BF4 Lsat vs Type 88 LMG Weapon Review | Battlefield 4 LSAT versus Type 88 LMG

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BF4 Lsat vs Type 88 LMG Weapon Review | Battlefield 4 LSAT versus Type 88 LMG

11 252 views | 12 Jan. 2014
11 252 views | 12 Jan. 2014

Please watch: "THE GARAGE STRAT! Rainbow Six Siege - Map Tactics - Club House Biker Garage"


Welcome to Versus, This episode is a subscriber request: Lsat vs Type 88 LMG Who is your winner? Which do you prefer?

Leave a comment with suggestions for future episodes please.


Outro music by genius musician and all round good guy Tomás S. Ó Ceallaigh

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Stone Hinther

Can I make a request for the m249?


mg4 vs type 88 lmg plz


Do pkp vs m240b

Jim Gorrill

Thanks Pete. I don't have a versus request, but rather, I'm looking for some advice. Can you do a video on the proper way to deploy both types of mines, please? Should they be parallel to a road? Perpendicular? Diagonally across the road? How closely should they be spaced? I've been struggling to deploy mines as effectively as I can, but it seems hit and miss at best.

Thanks a million.


Great video, as always. I would recommend removing the colored border, particularly the red as it is quite distracting from the actual gameplay. Personally I prefer the type 88 for the huge belt size.


type 88 lmg won

Jonathan Buenrostro

Awesome video man, I run support all the time and would love to see a MG4 vs M249! Thanks


Good vid. I prefer the 88 myself.  Also, sub'd.


MG4 is a fantastic weapon, but the LSAT is quickly becoming my fav. You can however afford to put a HB on the LSAT as the recoil is the lowest on ALL LMGs according to ( The HB really helps with putting more bullets on target if you can burst fire well.
Also I always run with the suppressor on all of my guns. The ability to stay off the mini map (unless spotted) is fantastic.

Jago Tiltmann

Aug A3 vs ACE 21

Phil Owen

Been running the Lsat with a heavy barrel, stubby grip, laser and  red dot sight, I was not sure at first but my K/D is slowly coming up but you still got to hide when reloading but at close range I am having to turn off the laser when do CQB because it gives my position away. nice vid again


Just want to say that I'm new to BF4 and am finding your videos really helpful. Keep up the good work.


Obsolete video, stats dont match anymore, please update or remove

Bobby Singh

Enjoyed the video! Trying to unlock all weapons in BF4, nearly done, by thew way what do you think is the BEST weapon in BF4?

Prodigio Pete

I hope you enjoy amigos.  Please leave your suggestions for future episodes below :)

Ruby Wilby

can you do the mx4 vs the ak5c

Hugo :D

L96A1 vs M40A5


LSAT eyes closed .. go to choice lmg for me ... i hardly use another ... unlocked everything for it .. flash hider/ heavy barrel  and stubby/ergo ftw ... 

Ayden .T

The player character sure takes their sweet ass time reloading while getting shot at with explosions going everywhere.

George Cheung

Hmmm... 7 second reload for a 200round mag... it's a fair trade.

Stone Hinther

Can I make a request for the m249?


As a crappily skilled Support player (but with 30 service stars) armed primarily with LMGs and Shottys - I never gave the LSAT a chance but I will be now. The AWS, M60E4 and MG4 are absolute monsters but this puppy might end up in my stable soon. Sounds like a muscle car! The 88 is strictly fun for me. I don't think it does anything well above other LMGs beyond 200 rounds as it seems to bounce a lot. But  it's a FUN weapon to pull out sometimes.


I really like the LSAT. There are two loadouts I prefer.
1. Stubby or potato grip, muzzle break, coyote or reflex, taclight
2. Bipod, heavy barrel, prisma, green laser