Tyler Delarge - Victoria (Vocal Cover)

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Tyler Delarge - Victoria (Vocal Cover)

1 074 views | 27 Feb. 2020
1 074 views | 27 Feb. 2020

EDIT: The "Tyler's last words video is a HOAX"

Check this video by Scare Theater for more details - https://youtu.be/Az48DRJvtOQ

There are a whole lot of conspiracies surrounding Tyler Delarge. Some say the video is fake, while others think it's real, so I can't say if I belive 100% in the story.

But in any case the song was a masterpiece to me, so I decided to cover it & I hope you like it.


It’s fake his real name is Austin Cross there is no Tyler Delarge or anything, look at he’s channel he even has a Facebook page.

fawziya alhammadi

This is sad :(

Lol ita

Honestly this is beautiful, great job



Mendez lit


The True Nugget Himself

Truly sad and heartbreaking but beautiful song

Dylan Faude

This song really gets me probably because this make my emotions feel sad