Divine Potions - Are they worth using? (YES) OSRS

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Divine Potions - Are they worth using? (YES) OSRS

10 118 views | 13 Jan. 2020
10 118 views | 13 Jan. 2020

Divine potions are the relatively new potions added with the elf city! These potions increase your stats tremendously at the cost of health and a higher cost. These are worth using wherever you were using regular potions before, as they don't cost much more.

The Tarr Pit

The divine magic potion can be beneficial in skilling perhaps especially for ironmen because then you can use higher level spells like plank make much earlier without having to re-pot

Jeff Morrison

Holy cow man, you have a video on everything! I love it!


Thanks for the no frills video, got the info I was looking for. Liked and subbed.

Jacob Sieckmann

Short, sweet, and told me everything I wanted to here! You're a keeper! lmao


Recently found your channel; want to just say that I appreciate the content as it's very informative and concise. Thank you for making them! :D

John Smith

Video idea: The cost effectiveness of spending millions of gp to get a skills level up now, to eventually profit long term.

Example. Someone levels their prayer from 77 to 99. How many prayer/super restores would they need to consume, getting extra prayer points from the 22 level increase; to break even on the cost of getting their prayer to 99. Something like that.

Curious Wanderer

Okay but what is the difference between divine ranging potion and a regular ranging potion? They both boost my stats to +11 if I am between 71-79 ranged. What are the benefits? You haven't addressed that in the video.

Kevin Feng

aight im just gonna settle next to the beefalo okay

Space Cowboy 45

Niggas stay trying to scam with these things at the G.E. Lol


Recently found your channel and I love it! I was wondering if you would think about making a blowpipe version of your vorkath guide and if you could explain whether or not it is worth it to use divine potions at vorkath.

John Anderson

My buddy thinks diving ranging potions aren't worth it because each dose is so cheap. For example, Vorkath. He says just bring a 4 does regular range pot and sip a dose before each kill. Thoughts?



Rob Young

One thing to consider is that you put one of the downsides of the divine pots as it needs to be repotted if you brew down. But this is also how normal pots work, so it makes more sense for it to be a downside for either both of them or neither of them.