Spring 2016 Anime Impressions [w/ Mother's Basement, Liam of The Sw1tcher, Best Guy Ever, & Canipa]

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Spring 2016 Anime Impressions [w/ Mother's Basement, Liam of The Sw1tcher, Best Guy Ever, & Canipa]

223 685 views | 19 Apr. 2016
223 685 views | 19 Apr. 2016

I am joined by Mother's Basement, Best Guy Ever, The Canipa Effect, and Liam of the Super Best Friends to talk about all of the new Spring 2016 anime! Timecodes below! MP3 here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z2732i5zr5ued79/animu.mp3

The hosts:

Mother's Basement: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBs2Y3i14e1NWQxOGliatmg

Best Guy Ever: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGgy9QqFwElrVg4vf6QNX_A

The Canipa Effect: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCanipaEffect

Liam/Super Best Friends: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSw1tcher

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1:42 - Mayoiga (The Lost Village)

19:21 - Space Patrol Luluco

28:16 - Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!

44:06 - Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

55:25 - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Not Crash

1:13:11 - Kuma Miko (Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear)

1:19:12 - Macross Delta

1:27:14 - My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

1:43:20 - Pan de Peace

1:48:10 - Endride

1:59:22 - Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-)

2:11:50 - Bakuon!!

2:23:17 - Cerberus (Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalites)

2:30:24 - Joker Game

2:43:41 - Hundred

2:48:36 - Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcists)

2:56:36 - SUPER LOVERS

3:03:10 - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta (And you thought there is never a girl online?)

3:15:01 - Kuromukuro

3:24:39 - Anne-Happy (Unhappy)

3:30:25 - Bungou Stray Dogs

3:39:49 - Onigiri

3:41:52 - Shounen Maid (Boy Maid)

3:47:07 - Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

4:03:19 - Sakamoto Desu ga? (Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto)

4:09:54 - Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)

4:14:31 - Kiznaiver

4:25:05 - Flying Witch

4:31:10 - High School Fleet (Haifuri)

4:38:44 - Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou

4:40:48 - Sansha Sanyou (Three Leaves, Three Colors)

4:47:24 - Wagamama High Spec

4:50:01 - Big Order

4:58:48 - Ragnastrike Angels

4:59:59 - Crane Game Girls

5:00:10 - Nameko: Sekai no Tomodachi

5:01:25 - our Biggest Recommendations!

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Wow, what you said about Re:Zero...?
It was super right. : )

willie bennett

re:zero is awesome


Boku no hero academia. "Its all downhill from there." Hahaha hello from the future


what anime picture is that at 2:48:44 thats not Sousei no Onmyouji is it ? :o

Bhagirath Priyavrat

about how bnha gets downhill from chap 1, has that guy even read the manga, wtf bnha gets at least at that level if not higher damn the fights he talked about are filled to the brim with fucking feelings and weight and the set up and connections between them are amazing.


Bruh it's Mahk-ross not Muhk-ross

Confuzzled Tomato

I really hope he does a proper video on Re:Zero after it ends because they're so so wrong. the main guy actually has some personality, unlike Kirito. other characters do too.

Jaason Jones

>Looks for a 6 months old video looking for first opinions about Re:zero
> Gets freaking triggered

Madison Lewis-Bennett

"He's the main character of a light novel"

Layla Glez

Dude, why isn’t there a video on hero academia yet


Back again. You are SUPER fucking wrong about this show.

Junior Nunez

You talk about Re:Zero like that and it's ending up to be the number 1 competitor of the best anime of the year lol. Number 1 I mean based off of Myanimelist. Which as of episode 17 has an 8.77 which is the highest of the year and the story only gets better. GG


good thing I didn't listen to you talking on rezero and kuremokuro, now they're one of my fav.

Rachit dhawan

I thought they disliked sakumoto?
edit: Sakamoto*.


i don't get what digi see in Mayoiga at all and the character design is so shitty, what is he even talking about.

Alexandr Belov

digibro is such an unappealing person to listen to. cringy, mean. compared to everyone else that is.

it's actually Subaru Natsuki look careful

♡ the artwork ♡

That one guy -

5 hour video, entire comment section is about the Re:Zero section.

Mary Antoinette

Digibro redo Re:Zero plz

Salty Mcjohnson

after the second episode of ff 15 i realy kinda like it


everybody in this podcast is fucking idiot, except mothers basment. Their so colossally wrong about re zero it hurts my brain

BubbleRoo Fuckaroo: Boogaloo Fuckyoutoo

Jojo's transitions also happened on Breaking Bad.


OMG the ears on the Boku no Hero Academia picture.

Carter Padrick

Oh boy! You guys have something big in store for you with Re:Zero. It gets dark and different from what it starts as.

Raz T.

Re Zero started bland, and picked up dramatically after episode 4 or 5.


I respect your opinion about Re:Zero. But I absolutely disagree with it. This is the problem with Digi stopping before the second episode.


I'm really enjoying the first impressions series you've started.


I disagree with the series going downhill for BNHA. In fact I say it goes uphill, but by the time of this recording they didn't the chapters to make them think this way.


Watch Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou!

Jason Costa

They said so much bullshit about My Hero Academia


Joker Game reminds me of Baccano

Euclase W

care-bear-us killed me THANK YOU

egg egg egg egg

Weeb cast podcast

Euclase W

i really liked bungou stray dogs though :(


Digi, when are you going to do a video about these shows?


Haha, I really really cannot relate to Digi at all....he has such a different way of looking at anime.

I adore Re:Zero. Assuming it doesn't somehow end up doing something incredibly stupid, it's going to be right up there as one of my favourite animes. I also really cannot see how they can liken it to SAO of all things, I really do not understand that comparison.

anna royal

"someone hasn't told them about masochists" a perfect time for the 7th member to appear!

Ebon Hawk

Love how they're all saying Konosuba characters are more interesting than Re:Zera characters.
But Konosuba characters were so one sided, they each just had a single character trait, Darkness is a super intense masochist who can't land a single hit on an enemy, that is all she is, that's fun for one episode, but for the rest of the show, every scene with Darkness is just the same joke, over and fucking over again. the Loli witch is all about being proud of explosion magic, and that's all, Aqua isn't much better, not much more than a narcissist.
How do you make characters, less interesting than a character who literally only has a single character trait.

Atleast Re:Zera characters are somewhat believable, like how Tom interacts with Felt, makes you feel instantly that they have known eachother for a long time, if Felt was in Konosuba instead of Megumin, Felt would have been a greedy smart mouthed loli with a hot temper and an overdone affection for money. in Re:Zero she actually has opinions of her neighbours, her world and an ambition in her life, even has a person she cares about.

I found Konosuba boring, the cabbage episode was especially terrible.

Etienne Phillips

anime don't like me

Nelly Alz

Oh how wrong you guys were about Boku no Hero Academia. It just got better and better.

Kurtis Moore


Erik Lindvall

I love that some are you are trying to justify not liking an anime, it's called opinions xD, love these podcasts btw ^^


The high brow snottiness here is off-putting.


I was looking for the anime from the thumbnail, it's 'Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress' 3:47:07


3:30:40 somone who is able to explain the plot of bungou stray dogs. how?

Darren .Avalos

Holyshit digibro has never been so wrong about Re Zero. You really need to go back and watch it before you make some baseless comment


It's incredible just how polarizing the reviews and discussion for Re;Zero is. As much of a fan of good anime as I am, all this talk of "it gets better" is such a lame, tired argument that I've heard in my prowl for good vidya that's just really turning me off. That and the whole 'two-episode-first-episode-see-but-actually-one' thing just comes off as incredibly pretentious; and I can't wait to finally pull my head out of my ass and watch it and either be pleasently surprised or throwing a vomit party.

Rei Skyxaver

scroll down and see 70% of the people complaining about Re : Zero lmfao

Jojo still best tho

Tristan Begin

Remember that video Digi made claiming he could tell whether an anime was going to be great or shit from one episode?? I think he's going to have to rethink that after comparing Re:Zero to SAO after the first episode. Seriously, I really hope he owns up to this rather than trying to coming up with some BS reason to continue hating the show just so he doesn't contradict himself.I thought it was going to be pretty lame from the first episode two, and probably would have agreed with most of what they said. But then I, ya know, kept watching... and I think you all know where that went........


Misunderstanding Re:Zero. "My Brain trembles"

Chateau Mama

Ought you not do these once the seasons are over, really?


I'm surprised with all the praise you gave Kiznaiver that it's still 1/12 on your MAL.. It was a pretty shitty show.


1:59:22 - Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World)

Taylor Tierney

Hmm. I'm a big sucker for time travel, so I'll probably check re:zero out.


I understood Stands not as having anything to do with spirits or whatever the fuck that first guy said, but rather as a curse by Dio that can either be overpowered and controlled by the host (ex. Jotaro Kujo), or will overcome and eventually kill the host like a normal curse would (ex. Holy Kujo).


I am yet to finish Kabaneri. After a year of a brake.

Thunder Dick

God they couldn't have been more wrong about My Hero Aca @[email protected]


Fk why wasnt this just 5 hrs of jojo... everything else on this list is dribble


Half of the My Hero Academia discussion is them whining about how Deku got a Quirk instead of staying Quirkless, while predicting the show will go downhill (not knowing the next arc is a TOURNAMENT ARC)

Trish in Mista's Body

Sakamoto would've been a perfect 10 for me if the villain wasn't that boring douche and instead was Sakamoto's evil twin who is as perfect as he is.

Ellen Cherpeski

Giorno Giovanna is pronounced Jorno Jovanna because gio = jo in Italian phonetics, which is how he is a JoJo (GioGio).

Letter C

I want to cut my dick of and fead it to a fucking dog by the Re:zero discosion

Buck Wade

"All the girls are super hot"
Including a 12 year old.

Mari Liya

hearing this weebcast on 2018 after the crunchyroll awards
saying down hill from here about hero Aca XD
literally the best anime ever by far


didnt mention biker jesus from bakuon 0/10

Supreme Keem

I have no problems with gays or anything but I don't understand how any straight man can sit through a yaoi anime.

Grant Awa

My Hero Academia is a good show with ugly visuals and unoriginal character designs. Studio Bones jumped the shark around Noragami and continues from My Hero Academia. It fees like a copy of Studio Trigger's animation style and character design.


hahahhahahaah all these comments insisting re:zero is great omfg

Oscar Eriksson

I'd love to hear what they all have to say about Re:Zero 5 months and 19 episodes later.


You obviously don't know what the fuck you're talking about with Macross Delta and Macross in general. Idols with superpowers? Their "powers" are completely based on Macross universe science and technology. Truly you're the one that's disjointed with the Macross franchise and not its sequels nor Kawamori.


Heh, the perceptions on what Re:Zero was gonna be were so wrong in this. I guess Digi was the closest to what it is, and I wouldn't be too surprised if he didn't like it. But saying it's an SAO clone is about as far from what it is as you can get.


*Listens to the My Hero Academia discussion* AHHHH!! I want to hear more now that season 1 has finished airing!

Giblow 20

battle royal fucking sucks


Digibro talk too much


1:32:42 ochako best girl


I hope these discussions come out forever!!! So much fun.

it's actually Subaru Natsuki look careful

♡ the opening ♡


Ironically, there haven't been many doujins of netoge.
Even though Ako really was the hottest girl of the season.
Doujins where.


I had to come back to this video to make sure they were talking about re zero

Obnoxious Cunt

Isn't every anime Naruto?


ok i understand what they mean about my hero becoming just fights because there is so little time in between fight arcs but it seems appropriate given what is going on with the villains and them achieving their plans and you get to see these characters evolve even bakugo gets a little development

Christian Obryant

Uraraka is best girl dumb ass

Tales Of Color

Giorno was stabbed by the arrow
And received different powers
That's why his stand changed

-Attack of the youtube copyright bot-

Man digi would rage if he got to the point in metogame where he walks in on her changing walks out walks back in and she says lets do it and he says no

Red Menace

super lovers is best discussion and show lol


I think their opinions on re:zero were justified for the entire first cour. I wish they covered the start of the second cour in the summer weebcast where it starts to get interesting

georg elpons

Tastes are different i know, but i dont really like the hassle to cut the one who like something and try to bring them to hate it too. The rezero talk sound more, like we hate it because its mainstream. I like it, because you see how subaru gets influenced by his death (by the way its more dimension jumps than timetravel) and gets broken, crazy and a little bit of a god complex in some loops but finds sometimes back to a decent person. In a way it has character development what i miss in many shows i have seen recently.


Princess Liam

Grant Awa

I do not My Hero Academia due to mixing the western and eastern art like Madhouse's Stitch!. 7/10: rating. I think the show will be forgotten and let it end by 2 cours.

Lukas Jampen

big order is worse than you think. first they talk about taking over the world but you never really see any of it in the manga. they invent new rules for his ability as they go. example: people have to hear his voice for it to work. they need to get stabbed so why need they to hear it too? he can't controll the powers of others and it devolves in the whole his father is the real person behind his power and he and his sister had their memories changed and their father invented all those powers -.- Really? REALLY? You go from world domination to hostage and dady issues?

it's actually Subaru Natsuki look careful

Re:zero is amazing, amazing plot,amazing characters,amazing art,amazing art and it's much better than SAO or erased and it is really underrated plus before loads of hate just think of the effort put into this...people don't realise and recognise how good it is.Best anime 2016, totally...

Jeffrey Thomas

I agree about the re:zero part. I watched up till ep 5 or 6 and I only got to that point because my friend said "it gets better" I don't really like it. But I'm not really into another world anime as a whole so...


Everybody loves to bitch about re:zero, but nobody is talking about superlovers

BubbleRoo Fuckaroo: Boogaloo Fuckyoutoo



Can you upload somewhere your collection of what i watched what i expected what i got? I love that shit.


i like re zero
but its not that good theres very little character development and the its paced pretty poorly especially with the character development for rem in 1 episode she was a random back ground maid and the next she was best friends with subaru there was no ease into the friendship she tried to kill him and the next episode she was his best fucking friend


Mob did it better


my hero academia all down hill from the second episode on? lul. boy were you wrong. in my opinion atleast

Buck Wade

It is frustrating that these are all really good and smart people, who have great stuff to say about anime, but CAN'T LET THE OTHER FINISH TALKING.

lorin stansel

that part when they were talking about across Delta,and when they said,"ISNT IT ABOUT GIRLS SINGING WHILE ROBOTS ARE FITTING?",.........that did me in