SWTOR: Dark Side Jedi Knight - Forcing Master Kiwiiks to Fight - Corellia #32

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SWTOR: Dark Side Jedi Knight - Forcing Master Kiwiiks to Fight - Corellia #32

56 641 views | 28 Apr. 2015
56 641 views | 28 Apr. 2015

SWTOR Dark Side Jedi Knight Story - the assault for Corellia begins! Master Kiwiiks is forced to fight.

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Sonny Hoy

Love how none of the Jedi question why this random Sith pureblood towering over them is accompanying a Jedi Commander


Spoilers I like the Knight story, but I hate the ending. I went full darkside and was hoping to become a Sith in secret, like the agent joining the Republic but nope! Still a Jedi!? I committed so many war crimes (against the Repubic, tried my best to avoid killing/sabotaging the Empire) I should have been on trial yesterday lol!


Wait I thought that calamari got toasted?


What's that fancy sword you have?


9:10 That wasn't such a bright idea...


Why cant you just go full evil and become...no wait..i thinl sith are not as bad as you


This gives more reason why Dark Side choices are too horrible for me to make them, and how it harms you in the long run. Kiwiiks has not fully regained her energy from Praven and the effects of the Shock Drum, plus old age takes a tole on her. Well either way you doomed yourself with Unaw Aharo, Bengel Morr, and Praven gone, you end up getting more people killed in Corellia than you think. Really, replaced with whatever he is and an advosec, yeah I hate dark choices. Speaking of siders, can't believe finding Diago will end up getting me into Jedi business as a Smuggler in Tatooine, and also Rise of the Emperor begins today, going to play it a bit and I am going to hate because it's a repeat and because I wrote something better than it on Google Drive.


Hey Leth, what do u use for editing?

Johnny Appleseed

Sadly being dark just makes the Jedi play through ridiculous

Iwan Egerström

1:35 "His wisom and knowledge are great"

Yeah he's so wise that he thought he could convert the Sith Emperor back to the light......^^
And look what happened....


Too bad the replacements of the people I've killed throughout the story are not as cool as they are :(