Fortbyte #94: Accessible by Using Scarlet Scythe to Smash Blue Canoe Under Frozen Lake - Fortnite

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Fortbyte #94: Accessible by Using Scarlet Scythe to Smash Blue Canoe Under Frozen Lake - Fortnite

203 089 views | 13 Jul. 2019
203 089 views | 13 Jul. 2019

Fortbyte #94: Accessible by Using Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe to Smash Blue Canoe Under Frozen Lake Location - Fortnite

Fortbyte 94 reads "Accessible by using the Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe to smash a Blue Canoe under a Frozen Lake". You can find today's fortbyte in the building under the frozen lake where greasy grove used to to be. There is a Blue Canoe on the Wall. Break it with the Scarlett Scythe to make Fortbyte 94 appear.

Fortbytes are a collectible set which are available during season 9. There are 100 Fortbytes in total and a new one unlocks each day throughout the season. Fortbyte challenges range from completing a little task like wearing a specific skin and collecting one in a certain place, or finding a Fortbyte hidden out in the map somewhere.

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SouthPhilly Kidd

why don’t I have the pickaxe I’m on tier 85 & I have 81 fortbytes


Unlocked at 70 fortbytes lol 00:02


I Can Do This When I Come Back From Holiday!

xrateto -

Who else is doing there fortbytes for the new skin?


I’ve unlocked 91 fortbytes and I don’t have the picaxe


94th fortbyte collected by HarryNinetyFour :D


I actually got this fortbyte before you but dont worry im still a really big fan also now i have singularity stage 2 because of you thx alot


I can now get the upgraded singularity
Thx harry


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Creator Code: HarryNinetyFour

Kelly Teti

Um im at 70 fortbytes and it didnt give me it

Kelpy G

Its Harry's fortbyte

MattBoy YT

And that’s what I call

Quality content

Bastian Dharma Irawan

So you just make a 95 video


I literally never use Creator code in fortnite. I always forget


Some loser killed me and danced on me while trying to get this

Night Rainn

Harry: Goes in Arena so he won't see anyone else

Me: Goes in a regular match and sees the whole lobby


Harry had 100 IQ to go into arena instead of nirnal match

MasterJ Williams

Almost had it, untill sum jackass eliminated me


Only 5 more days (Or 4 cause maybe we will get a Week 10 Secret Fortbyte at the same day as other Fortbyes like always.) and we get the “Upgrade with Helmet” Edit style for Singularity.



Lincoln B

Bro I can't break the canoe. Why

Juan Sanchez

How did u get that color of singularity



qa_ JJ

Harry Thx bro I got the first stage of Signarlity skin

Xeno Sapphire

Ignore The Dislikes... We Appreciate For Your Help Harry! Keep Up The Good Work


wtf i do not got that pickaxe and i got 83 fortbytes....


I still haven’t done the one with 4 players needed

Christian Smith

right now, theres also 94 comments

Kentucky Fried Clan テ威案

You legend


Has anyone else noticed that? harry94 and fortbyte 94

II MrBlueSky

Seeing harry94 get the 94th fortbyte thats epic

- W O L F

How many fortbyte for 100.!?


Do you need more subs man




awesome video btw ❤️

Dezzero Aiko

In case you haven't read the description yet here I am!

Fortbyte 94 reads ''Accessible by using the Scarlet Pickaxe to smash a Blue Canoe under a Frozen Lake. You can find today's Fortbyte in the building under the frozen lake where Greasy Grove used to be. There is a blue canoe on the wall. Break it with the Scarlet Scythe to make Fortbyte #94 appear.

Good luck getting this Fortbyte Harry is telling you! :)



Sachin Awsare

If the like button is blue you will get free wins


Going to the frozen lake looks like the fighting scene in End Game at this point.

Healthy Cloth

Gets straight to the point,not spend 2 minutes saying smash the like button for a free wonder skin

Connor W.


SimranYT ツ

I always watch your videos for any fortbytes or challenges thanks for the help ❤️


I have collected 78 fortbytes and dont have the pickaxe pls help


Now this is the place to get your challenges done

Christian Smith

Its ironic how he is harryninetyfour, and this is the 94 fortbyte!

Jona Cadena

Moment of silence for the people that still can’t do the memory game fortbyte bs


Everybody Loves The Drift Version...I Love The Cuddle Version

cant exist

welcome to: harry 94 finds fortbyte 94


Thank you Harry

Lê Chí Công

Finally i can get my Singularity skin, thx so much Harry, ur da best!


Who dislikes?? Why would you even dislike

Mr. J

Taking champions arena bus fare for this fortbyte because I cant get in public games.

Banana guy

Greasy grove returning confirmed ? IN FoRtNIte bAtLle RoYaL


Thx man


Harry just found his brother fortbyte

William Wilkinson

I never got the scarlet scythe at level 70 fortbytes. Anybody else in the same boat? Ps4 btw.


Harry94 let ur viewers know that the glider and contrail fortbytes don't work but it works if u keep changing ur region every game. Love ya vids BTW.


Its not showing

darkknightdrxpp ;

Ur my cuz in hero


Thx for not dragging it out

James Carter

Big help Harry ❤️

Shadow _02114

Yeah got style 2 singularity!
Thanks harry!

Tahlia W.

Where’d you get that tool?

D丨匚Ҝ 卄乇卂D

Thanks Harry, using that code for you

Fewd 27

Who else just realized the seasons ending and they haven't done any challenges

Hayden Sufka

Bro this is the first fortbyte I got before him.

Six-String Phantom

For those wondering why the syche isn't available yet.. You need to complete all week 10 challenges to unlock the Scarlet Scythe on PS4 first.


Can anyone get this or only one person per match?

Sylph on ac

Use code: HarryNinetyFour


Gonna get Singularity today thanks to you Harry
Use code HarryNinetyFour


Fortbyte 94, but also fortbyte 95 if you got the others

Good job, challenge god


People keep getting there before me

xd MegaPlayz

Do face reveal


Going into team rumble then leaving after you get the Fortbyte keeps the fortbyte and your kd is still good

Not Left4hire

Alright guys if u don't want people that are "defending" the fortbyte just go on arena solo


Only true fans can like this!! (Gifting subscribers)

Arise Krypto

I’ve been using your guides for the past hour and now I have the Singularity skin! Thanks!

JB beats

Hi I hate to do this but I just started a new YouTube channnel and released my first video. If you are a fan of fitz, lazarbeam, swaggersouls etc. I think you will like it.Hope anybody takes the time to watch it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


It got ugly over there

7 Mikansei 7

Thanks Harry


Thank you I struggled with this so long but now that I watched this I got it! FINALLy!!!



Cuddly Savage

Hey Harry besides challenges you should upload some gameplay as well


Fortbyte 94 must be your favorite Fortbyte XD

Λευτερης Γιωργαλης

Thank you!


harry my man! like this comment if he should do a voice reveal or even a face reveal!

TurdButter Toast

Cmon, why do people dislike this? He makes it under 2 minutes, and shows you the location, when he doesn’t really have to.

Abyu Kitz

No intro just straight into it

Noah Taylor

Pro tip do this in squads


It tmy last fortbyet its fiting thats you showed me where it is


Am i the only person on earth that the fortbyte doesn't work with???

꧁Evokes꧂ • Game Clips



when looking for foretbytes, harry is here for the carry


80th comment


Watching Harry ninety four let me get the secret skin

Andrex The Boi



So many people depend on you. Your the greatest


Some purple Skull Trooper killed 7 people trying to do the fortbyte

Tactical Asian3

I broke every other one of those than died. I didn’t break that one

Eclipse ian

I love the vid because it helps me and a cant find some of them so whenever am stuck I watch your vids and that helps me