The Coming Calamity Build, Price & Farming - PoE Destroyer Regalia

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The Coming Calamity Build, Price & Farming - PoE Destroyer Regalia

494 views | 18 May. 2019
494 views | 18 May. 2019

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1. The Coming Calamity Introduction

The Coming Calamity is a body armour. The base type is Destroyer Regalia. It has up to 6 sockets. The Energy Shield is between 208 and 228.

In order to use this unique item, you must reach these requirements: Level 53, 144 Int.

The flavor text is "Whiff of cold, tiny spark, faintest flicker in the dark. Embers swirl, ice takes form, sky exposed - Death's perfect storm. Frost and thunder, flames shine bright, ruin walks the land tonight. By your hand they dance and bend, wield them and brook no end."

2. PoE The Coming Calamity Build Guide

(1) (80-100)% increased Energy Shield

(2) +2 to Level of Socketed Herald Gems

Herald is a gem tag associated with active gems which grant the user a damage buff and a special effect upon killing an enemy under certain conditions. Each Herald has a mana reservation cost of 25%.

List of herald skills: Herald of Agony, Herald of Ice, Herald of Thunder, Herald of Ash, Herald of Purity.

(3) 35% chance to avoid being Stunned for each Herald Skill affecting you

The following Ascendancy passive skills affect Herald skills: Elementalist, Mastermind of Discord, Radiant Crusade, Unwavering Crusade, Master Toxicist.

(4) Mana Reservation of Herald Skills is always 45%

It prevents the mana reservation of herald skills from being increased or decreased via passive skills, gems, or items. This allows heralds to be linked to support gems without worry of increasing the reservation value.

How to Farm The Coming Calamity in Path of Exile?

3. Farming The Coming Calamity by Slain Monsters

You can get this unique item by kill monsters. Where does The Coming Calamity drop? There has not a specific location where they can drop.

4. The Coming Calamity Divination Card

These divination cards have a chance but not guaranteed:

4x The Body = 1x Random unique body armour

4x Jack in the Box = 1x Random unique item

8x Arrogance of the Vaal = 1x Random corrupted unique item

5. Apply Orb of Chance to Destroyer Regalia

Apply Orb of Chance to a normal item of Destroyer Regalia, you have the chance to get a unique item of The Coming Calamity.

It may need thousands of Orbs of Chance.

6. PoE The Coming Calamity Price

The price of The Coming Calamity is 1 Chaos Orb. A 6 linked The Coming Calamity price is 4 Exalted Orbs.