My big CATFISH setups (not your average setup)

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My big CATFISH setups (not your average setup)

1 465 views | 4 Feb. 2020
1 465 views | 4 Feb. 2020

Alrighty, so in 2019, I went all through the year catching fish, mainly big blue catfish, and I never even explained my setups or the gear that I used. So this video is all about the gear I use to catch these whiskery giants of the deep.


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Yo bro tell me bout that reel how's it holding up with the baitrunner feature

Chubby Brothers BBQ MD

What number wire are you using?

CharmCity Hunter

Great video as always and love the energy. I also dont talk about my equipment on my channel, I use pretty basic equipment definitely not expensive. But the whole steel leader thing, I've been doing that for awhile because I be loosing my mind when I have a big cat and my line snapped. It made the world of a difference in my catch ratio. I also use nothing but braid when I fish for Catfish. But great video again bro. BALTIMORE REPRESENT

Whisker Whisper Fishing

New to your channel fishing out of ohio. Great video! Tight lines

RWA Fishing

Great insights, it will help many land more giant cats.

Lanny Seals

Just came across your channel and I like the content! New sub!

Bluegill and bass

Nice setup

James Allen

Lol. I really expected you to say like a 200 pound leader line

Daniel San

That's right yo!
SLC =Steel Leader Clique!!
Man I switched to steel leaders after I was at Fletchers in 90 degree weather catching only 2 fish in 12 hours from the bank. I hooked into a monster catfish that outsmarted me. He took me down and rubbed his head on some rocks, snapped my line, and I was devastated!! Since then I use a nice 85 pound coated steel leader (not a 300 pound marlin steel leader) and 85 test braid. Another plus is when I get a snag, I just reel in the slack, put a glove on, grab the line and lean at a 45 degree angle like Micheal Jackson did in the smooth criminal video and I'm getting my gear back and a brach on the hook!!

BOR Fishing

Shaun Moeller

Walmart has the team catfish hooks.... Only hooks I use

Hobo use monster set up. I'm 20 lb mono main line (cheapest line I can buy at Walmart or on Amazon). I use a variety of hooks depending on price. I'm currently using 10/0 mustad demon most of the time, but will size down as necessary depending on the bite pattern. Let's get back out there soon!

James Allen

The only thing i dont get is the line size. I caught a 20 pound blue in 80 pound test and it wasnt even a fight. I grew up liking the fight to much to go that big any more. It takes the dun out of it for me


Very Helpful Video
Keep up the Great Work
#Tight Lines

Mr Yang

Bro, u dont need steel leader... u know them lines they use for them ocean jigging diver jigs hooks. I forgot the name of the type of line but anyways, they have it up to 100lb and more. Plus its not stiff like a steel leader..

DMV Whisker King

Nice rods and reels you're using