FFXV Comrades - Norduscaen Garrison Trading Post Gear / Cactuar Mace!

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FFXV Comrades - Norduscaen Garrison Trading Post Gear / Cactuar Mace!

6 234 views | 5 Apr. 2018
6 234 views | 5 Apr. 2018

We finally got our hands on that Cactuar Mace? You'll be surprised by it when I talk about it.

Where to get those items:

-Dancing Blade-

1 Zu Beak - From Zu in 'The Gormandizing Zu'

1 Squirming Bone - From Death Claws in 'Dave-ja Vu' or 'A Familiar Fright'

-Cactuar Mace-

5 Cactuar Seed - Chocomostro Chocopro reward (1st time only) or Gigantaur rare enemy

-Dancing Cross-

1 Mesmenir Horn - From Mesmenirs in 'The Road to Hope'

1 Magnetron - From the MA Veles in 'The Menacing Mechs'

-Ruby Shield-

3 Mythril Ingot - From dismantling weapons with a large amount of HP

3 Red Giant Armor - From Red Giants in 'Convoy to the Quay'


Thanks for the video on the mace! Rather underwhelming for what it costs, would be fine if you could slot in another ability but as it is right now the Dancing Cross is clearly the best thing from that vendor. Think I might set up a Dancing Cross. Real question is does Dancing Cross' charge attack benefit from Finisher X like normal shurikens? If it does that makes it a pretty strong charge attack potential. Set it up and a Conformer with double Deathtouch X for annoying enemies like the toads on the Zu mission.


I feel like it'll probably have another purpose eventually otherwise it was just dumb for the dev's to have one of the skills locked with nothing there to unlock.

Araya Laat Wahsar

great job

Nana Stark

How i come to the Place? Please Help..


Death ward says in danger, so when you're actually in the danger state (limping, cant warp, cant attack)
you can still project a shield to survive like ONE attack in a pinch, so i wonder if it would make it act like normal, or boost

Lady Yorshka

Damn I got my hopes up about the mace. If actually did 10,000 damage I would be happy about it and just have fun with the mace on lower level missions.


great video! very helpful


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Great job mate, you did it! I was delighted to see it evolves but yeah, can see how it's not for everyone.

The Gator Hator

This mace feels like an incredible "fuck you" from Square lmao

Rogério Noronha

Great video as always


I just unlocked that mace and I'm pretty disappointed too. I put the strength up very high and it's still not doing anything.

Elf Biscuits

That mace looks awesome!


My guess as to why 10k needles isn't doing that amount of damage is either: a portion of it comes from the hit before the needles are launched which for you was about 3.6k; or it's a bugged perk that might be fixed in the future since I was seeing 200 damage per hit but the math still didn't add up

Lord Shogar

The 10k needles is physical damage that can not be mitigated. ergo it works on ardyn and kenny crow for a guaranteed 4k range attack. . AreaSG was right a year ago, it has a use :)