Better Than Ever - Vestian Dynasty - PVP PVE Gameplay Review

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Better Than Ever - Vestian Dynasty - PVP PVE Gameplay Review

6 826 views | 11 Sep. 2018
6 826 views | 11 Sep. 2018

Vestian Dynasty is a legendary sidearm available from Petra during the Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC campaign. Today we take it into the crucible for a PVE and PVP gameplay review.

Recorded by Razed By Wolves Gaming

VPZ njoytheL

Its BEASTLY on a controller. Like 8/10 good. A three tap (with kill clip) at 260 rpm.


I've found that almost any gun in this game will wreck face if you're able to hit your crits

Christopher Johnson

Geesh, everybody is just going kung fu fighting. HAHAHA that's AWESOME!
Heck maybe you should change your gamer tag to Sho Nuff, and we can run around yelling Who's the Man?

Wayne Riley

Harpoon had any exotics drop mate? im a casual dad gamer and a bit bummed how "exotic" the exotics are

Nico Gunderson

first game wasn't your fault harpoon dude obviously quick swapped to riskrunner to counter your sidearm weak on his part if you ask me

SSBeast 101 AMV

this was my baby back in d1

o0 Bad Ju Ju 0o

Super saiyan harpoonmaniac

Cb Ct

Love the review mix with quick play and Gambit. You have best reviews on YouTube

John H

Always look forward to your vids. I'm surprised you got through a review of a dragonfly perk weapon without shouting GET EXPLODED!

Sigma Avatar

You can destroy the sword of the well of radiance

Jack Hurst

Harpoon you can hit X to cancel a bow shot.

JJ Fording PourSoulStudios

Loving mine! And by the looks of it I need to take into the crucible!

Kidane Collins

Dude you look like you're having so much fun. Makes me want to jump back on. Been on a hiatus since the Soltice of heroes event.


The sidearms in Forsaken are amazing! I'd love to see you try the Smuggler's Word, it's an absolute beast if you get the right roll and a magazine mod on it

David Gagne

Well that sidearm is a tasty little treat! Fun!

VPZ njoytheL

I just masterworked mine and put a targeting mod >_<

Max Juarez

How’s destiny after the updates and what not? Kinda wanna get back to it

vaako 107

Sidearms is The new meta

Chris Cobra Elite

Definitely a great side arm, I prefer the death of scorn because it's full auto with kill clip.

Nathaniel Carter.

I had a hard time using this gun. The head hitbox for me was weird. I could also just have horrible aim.

lavendergoose games

Probably top sidearm in the game as of now but every other gun is great at this point so it ....still wreaks at the times its made for great video brave man to side arm in the shoty " meta"?


Awesome video. Love the new format of a PvP round and then a Gambit round to check the PvE side of things.

Sean Kmath

Nice tether!

Long Boi

In PvP it's the BESTian dynasty? Eh? Eh? Idk I fucking shred with this bitch in PvP


So is Dynasty a hitscan gun now or is it still projectile and you have to lead it?

John H

I got this exact weapon yesterday! I also picked up Anonymous Autumn from Shaxx (I think) with zen moment and under pressure. Had it on a build with unflinching and it's super stable, I even got some kills :p also a shout out to exposing arrows, a lot time since I had that much fun in crucible.


Hey, nice tether man!
I’m liking the new series with a crucible match and then a gambit one (good PvE reference).
I’ve got the dynasty but haven’t tried yet, have been enjoying the side arm from the crucible... got one with kill clip and outlaw... should give the dynasty a go cause even being a slower fire rate it seems strong...
Anyways, thanks for the vid dude!

Jake Catalfio

Tip: if you’re using controller and you’ve drawn a bow, u can use triangle to cancel the bow and undraw the bow


My fav sidearm so far. Use it constantly

jerry diprima


VPZ njoytheL

Tbh i think well of radiance should be 20 sec,not 30. 30 is supppperrrr long.

Nebiyu Esayas

Sweet. If it was good in D1, then D2 is better. And it's legendary, so you save a slot.
Bows, tho - you gotta try Subtle Calamity (mine has rampage amd archers tempo).


Nice! I felt nostalgic for a while.

The Baron

ONO......very bad.


40 Damage with that fire rate? Definitely gonna be part of the new PC meta


The struggles of solo gambit.

patrick carino

Just wondering you play with subs on PS 4

Jack Handy

I found your channel shortly after D2 dropped, and have enjoyed your videos ever since...even though i have never enjoyed D2's version of PVP. But I've put D2 down for good. I thank you for the entertainment over the past year and wish upon you, success. Keep embarrasin' fools in the crucible with non-meta weapons!

The Nezzy Channel

Thanks wolf for this video after not playing for 2 days I can't wait to try this gun out. Your videos always make me try new guns


love the crucible & gambit test. Keep it up.

Crimson Wolf

Gambit is fun, but most of my experiences is pretty much still everyone for themselves. There is no real teamwork. You kill something and everybody runs for your Motes as fast as they can not caring who killed it as long as they can get them. Don't go out of their way to try to get them and it doesn't matter is anyone else is closer and going for it also. Also get tired of playing with people that refuse to go for anything except the max number of Motes and then they just die whereas if they had Bank what they had our team would have been that much further ahead.

A Frog Named Glen

Thanks for reviewing this for both PvP AND PvE! Been waiting for a review of this weapon, "Queen's Choice" was my main special in D1.
Haven't beaten Forsaken yet (takin' it slow this time), and I wanted to know if it (the VD) was worth having.
One question, is it still projectile based?


If it didn't take up my inaugural address slot it would be great.

Christopher Johnson

Ha, the 2 fer, lice!

taco guardian

Oh no very bad, I lol'd