nation failing apart (Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, SOmalia, Lebanon) as before them failed antisemitic USSR. Israel here to stay and Arab nations are dying by committing collective suicide.

Людмила Татарова

Очень красиво

Millie Karnop

First time I have heard is a bouncy melody..

Valentīna Kalēja

Deta Elis

איזה זמנים איזה כבוד היה לרוסים שהצילו את האנושות מהצורר הנאצי ..ביצועה נהדר . קהל נהדר.אנשים נהדרים . תודה והיום יש רק קופים מזרחיים קסנופובים גזענים ורוסופובים ...ולא רק מזרחיים .. בכלל הישראלים.. כולם כ אחד את הרוסים ויוצאי ברית המועצות של היום ..ולהגיד עליהם"זבל" . אז זה להעליב יהיה את הפח זבל הנקי שלי אם כל התכולה "הנקייה" שלו ....