Auburn vs Washington Predictions and Odds (Tigers vs Huskies Picks - September 1, 2018)

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Auburn vs Washington Predictions and Odds (Tigers vs Huskies Picks - September 1, 2018)

25 783 views | 16 Aug. 2018
25 783 views | 16 Aug. 2018

Auburn Tigers vs Washington Huskies Predictions, Picks and Odds for their College Football showdown on September 1, 2018 in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Direct from Las Vegas, TV host Kelly Stewart, Marco D'Angelo and Ralph Michaels look at the Vegas odds and give their college football expert picks and predictions on the matchup between the Auburn Tigers vs Washington Huskies. Current Vegas college football odds have Auburn favored by 2.5 over Washington (updated Auburn Tigers vs Washington Huskies College Football Odds from Vegas

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Ging Ging

that woman and in the middle guy always predicting wrong lol


that stadium will be 85% auburn. hot qb and entire receiver core returning. and 1st or 2nd front 7 in the sec. auburn wins by 17.   17-34

will Grello

when are you non SEC teams gonna learn? you just sealed your fate ncaa will pick a sec team over pac 12 in the playoffs. you need so much more practice. This is the big leagues we shit standing up in the SEC.

Eric Smith

I worry about auburn starting slow and that new offensive line but auburn has good receivers to offset Washington secondary but as long as auburn can run the football and get a early lead and let that defensive line go to work

Jesus Christ IS the Red Pill

Auburn by 3 TDs....easily!!


I'm a Gator but gotta say......War Eagle! :)

Dylan the Villain


Kevin Kelley

Auburntigers 35-20 war eagle 1-0


Lets trust the guy who doesn’t know which school Jarret transferred from with your money! Hahahaha that’s a no for me dawg!

Ford Heston

Stidham went to Baylor not Texas A&M buddy

Shiwei Cai

It is Auburn’s home game. Washington usually didn’t play well away from home, hopefully the result this time will be different, beat Auburn, go Huskies.


Very disappointed in the huskies. Could have easily been 37-21 Washington. The refs were awful in the second half, screwed us over. Not to mention all the tiny mistake by the huskies costing them big time. Good game to Auburn, you guys played well but unfortunately for the huskies, the better team just didn’t come out in top. Not to mention the absence of the best o linemen in the nation. Rough game for the dogs, but what can you do?

michael austin

I need to look at who the 9 teams Washington held to 16 pts or less. Then I'll compare that schedule to Auburn`s schedule. But being an Auburn Tiger I can tell you Washington didn't have the week in weeknout schedule of the SEC. WDE


Washington so fooking over hyped, best secondary in the country? Ask yourself who's the best QB they played last year? Stidham is gonna have a field day and AUB D-Line is gonna make it a long ass day for Jake B. Sometimes games are as simple as they look.

AU Warden

If it’s close or Washington wins, it will be because of a good coaching job plus poor o line play from my tigers. Either Washington wins by 7 or less or Auburn wins by a close 3 scores. And by close three scores I mean they score late to make it ore than 16

Erik Mckinney

war damn eagle damn it

Scott Bivins

Washington will get exposed early and often.

CJ Ellis

31-17 Auburn. The DL will dominate the trenches especially in the later stages of the game and the tigers will pull away

Richie Rich

Auburn fan here and I think it could go either way. Washington isn't ranked in top 10 for nothing. They got an outstanding Coach in Peterson as well. Gonna be a tough and good game. Best week 1 matchup. Maybe the best matchup between nonconference foes.

Ono Productions

Washington has shown that they're good against average and below average teams excluding their bowl game against Penn. All I hear is that they have "potential all Americans" returning from last year. They're potential because SEC guys are ahead of them in the rankings. The quarterback dual will be interesting due to both being high caliber but I have Auburn running away with this one by mid 3rd quarter.

Lee Clayton

I have auburn beating washington by 3-7 points. But i think this game go like gus malzahn won't it to

jack harrington

I have auburn beating Washington

James Dennis

I'm a Bama fan. I don't see Washington giving them much of a challenge without help of turnovers. Auburn is solid returning on D. and Pac 12 ? it could be over with by midway of the 3rd qtr.

Tony Choi

One loss causing a loss to UCF?!?!?! When you go from getting into the Playoffs to getting into just a bowl game, you don't have much incentive to win


looks like the big guy was right

Seth Stine

Washington 27-24


Stidam transferred from Baylor, not Texas A&M. I guess we give him credit for at least getting the state right.

Randall Livingston

Hate gamblers.

Cannon Cook

24-20 auburn

CFB Highlights

Look how much returning production good Washington team returns. Auburn is in trouble. Use numbers not your heart


Auburn will slay Washington.


I wouldn't bet on this game.

Pcg Marco

Stidham transferred from Baylor to a community college and then AU.. he never went to Texas a&m smfh

shannon hyde

28 to 24 barners


Uh... You people are clearly ignorant of Auburn football. You simply throw away the fact Auburn has been stroked the last two straight times they have played in Atlanta. In the SEC Championship last season, and last seasons bowl game also in Atlanta, and also got stroked. Playing in MBS is NOT and I mean NOT a "home game" for Auburn. They are almost unbeatable in JHS. The home crowd a huge part of that reason. You are completely talking out your ass saying Atlanta is a "home" game for Auburn. They play worse there then they do anywhere else.


Pac-12 beating a top SEC team hahaha please.

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Chris Law

42-14 Auburn

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Miranda Gamble

Auburn got this they are not losing their first game WATCH and see.

Redpill christopher

Huskies 51-10

Mina Eldiwany

I have Washington beating Auburn.

Go Washington Huskies Football

Go Dawgs!

Moreese Gamble

Auburn Defensive line...Dontavius Russell and Derrick Brown are the keys to this team not the Quarterback....

Brandon Hamer

Yeah it was Baylor not A&M

Michael Guthrie

I think that if Trey Adams and Greg Gaines can play in this game, Washington will win in a close one.

S Peek

Who were those opponents WA held to 16 points or less: Rutgers, Fresno State, Oregon what.

Kevin G

Auburn 21 Washington 16. That's my prediction. War Damn Eagle


Washington has the best secondary in the country and the QB there going up against has shakey weapons at best. Its gonna be a game in the trenches who wins the line of scrimmage wins this game. I have Washington beating Auburn 30-17... in a upset shocker...

Rod Hughes

Auburn sold all 40,000 of their ticket allowance. Washington sold less than 10,000. Basically a home game for Auburn. Also the second guy has no clue what he’s talking about. 4 of Auburn’s starts on the Oline played last year at some point in the season. Auburn has reloaded at running back and has arguably the deepest wide receiver corps in the SEC. Auburn wins 42-10

Victor Michell

Washington. Np

Aaron Stark

Husky fan here. This game has me very worried. We have yet to beat a marquee opponent during the Petersen era and Browning is a very limited QB. Add to that having to travel across the country and that makes for a very tough contest. This game will be a good indicator of exactly where the program is at and if we are a legit playoff contender. Go Dawgs!

Lamarcus Webb

42-10 Auburn

Don Simms

Auburn 31 Washington 17

Jacki Vincent

Stidham came from Baylor assmunch!!!

chanse Downing

Auburn sucks


Blue shirt man is a wall with arms and legs.

Nikki Combs

War Eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alabama Crappie Adventures

Auburn 20+ - Wasington 14

Michael Nelson


Scott M

This Joe Blow needs to do more homework!/research. Stidham transferred from BAYLOR...not A&M. War Damn Eagle

Josh knox

This announcer is an idiot...You can't predict this upcoming game based on how Auburn played last year in Atlanta...He and Washington doesn't have a clue how good this Auburn defense is...Their speed & power we have will have Jake Browning running for his life...They think only 4 OL played all year long...We have depth and will beat Washington 31-17

William Bibb

War Eagle!

Mike Provocateur

Washington had half of their team on the disabled list, just to start the season basically were a huge problem. Do that to Alabama or who else and you are not going to be as good of team at all. So going 30-14 or what vs Rutgers, and while playing a vanilla offense and defense against oh them, 30-14 is not a disappointment. And we lost those players for all the season, and they were all contributing starters, All-Americans and all. Alabama lost their line backing corps for like 2 for ten games and 2 for 3 games or something like that, and it made a big difference on them a bit. Imagine losing their best 4 players on defense and all their starting receiving corps on offense. And they would not have done any better than we did. We were decimated by injuries last year, bottom line. We had no cohesiveness going at all. And still managed to almost beat Penn State playing at their best at the end of the year. Geez let up on the Huskies being a disappointment. They were banged up, look at last years injury report. We had potential All Americans out for the year not just a measly ten games there.
Geez at least look at Injury reports and do a little bit more in depth on a team than that. Pick Auburn or Pick Washington. But geez at least if you are going to give good reasons Ralph to why you are going with Auburn, at least pick good reasons. Your reasons as make no sense. Being like I said, Washington were missing their stud All American preseason pick left tackle, 3 out of the 4 corner backs who are all studs there and potential All Americans, missing out on their preseason All American outside line backer there, and then you had their preseason potential All American Tight End stud go down, and all our starters go down behind Dante Pettis who Pettis also got injured towards the end of the year. Give me a fucking break Ralph. Pick me one team that could have that many injuries and have them just show up and be the same team. Alabama nor Clemson or what is coming close to beating Georgia or what with that type of injury report. Me I were going to stay pretty neutral for now on. Because personally along with the Huskies I am an Auburn fan. But the Huskies would have blown through the competition if not for bad luck last year and probably beats there Alabama. Washington doesn't fear the SEC.
So I am picking Washington by 12. 21-9. Auburn and the Huskies will face each other in the CFP. Washington by 2.

Eric Smith

War eagle auburn university!

Kevin Kelley

U are wrong Auburntigers will beat Washington 35-21

Mr Mackey

Auburn always starts the year really bad, that's why i pick Washington

Tim Bradford

War Eagle