Waves S1 MS Matrix Tutorial

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Waves S1 MS Matrix Tutorial

30 684 views | 24 Feb. 2014
30 684 views | 24 Feb. 2014

This is a tutorial on a way to utilise the Waves S1 MS Matrix on stereo tracks for imaging or mastering purposes. DAW is Pro Tools 10 and the routing shown here can easily be applied to other DAWs. This tutorial is not produced or sponsored by Waves.

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Ale Russo

Really clear and well explained. Thank you very much!

Carl Powell

that is SO awesome! i was relatively confused by what it was doing when i loaded it but now im gunna have a play with it!

Adrian Serge

Cool men, i was wondering what this plugin does... but its kind of too complicated for me, so i decided to buy Waves Center to work with the MS of my final mix.

Rory Pawson

This is actually really good man. I never new what it did either lol.

Guilherme Salvador

Not the phase. Polarity!
Very helpful nonetheless!!

Wayoung Lau

I wanted to recreate it on FL STUDIO, but it was too difficult!


Beautiful tip!!!

G .Tully

Thanks very much. Could use a higher res on the video though?

Luke Sherrell

Is this any different to MSED?

Ric Chandler

Awesome stuff mate and great timing as i've just finished recording a lot of acoustic gtr in M/S and was searching the best way to process this is pro tools as my mate had logic and the way he had showed me didn't translate to PT.

sweet leviathan

Hi, hw do i apply this in cubase? Thanks =)

Bobby Samuel Arey

Why do we need two mono R tracks ?

Gonzalo Dominguez

Remember to add +3dB on the SUM buss after that!! at least if youre a pirate

DJ Romeo

does the matrix make the buses, or did you make them before recording the video?

Legsis Roll

U have too much fucking spit in your mouth, I can’t stand hearing that shit my goodness

Side Gate Studios

I love MS, but I can NEVER remember the set up, thanks for this

Maccu Manzu

dude....... this is gold.

Milan Marti

What about the Mid Signal should be 6dB less Than The Side Sig? Maybe the Plugin allready did this for you... I Did n M/S Recording and as had the Mid n Side Sig to 0dB, I heard the panorama shifting to the left. Side R was Polarity switched. Now Side Left and Mid mixed build a coherent addition of Signal +6dB. Therefore I had to lower the Mid Sig 6dB to hold the Stereo Image correct. Some Youtubers do not remark that, talking about M/S in protools.