【FFBE】Let’s Play FFBE! #3 –Gilgamesh’s Offensive ELT: Mission Complete 【Global】

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【FFBE】Let’s Play FFBE! #3 –Gilgamesh’s Offensive ELT: Mission Complete 【Global】

39 457 views | 24 Aug. 2017
39 457 views | 24 Aug. 2017

Defeat Gilgamesh in the Chamber of the Fallen and be rewarded!

FFBE team Shaly and Dah Sol guide you how to defeat Gilgamesh in the Chamber of the Fallen!

A long and rigorous battle awaits anyone who braves this trial. His multiple limbs are also not only for show-- each wields a different weapon, allowing him to perform multiple attacks in one turn!

*Please note that from this video onwards the team will be using a test account provided by the developers.



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My GF just started getting back on the game, and this video is very relevant for her, as it reflect more or less on her current power level. If it was a video about cutting edge trials such as Aigaion or Malboro, it'd be useless for her. So I'm glad that this video exists as it is.


Awesome video guys! Really helpful for the new players who haven't beaten Gilgamesh, or gotten any luck and pulled some op stuff! Thanks for the content!

Vinnie Tran

And here I beat gilgamesh with a friend lightning :3

rodrigo reyes

You guys need to do malboro... =|


Surprised post Nier event there weren't more Venfeful Wrath on those units. Even with the horrible Moogle drops I managed to get 6 of them.

gabriel soto sáenz

Pretty nice!

misael NS

Love FFBE regards from México

Rion Ridley

Thank you for the video!! I just beat it with your team build advice!! I was having trouble recently. I felt bad spending 100 star quartz for the genji shield (I am trying to save up for the man-eater materia) but it was worth it!!! I thought gilg dispelled himself which is why he was saying gilg wasn't mag broken because at the beginning of gilg's turn he was going to dispel it. My team was sakura, wol, elza, cecil and tilith. Here is a link to my team build (the second atk +30% was an Adventurer I materia):https://m.facebook.com/rion.ridley/albums/10154667886302522/

juan sebastian

Where is the elite difficulty malboro?


My goodness I want that shirt

Josean F. Morales

Thanks to this vid I managed to beat him today, after watching it. I didn't have orlandeu tho', I used Luneth instead of him since he is my strogest dps and it worked out. I wasn't careful in the end I just had to kill and didn't beat him with lb haha

But great vid

Artífice ECI

Whats Up guys Nice video, one question why Bushido relese dont kill one of the unids?? What it the trick tanks


Gilgamesh is a piece of cake, beat Aigaion or Malboro instead

Virginia 'Wolvie' Hunt

I have loads of respect for your team here - I used Lightning (Farron) & equipped her with Excalibur and Chijiraden and was able to land the Wind/Fire/Light elements with her (Galestrike for the wind element, Fingersnap to Dispel), Setzer (to Double Dice Gilgamesh all night), Wilhelm (the tank - I gave him the Safety Bit), Tilith (MP Battery, buff and healer) & my friend unit was Noctis (revive with Comeback, Thunder Flask, 2nd MP Battery). Like you, I need to do another run for that Trust Moogle. Since I can bring in a 6th unit and I can access my items, I can formulate a plan for it.


Dah Sol?

moifou26 OM

Trop dur invocation bidon je sui niveau 117et j ai que de la

Keffim Capron

Where were these people all this time I was playing this game. I can't believe I was missing out on this good video guide. This whole time I was using internet guides when I could have been using these guys right here.

Angel Sabillon

wow, why you guys do not play marlboro elite, i know you test your trials i would love to see what is your strategy for marlboro elt.


Where do I get that t shirt??? Stylin'!


I'm an idiot.
As soon as they reached the result screen, i started to tap my screen.

Noel Montiel

The challenge to complete malboro without base units 5 *, Aigaion is a child compared to that. I have passed all the trial but this time they passed.


Wow, it is a pain to go thru this video, the guy got no charisma or grace at all, he is just plain boring :(

Niko Hatmika

Rumble of malboro ELT, no Rainbow nor TMR. Dare you?

Trevor Thebo

next up, dark iffret and dark siren.

Bank Alexander


Travis Lee

Mhmm hmmmm mhmmm.. in another world, not like you poor peasants. She's so sarcastic, not everyone can afford to spend 100's of dollars on a damn mobile game for 1 damn unit. Must be nice to be rich.

suuffi Lar

We all fighter let fight until the end!

Lenny Quiroz

gracias por el video aprendi mucho y espero k sigan hasi

Papirrin 2220


Boris Chan

Come on man, this is easy. Where is your Aigaion or Malboro

Jushhh 99

how did Cecil not get instantly KO'd on the thresholds?

andra wisnu

I was like watching till the end until they starting arguing about the LB finish mission and I'm like.. "JUST DO IT!"


isaac rosario

Where is dah sol from?

Gwenael Le Barzic

Very interesting for new players.

When I did it, if I remember well, I used DC Refia, Rain to seal fire/earth/wind, Bartz to seal lightning/water, Ling and a friend Noctis.

Was a hell of a fight ^_^.

I remember there was rumors of using excalipoor in this fight to help but it was really just rumors xD.

Paulo Henrique Otaviano

I love when someone shows how to beat a boss without OP stuff. Even the friend unit is actually weak. Congrats for you both!

Tenjin Cid

f2p btw


Next Up! The Rumble of Malboro: ELT ...

Antonio Gómez

Gran combate, gracias Shaly y Dah Sol por un buen combate y por el ticket de invocación, genial


Got more garbage units from the tickets. GUMI needs to either do better character balancing or up the <1% rate on rainbow crystals. Not everyone can pull Orlandu like Shaly.


Buen video par derrotar a gilgamesh, mi pregunta es porque los premios de la raid son mejores en la version japonesa que los de la internacional

Kelly Reyes

Well, this is nice to be able to show newbies that you CAN do it. Thanks for this!

Isaías Quinderé

Say this video is for new players and using 5* and TMs from raid nice!
What is next?


do lets play using "MALBORO KILLER BANNER" please

The Long Story

Dah Sol is honestly extremely boring to listen to. It's almost like he has no charisma or confidence when he talks and just mumbles.

Nicolas Mowry

If you guys could make it so we could put Dangerous Ariana's gear on Chic Ariana, people would probably use her. I know I would.

Axel Andrés

I wonder what's Dah Sol's team composition, he's looking at Shaly like "B*tch I know what i'm saying, i passed this easy trial with 5 Shadows and one Sabin friend with counter TM", nice vid tho :D

hiro rpg

grats guys hehe

Schean X

those lapis tho o_o"


I hope you all realize that most players likely haven't completed the gilgamesh offensive yet lol. For them, this is quite a helpful video, quit bitching.


please, guide for malboro

Sythenil Pay2Win

I one shot him first turn with 5 Orlandeau and 1 Friend Orlandeau

Shane Hall

I would love you to try and attempt the Marlboro trial

isaac rosario

that sad moment when you can't survive the 80% transformation

Neobahamut 101

Nice well done now I'm off to sell my trust moogles as I didn't get any a2 or 2b


Hey! I got an idea.

Eve is gonna be really common for a while, I think you should try a challenge and highlight the value and uniqueness of this global exclusive unit!

You could even take Adam along for the run and show folks the unique differences and value of Eve over Adam.


Do the malboro one, seriusly


2 tanks is a good idea for Gilgamesh
Lead: Aileen/Lunera/Ling/Cecil +friend: Noctis & OBAMA'd !!!!!
code ( 428.192.713 )

Noel Lopes

Please I need so see the Marbolro ELT beaten by the incredible units on the marbolro killers banner!!!

luis fernando del valle carranza

how to kill gilga whit 40 turns :v


Good job team! I personal love the end when Dah Sol say's to Shaly, "noooooooo..." Keep up the good work!


Phew! What a nailbiter. This definitely gave me inspiration to try with my current team! It's better than the one you used in the video, let's see if I can make it too. Last times I tried I always got killed at 25%...


rain 6* handles half the work lol

Danilo Torres

As always a video very good for new players!
Keep on with the great work ...

Shaly i got a friend with your name, Im "Dan" just got rank 100 and i keep a orlandeau as friend ... is that Shaly you ? hehe

Hugs from brazil!


so much hate and triggered people in here
just stop people

Vee Clash

Congrats on Gilgamesh all clear! Next time will you beat Aigaion or Marlboro?

roberto silva

Love how FFBE team showcased roselia, demonstrating her mp regen. This is great for F2P even after the release of Charlotte


Congrats haha


I have to admit when I saw what trial they were doing in my feed. I was like...that must be a 5min video. It's cool that they did this video for new comers. I beat Gilgamesh long ago but I did get some good laughs watching. Good luck in the future trials!


Orlandeau has Blade Mastery for his 3rd ability. Where can I get it? Tell me, please!


PfffJ ai laissé tombé !!!!

AJ Llana

I can be your friend, Shaly! :3

QuantumStriker 003

Can u still cheese Gilgamesh with Setzer and Edgars?

Izzy Xeno

Thank you for this video! Finally got me thru this challenge. Up next dark ifirit/siren?

John Paul Ong

We want Malboro and Aigaion :( hahahhahaha Shally beat the Robot and the cancer fruit :D


thanks for summon ticket <3


I watch this video of everything bypassing Light is with Us! (OK he blocks a few standard attacks which any tank can do) And wonder why anyone was ever hyped for WoL.

dark metal


Ronnie Chang

Increase DROP RATES PLEASE!!!!!!

Alexander Sheffield

Damn that's a lot of lapis. Can I get like 10% of that?


wait a min how did they get 3+ black chokers?

Trevor Thebo


Fatima Al-Amri

Nier banner was a limited time event with huge fan base & tons of disappointed ffbe players because of the drop rates. Sorry it is hard for me to get excited for this vedio. However, happy for that new players will find this vedio useful to defeat Gilgamesh.

ZeroLucksGiven ZeroLucksTaken

marry me shaly ~KAppa ~ gratz ffbe team for victory


Good job, watched from start to finish, lol. Gives me motivation to try it again with a 1000 ATK Orlandu, should be cake!

Trevor Thebo

i wish i had 106k lapis at level 33

A Costarrican Dude

First, this trial sucks cock and is as easy as fuck a single mother, do Marlboro or Aigaion.

Second, I think Shally is hot, that's all.

Demond Unger


Mandy B

Great job! I enjoy these videos because it helps out a lot. I appreciate the team for that.


I don't know how to get the free tiket


You guys look tired.

Togi Leonard

I want that lapis.......

Younes Idrissi

I did suscribed and watched the video yesterday and didn't get anything at all!!

вяιαи ffвє

The malboro trial is easy i use= attacker=setzer, healer=tilith elemental protection=minfilia tank= veritas of earth mp recover=ace and a friend i use wilhelm and i win in 2 hour

Papirrin 2220

pongan subtítulos para los habla hispana tengo mucho tiempo esperando por favor sub en spanich

Angry Happy

Nice!!! :D

Also, Shely looks cute as always <3

Joseph Said

Most of us did this without 6* WoL........cowards

zaraki kenpachii

When are you going to do update for equiping more then one blademastry or doublehand ?
And can you put valkyrie profile characters as a limited or star ocean (i hope i wright it correct ) ?

Omega Weapon

100k Lapis?! Must be nice to have that kinda cash! 300$ and no NieR rainbow.....

Romar Hernandez

I really need this guide. I can't get pass through him. Thank you very much FFBE team!