Mini-14 Trigger Job: "The Yoda G Mod"

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Mini-14 Trigger Job: "The Yoda G Mod"

278 062 views | 16 Apr. 2010
278 062 views | 16 Apr. 2010

It only took me 28 years to finally get a really nice trigger in a Mini-14. It was something I always wanted to do but never go around to do doing...until now! Here experienced Impact Guns gunsmith Terry Gardner (call sign from me: "Yoda G") opens up his shop and candidly shows his technique on achieving a crisp, 2-stage 3.5 lb trigger pull on this Mini-14 Tactical model. Don't kid yourself though. While Terry makes it look easy and downplays the difficulty, there will be many opportunities for you to dick it up if you try it yourself (I've learned this on other guns myself). Without the over-travel stop, the cost is $65, shipping of your trigger group not included. Is it worth it? Absolutely. In hard cored Nutnfancy RunNGuns, this little Mini-14 Tactical (later DuraCoated in "Sagebrush" color by me) rocked out some impressive scores (results shown). Will it compensate for your bad technique? Nope. Trigger and breath control are always key to connecting accurately, stress or no stress. But this trigger job will make it easier to fire quicker and connect more readily at extended ranges (200 yds for example). And just as important, it will increase your pride of ownership in your Mini and impress your friends too. That's a lot of value for $65. ///////////////////////// Music: /////////////// UPDATE 1.2021: YODA HAS RETIRED AND NO LONGER DOES THESE MINI 14 TRIGGER JOBS. 100S OF TNPS TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THIS SERVICE WHILE IT WAS AVAILABLE...YOU HAVE OVER 10 YRS TO GET IT DONE. CONGRATS TO ALL WHO GOT IT!


Yoda, Yoda, Yoda! So few real smiths left in the world who do really good work. I work on all my Glocks but not even willing to attempt this. Never will unless I win the lottery and can devote years to it.

Tracey Terrill

The key to any trigger job is 1st, knowing how each trigger works in each individual firearm and 2nd, DO NOT CHANGE THE GEOMETRY OF YOUR PARTS! as said here, polish only! dont remove any metal.

GatorMan Ruth

Fascinating. Definitely not boring.

travis fairbanks

my grandpa had a ruger mini 14 .. very fun gun


That soundtrack... Awesome!

Trenton West

love the trigger videos bro! Always nice to see real americans doin beautiful intricate work and taking a great deal of pride with their craftsmanship!

Edgardo Nevarez

only a fool would think these videos are boring


I did my own trugger and didn't mess it up (because I'm just that good) and now my tigger pull is somwhere around 2lbs and I LOVE it. I'm lookin for something to improve accuracy though, could you do a video with the accustrut?

John Gallagher

Just got my Mini 14 trigger group back from Terry G. Great work it was exactly what I wanted. Very slight take up good crisp trigger. Fantastic turnaround time 6 days from sending it until I had it back in my rifle. You cannot go wrong with this work!


Just watched a movie and did the trigger job myself, super easy. 3 lbs on the first try. Thanks guys! Terry, I'll compensate you some how! Cheers guys!


just saved myself $65 :) thanks for the video, really helped me. :)

BG Red

Terry G, Do you need advanced notice that there is a trigger set coming your way to be worked Or should I just sent it to the address listed with my return info??

Capt. Killingfield

I shipped mine to Terry G. and had it back in 7 days. That's 6 days shipping to/from, and 1 ONE day turn around!! I am VERY happy with the trigger/stop, and it has helped my offhand groups a ton. Thanks Terry G. and thanks a lot NutnFancy for the referral :)))


I hate sucking at typing.


Thank you for this video, you gave me something to think about ! one more thing did you spray paint that yourself or did Yoda G do that ? i shoot onions at 150 yards with open sights standing and yes i do hit them, i love the smell of onions in the morning !!! i just love my Ruger mini-14 made in the u.s.a !!!

wade roberts

can he do the trigger stop on my R700


These vids are fascinating to watch, put up some new ones !

Frank Garrett

should do more yoda vids


nutn you need to make a ar-15 trigger video with yoda G :)

Capt. Killingfield

it was $75 for both. plus $15 for shipping. VERY quick turnaround! I love it.

Chad's Big Dumb Channel

I have the ranch style mini 14 and I've been giving it a more tactical feel ( tapco fusion stock, fore grip, red dot). I'm trying to find a thicker barrel, the one it came with is very thin. Any ideas, where i can find one?

Ken Isaacson

"Simulated combat conditions, stress levels high. Yeah, we practice this."
Playing dress-up is more like it.

Paul Dutton

I would like to know why a mini 14 can not be a 1 MOA gun. Is it still to do with the barrel even after the Ruger barrel update? Can anybody tell me please.

Vincent Tschida

Could a person just do the spring modifications and expect some improvement?


I just got my Mini 14 Trigger Assembly back from Terry and could not be happier. He received it Thursday, I had it back on Monday. Thanks for the work, Terry, and thanks to Nutnfancy for the video and for putting in Impact Guns contact info on the website.

DJ special K

nice job !!

Aaron Trusty

Yoda g is the man!

Audi 1

Terry gardner has they best trigger work around today hes humble as hell too


I did this mod at home on my mini 14 it helped alot. It was great info.


I leave this video running and take my wife to work and when I come back he is still going...


That settles it...I'm sending my Mini-14 trigger to Yoda!!!

sabian 2014

8 Day turnaround. Down to 3.5#'s. Thanks Terry, from the Gunshine State!


I always wanted to see a Mini-14 ever since I read "Black Light" by Steven Hunter.


I like your no BS testing and having the balls to show your groups.


It takes patience to watch this vid.

Richard Lannister

just receive my gun back today from impact guns, terrible job, gun wont even fire. talked to Terry who basically told me to screw myself, not recommended.


I spoke to Terry yesterday and I'm sending him my trigger for the same mod. Can't wait!


I have been a Machinist for almost 40yrs. you can drill with a high speed drill bit not carbide it makes no sense because your tapping with a high speed tap . the only reason is that he has a crappy drill press to work with . a man of his Great talent should have a milling machine (Bridgeport ) and decent Lathe not some Harbor Freight drill press. the owners of the store are Cheap look at the area that he has to work in and  has to listen to noise all day. looks like poor lighting and a crappy work bench . I have seen some of his Vids on Terry G  He does OUTSTANDING work . its hard to find talented people today . so Pony up Impact Guns get the Man some decent tools to work with it will benefit you and him

Lee Greger

We trained shooting 3 round bursts, running all 30 rounds at once I think is just crazy! Great trigger job and video!

James T Kirk

I notice you never have no barrel struts on any of your Minis, why not?

Randy Rust

What size screw did you use for the stop?

Austin Linderer

So you didn't show us the weight of the trigger after it was done!!! do you know what it switched to?

Joseph Greenberg

Hey great video. I have a Mini 30 ( 7.62x39) after watching this will attempt to do it on my own have worked on other guns. I love shape feel of the mini but my gun will not fire Russian ammo very tempermental.. Whats your take on this problem? Replaced hammer spring. main slide spring and such.

Donald Freer

also if you were to do a test on the new stock (archangel Sparta ) i would recommend the pro-mag flip up sites for the picatini rail and a Accu-strut for better accuracy. and scope of your choice.


i wold love to learn from that guy!


Terry G still there doing these, Nutn? I sent them an email but never got a reply. My local smiths said they'd stone the surfaces and do the over-travel stop, but they don't have experience with the timing adjustment grinding that Terry did.


I really wanted to see some pop cans at 350. Nice vid otherwise.

Kevin Casey

I just obtained the same exact model mini14  ,so was great to see this video ! I had viewed your test of the rifle and noticed that you do not use the sling to help support your rifle ? Have you ever tried this technique ? 


Thanks for this video!


Nobody is that good. Clamped in a vise Pop cans are pretty safe at 350

Max Zweck

super vedio love it TY

art carrico

I want to be a gunsmith someday and Iv looked all over the internet for good videos on the subject and i have to say -nutnfancy's vids have been the most informative. Keep up the good work and please pass my regards to yoda :) He sounds like he knows what he is doing and More vids like this would be apreciated.

Donald Freer

Salute NutNFancy, love the mini. i see you do too with all your mini videos. was wondering if you would buy an archangel Sparta stock and use that for a platform. and test it out in a gun in run. i no this is an old video..

Steven S.

Nice trigger job. I hope I can find somebody where I'm at to do as good of a job. Oh, and whatever the music was at the I wanted to get my "African" on.


How did you get your trigger assembly back into the frame? At 25:52, the metal looking part that looks like a C is right next to the grove. That's the way mine is. That is why it will not go in. At 26:44, you do something off camera to fix this problem. At 26:49, the trigger now has a wide space between the C looking part and the groove. What did you do to fix this problem??? I can't figure it out. I really wished you would have left the camera on you.


These gunsmithing vids are the best! More of this please nutn!!

John Doe

I had Terry do my trigger on my mini-14 and I have to say without a doubt that I am very happy with the outstanding quality of work.
Thank you Terry and thank you Nutn for turning us on to him. Highly recommended!

Doug Mottert

I will have Mr. Terry start doing my gun work, He is the best. All I need is an address to sent to. Thanks Doug

Jeremy Owens

More yoga trigger job videos plz :)


Loved the vid...I want that trigger job. I live in Missouri...if I wanted to have it done could I just ship trigger or have to do whole gun. Loving the mini and then nutnfancy vids!

s johnson

I really dig the gunsmithing vids.


I'll bet this dude doesn't even know how much of a genius he clearly is.


Just did this mod myself and the trigger has no creep and a nice smooth pull. Left it around 5 lbs though but I like it.

Mark Chesney

I'm planning to purchase a mini 14. Love the trigger job. Will have to have it. Great work. Please forward any info I need to contact Terry. Thanks so very much. all your work.  
Thanks for the info ,


Since this video is 5 years old, I called to make sure Terry still works at Impact Guns. He does! My trigger group left in the mail today! Price is a little more than it was at this video time in 2010. $100 including turn around shipping. I am anticipating a very much improved trigger group.


did u get the over travel stop as well? if so what was the total? just checking b4 i call:)


Great video Nutn,I always find the gunsmithing videos entertaining.

Roha Waha

Just started a project on a Mini 14 Stainless 186 series, traded an old friend for the gun has less than 50 rounds fired threw it. I am starting with an Acu-Strut barrel stabilizer.a Choate flash suppressor " M-1A style" and Choate Gilli Tan Synthetic stock glass bedded. I will probably go with a scout type mounted rail for a Vortex Optic. cant wait to load some 62 grain bullets and hit the range, I hope my Gunsmith can copy that trigger job. Now I am MOTIVATED !

Mohamad Nour


Mark McLean Jr

did your groups tighten up at the bench after having this done?


Just got my trigger group back from Terry at Impact Guns, and it is sweet!!! He received it, worked it, and sent it back to me the same day....a true professional and man of his word. Couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended!


Good humor.


Nutnfancy- Everything he touches turns duracoated. Lol

Donnie Smith, Jr.

Great video just what u was looking for. Will be boxing my Mini Trigger group up tonight in the mail tomorrow!!! Thanks Nutn.

Brett B

@nutnfancy Now I know you hangout at Impact Guns alot... But would you rather have Terry or Bill Springfield do the work? I live in Georgia and honestly... Most gun smiths here are VERY questionable...


That jeremy dude is pretty intense..nah...he's a

sabian 2014

I'm on my way to the post office! The trigger should return in a week. $90 + shipping on your end, including the trigger stop.

Jan Abeita

Terry G. with Impact guns does awesome work. I just got my 580 series trigger-group back and I cannot imagine that a better job could be had anywhere else. Thanks Terry!! I'm pretty happy with my mini anyway, but am very anxious to get this 'push button' hotrod out to the range. Thanks Lt. Col and Nutnfancy for turning me onto Impact Guns and Terry G. He truly is the 'Yoda' of gunsmiths.

Michael P.

Sweet video Nutn!!  I'll be sending Terry some business as soon as I pick up another Mini-14.  Thanks for taking the time to film the video.




I just got my Mini trigger back! Its better than I thought it would be! It took Terry less than a week. Another great job Terry!!! I love it!


Pop can at 350? maybe one out of ten if your lucky

Michael Jacobs

It looked pretty easy online. It's a good thing that I'm a retired welder. If you take too much off when you retime the trigger the gun won't fire. I put a little metal back on and filed it in. It worked like a charm. Next thing will be to drill the receiver and put a trigger stop screw in to finish the job up.

Wayne Clark

I choose this over dpms

Ryan McGee

yo nutn, what happened to the yoda Tavor trigger job video? I finally saved up enough to buy one (per your recommendation) I love the gun but the trigger does suck!!! lol 

Tony Yesso

I followed all of the steps at my own work bench and wound up with a SWEET trigger pull.


What a great thing to see. I bet it's something I could never experience in person.


I will me sending Terry my trigger very soon. Great video!

Naz K

I really enjoy seeing this kind of work done. Keep them coming Nutn.

BS Kustomz

For a second it looked like he was turning that tap with just his fingers, i thought "Damn Yoda's a bad mother"


Shot new mini 30 first time today. Loaded 4 in mag and shot 2 then 3rd one the trigger reset but wouldn't release the hammer. I could load 1 round and it would fire. Took trigger group out at home. cock the hammer and pull the trigger and some times it would work and sometimes it won't. I pull the trigger and get the first click but thats it. What can I do to fix this?


a lighter, smoother trigger will improve your groups by reducing the need for a hard squeeze, which will shake the gun ever so slightly through your palm by tensing. but its 90% skill 10% tool that makes the accuracy. to answer your question straight, can be very little improvement if you have a high shooting discipline level, or a lot if your a novice and are just yanking the trigger when you line up the crosshairs, the key to accuracy is how you hold the gun, breathe and pull the trigger! =D

shaleko tayson

I sent my trigger assembly to Terry yesterday. About $100 for everything(with stop). And you know it will be done RIGHT!! I'm excited. I can't wait to try it out on the range.Hopefully it doesn't snow before I get it back. THANK YOU NUTNFANCY!!!!!

Willy Pp

Mr terry can u be my grandpa?


What's the noise in the backround ? Are they trowing boxes around or something ?


Love the trigger job and review just curious How you feel the mini 14 compares to the mini 30? I have the mini 30 and love it just curious on how you feel about it considering it shoots the 7.62x39


I didn't care for the snide comment about our nations unions other than that good video.


Brother you got us all wanting to see more of Mr Terry G's gunsmithing wizardry! Please don't hold out on us Captain!!!

Jared Lund

Terry is my friend. He does really good work I just had him do some stuff for me last week.


Based on this video I sent my Mini-14 trigger to "Terry G" for a trigger job. The work was done very fast and the trigger feels great - really it feels like a completely different and better gun. I have not yet had the chance to shoot the Mini with the new trigger but I have no doubt the accuracy will be improved. Thanks Terry! Peace