Brave Frontier Trial X3: Rowgen Cheese Mode

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Brave Frontier Trial X3: Rowgen Cheese Mode

47 212 views | 1 Jul. 2015
47 212 views | 1 Jul. 2015

I decided to just cheese mode X3 with Rowgen w/guardian cloak and stealthed robe. Took 50 mins but she went down. Good riddance! Ill revisit this with a normal team now that I'm done wasting energy.

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Richard Matero

i cant do trail x3 cause i do too much damage :(

Keith Huff Jr

do you specifically need rowgen or can you use any self fill bb?


I just beat it by using Griel Lead and Colt friend my sub units were kikuri, Elimo, Selena, and Magress the items I took with me are ( Crescent dew, fujin tonic, Fujin potions, revive, and revive light ) I only ended up using 1 revive and 2 fujins :D Hope this helps some of u guys who don't have a rowgen with guardian cloak, Good Luck guys ^_^


Absolutely sick of this Trial. If there's anyone with a Rowgen with this cheese setup, would really appreciate it if you could add me @6233608721. I play actively, and have Tridon and Zedus 7 Stars as my usual leaders.

Vadim Dorogan

I have 2 guardian cloks

Michael Han

do you think tazer can do this?


Can you put the two sphere that is need
for Ultor? I don't know what is it

Dean Ventura

OK so after attempting this trial 8 times, I apologize for heckling you earlier. I can see why anyone would cheese this. Its way too fucking random.

I could follow all the steps correctly and still get wiped by Depraved Punishment just because the game felt like it. Out of the times I wiped only twice was because I screwed up on Fei, all the others was because she did DP for no fucking reason.

Reverse Luck

If I can only use 1 leader since I do not have my own, what are the best leaders for it?


Does anyone have a rowgen with the right spheres that i can use??

Pleas add me! ID:1770151777

I'm lvl 289 with lots of 7 star units!

LOST_ Cosmos

Uh wHat if fei comes out!? He cast taunt

Danial Akram

why my rowgen keep been attack more then 1 ?


Does this work with any refill BB unit? I got rowgen, but my Oguro is imped sphere frog, and sbb10.

gabe hoehl

I think Aurelia nullifies and gives a defense and recovery buff but it might make rowen go over 30 percent


I have a four star double sphere rowen and only have clear cloak. You ever think they will add the dungeon again.


Is there any replacement for a stealth robe because I don't have mine because I think I sold it and j already am past a tactician

charlie jones

lol my friend created this method, thats how he beat zevalhua

Ztars Kitty



Try it now its Super easy... 7 Star Ultor and you can Use 7 star Yuura because he does more damage and has an infinite SBB

Jeffrey Rodriguez

Does anyone have the sphere set up for rowgen? Add me please. Leads are raaga, 6 star grah, feeva, and Dion. Also gift daily and level 235. 0114639713

highaba drakee

does this work still


does it have to be Rowgen? Can it be Oguru or someone that fills there own bb?


What did you do about fei?

gerardo calderon

I already tried this set up but i get to 30% and she poisons their any way i can bypass this?

Thomas McCrory

This still works. I finally broke down and did it myself. I used guardian rowgen with max def imps. I used stealth robe and honor armor from paris GQ. with kanon lead and ultor friend. Worked well till about 20% and then she summoned the first fei. I let them kill my rowgen and my team two came on, which was set up for this. Everything that was skipped by the rowgen fight happened in the last 20% of her life. She summoned the other feis as I killed the previous ones, she summoned her little bombs, but there was so much going on that she never used a really big attack. She used blighted harvest a few times and one demonic atrocity. But it took three attacks to get my BB guages full and on fourth attack, raaga ubb with claire, colt, diana, and grahdens sbb and she was done.

Daniel Delazaro

5674912957 is my id in case you need a Rowgen:)

Kirisute Gomen

amy substitution with stealth robe? I think I sold mine long ago

Ascetic hase

Is this still possible?


@Dabearsfan06 would this work with Lilith or Tazer? I do know have rowgen but I have those two units.

Leroy Almeida

I was just doing it and she used a ultimate attack?


i beat this trial 2 days ago it was fucking hell, now i have to do it on my 2ndary account but ill do it after 2 weeks since you know double xp and half energy


Does darvanshel work instead of kanon?
dont have an ultor, what unit can i use instead?

Teck Siang Siow

Why fei never came out

Mạnh Khang Nguyễn

Guardian Cloak, isn't it ?

Kenny Kim

Who tf does this shit

Edwin Choo

y xie jing is summoning fei when im using rowgan setup?

Seth Orr Robinson

I would rather not cheese, but seeing as I only want to reach Gazia and do not have time for this... Also does anyone have Kanon to friend?


Has anyone a rowgen with this sphere setup? Please add me 2952756516
Should have lava lead.


does it work when xie summons fei? still autobattle?which sphere on rowgen?

Blacksmith_ Jon

She uses demonic atrocity and summons fei at around 10 % have a back up team ready , Fujin up and finish her that turn. I used Hadaron lead with Deimos friend. Hadaron's better than Ultor since he'll be fighting at low hp..


what about hadaron lead he gives 80 boost to the attck and gives def ignoring

James Hall

Hey could you me as a friend so I can use your rogue to beat trail x3 because I don't have ether sphere that u have on him


What sphere u put on rowgen

Nicolás Valenzuela

is necesary stealthed robe???


summons fei every single time hahaha

Trường Nguyễn

Have an Ultor, have a Rowgen A
Sell Stealth Robe -_-

Hidetora Toujo

Btw when they said sphere frog david it means her boobs


the light SBS units gives a
rec and def boost as well as nullifies status only problem is she increase HC drop so you need to get abit more lucky that he dosen


does it work when xie summons fei? still autobattle?which sphere on rowgen?

Darryl chua

Will it work on other trials? Coz I have both the sphere

davin hadiprayitno

what device do you use while recording this and play BF?


it kinda works, shes still able to summon fei and use should siphon tho? im confused its not really working for me.

Earl Lawrence

how come when I do it she summons units to help her

Haven Fury

Thanks man this still works....

MJ Rivera Bartido

hey what spear you use??

wee kiat

Anybody know which unit i can use to replace Rowgen?

LeRoy Cox

I need a six star grah friend I'm lvl 133

Jovani Flores

Can some one lend me a rowgen lead with the sphere set up from this video? My id is 0957194553. My usual lead is ultor 7*

Chris Bender

What Spheres to put on Rowgen????????? Xei is a huge bitch

Godwin Oriakhi

Anyone have a rowgen with these sphere set ups? pls add me : 4005207342

Jacky chen

Guys! Do you guys know how to get Guardian Cloak?

Ageless Emperion

This method still works, did this today with a Hadaron lead and Kanon friend, with him its twice as fast as with Ultor. Did it with Ultor first and Rowgen was doing 10~20k in damage, took forever and she summoned Fei in the end, was healing 40k and fei was doing too much damage to keep going, backup squads could not get through her defense/shields. Then did it with Hadaron and was doing 26~42k, she did not summon fei and besides a few close calls the encounter was finished on autobattle in about 30 min. This leads me to believe she either has a hard coded turn count on which she starts to summon or it happens randomly when she reaches 20~30% health. I do not feel bad for doing this, it is a very poorly designed encounter, I attempted it 20+ odd times from not knowing what to do to doing extensive research on how to beat her. The fact this can be done is not an exploit, its design oversight in which they released items a long time ago which synergize with others and let this unique win condition happen. Considering most other strategies revolve around beating her in one turn I think this is fair.

Atomic Gumball

i really dont want to cheese this trial but its pissing me off so much i just might do it later...

Seth Orr Robinson

Does this still work?


damn not doable anymore


Shouldnt hadaron ldad work better than ultor since he gives more def and way more atk buff on his LS compared to ultor's when on low hp? Anyway, sucks to not have guardian cloak, but would honor armor do fine as replacement instead? 30% def, hp and rec, 200% bonus def when low hp. Also, why specifically rowgen? Shouldn't oguro, tazer or even the new unli sbb unit, yuura do better in terms of overall stats and damage?


Lol does this still work?

Bum Guy

Could I use rinon? As lead I mean


If you don't have Kanon or ultor, just use Ivris 6 star as leader, she has status immunity and heal per turn LS, it's a bit tricky and way longer, but it's doable.

John Lui

Would my (G) Lilith 6* Maxed imped and maxed SBB work?

Jaypee Romero

Just got her yesterday. Grah lead Raaga friend, Selena, Kikuri, Sherah and Feeva. All with Null Stat spheres and always kill Fei when her shield expires on the 3rd turn so she wont cast Depraved punishment, she will cast Demonic Atrocity instead :)

John Sandoval

This doesn't work anymore. Tried it with kanon and gazia. He never went past the 35% threshold. Her normal Attacks were doing 1 damage until she targeted me special single attack that just wiped out my rowgen. Tried it once more and the same thing happened.

Orlando zzp

just a headsup they did patch it at 1/3 HP left she casts soul absorption n refills to half HP killing rowgan.

Dean Ventura

son i am disappoint. but i still support you!

Bum Guy


KnockingMaster Jason

How do u buy gems on your Japan account


need a 6* rowgun firend with guardian cloak, have a anima korzan fully imp'd


She does comes double sphered though, just check her rack :v

The Guy

Can you only use rowgen? can you use yuura or tazer?

andrew xavier

Can this be done with another sphere that isn't guardian cloak?

Kahis Asmaty

anyone got a rowgen I coukd use my id is 389306968

Shaun Guo

What if I did it without stealth robe :x just sold mine before reading this post

Night Sky Productions

does this work with zevaluhua

Teck Siang Siow

U hacker



Gabe Ignacio

Hey can you do Rowgen with guardian cloak and xentar?


Any one have a rowgen I can use I do not have guardian cloak. Bf Global id - 3626593769 I have 7 star colt as leader