Pokemon Shuffle Main Stage 240 Mega Medicham | S-rank itemless

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Pokemon Shuffle Main Stage 240 Mega Medicham | S-rank itemless

3 965 views | 3 May. 2018
3 965 views | 3 May. 2018

If you want to use skill boosters on a Psyburst Mewtwo, please do so now. I was meant to trigger Mr. Mime's Prank ability in the very end to somehow reset the opponent's disruption counter. Otherwise, try to level up your Mewtwo to I'd say a minimum of level 6 for this fight. If you want to, a Uxie can be a great Mr. Mime replacement...


too easy with mewtwo


Way to go! You're the first person in history to defeat Mega Medicham itemless without any event mons, let alone S-Rank it itemless without event mons.

For your next video, you should do Galvantula (Though I have S-Ranked it, I did use late-game mons.)

Still struggling with ideas for Munna, keep in mind that I have Butterfree.

Also, the list of strategies for late Roseus Center are as followed.

268 (Lairon) - Working on a strategy involving Buzzwole and Turtonator...
269 (Gligar) - M-Sceptile, Tapu Bulu, Lurantis (alternative is Mega Swampert+Krabby)
270 (Aggron) - M-Blaziken, Delphox, Reshiram, Turtonator
271 (Tympole) - No Mega Needed. Tapu Koko/Shiinotic works wonders here.
272 (Nosepass) - M-Gengar, Nosepass, Dialga/Gallade
273 (Floette) - M-Spooky Gengar+Toxapex again...
274 (Mandibuzz) - Escavalier/Diance w/ Disruption Delayer (Bewear, Pheromosa, etc.)
275 (Spinarak) - One of the easiest stages in the whole game!!!
276 (Rattata) - There's no Fighting-type Rock Shot user, so maybe...
277 (Ariados) - M-Blaziken, Delphox, Reshiram, Turtonator
278 (Porygon) - Shouldn't be that hard to solve...
279 (Stunky) - Pretty easy to S-Rank itemless
280 (Florges) - M-Steelix+Jirachi for itemless S-Rank
281 (Raticate) - Catch and bring Raticate
282 (Chinchou) - M-Gengar+optimize maybe? (Disruption Roulette)
283 (Palpitoad) - M-Sceptile, Shaymin-L, Lurantis, Sawsbuck (Summer)
285 (Igglybuff) - No mega needed, especially with Tapu Koko/Pallossand. Maybe Celesteela will work too...
286 (Snover) - M-Lucario, Snover, Hawlucha (Though I did manage this w/o Snover...)
287 (Lanturn) - M-Gengar is ideal here... Unfortunately, Dugtrio needs 620 S-Ranks to access.
288 (Alomomola) - Puzzle Stage
289 (Abomasnow) - M-Houndoom, SS'd Charmander, Hitmontop (or M-Blaziken team with Typhlosion+Reshiram)
290 (Rayquaza) - The only SE Barrier Shot user is SS'd Clefairy, so dunno for now...
291 (Swinub) - M-Gengar, Hitmontop, Reshiram
293 (Jigglypuff) - Fully cookied Lv15 Alolan Dugtrio is mandatory here!
294 (Doduo) - Mega Glalie works here.
295 (Piloswine) - Catch and bring Piloswine. Reshiram/Litten works here too!
297 (Porygon2) - M-Lucario, Gallade, Buzzwole, SS'd Hitmonlee
298 (Monster Skunk) - M-Camerupt, SS'd Garchomp, SS'd Tapu Lele
299 (Wigglytuff) - Working on a strategy involving catching and bringing Wigglytuff
300 (Mega Rayquaza) - Can be S-Ranked Itemless first try with SMCX and Ice Ninetales.

After that, it's Desert Umbra. Still haven't made progress in Main Stages, yet, still collecting coins.