IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO! ToA Hard 80 Artamiel | Summoners War Beginner Account Ep. 12

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IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO! ToA Hard 80 Artamiel | Summoners War Beginner Account Ep. 12

195 501 views | 5 Nov. 2019
195 501 views | 5 Nov. 2019

Toa Hard 80 Artamiel stage nuke team with Kro!

Daisy B Team: Tyron Loren Fran Kro Gorgo

Summoners War Beginner Account Episode 12

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Thank you so much for watching!

Summoners War content covering every aspects of the game: Guild War, Real Time Arena RTA, Beginner Guide, Dungeon Speed Team Guide, Units Highlight, Max Damage Test, and many more random stuff!

To get a better idea of who I am, watch my quick intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO0M2TmSBRA&t=87s

Summoners War Guild War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A7jClCukBs&list=PLGFHVu1iyM3ZClmyBEadm3lc7rulDGsfn

Summoners War Tips & Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVbcspzYzfI&list=PLGFHVu1iyM3YKZGRALcqFVpq_dKNTRCHI

Summoners War Max Damage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MddbAEyeqLM&list=PLGFHVu1iyM3ZBgSljlPcCbJLVGitgJQ4m

Sean Rodriguez

what if i dont have tyron lol

Daan Dewulf

Man i love your DaisyB videos pls keep going. Ignore those haters.❤

Dũng Nguyễn

Here is a negative cmt: u should improve ur pronunciation

Kata gets resets

If Artamiel is below 50% HP and heal block is on him, you don't need to atb drain him, because he will always use heal. Take care of your heal block cooldown tho for next time he moves :)

Chibuikem George Frederick Ajulu-Okeke

If anyone is reading this and doesn’t have Tyron or Dark Warbear built, I cleared it using this method but replacing Tyron and Dark Warbear with Sig and Water Homu (3rd Skill the one that freezes)

Jorge Bonilla

I find this very useful because i never intended to take the game so seriously until now. And even though im an old account i am kind of new in a lot of concepts


i dont get how your tyron with 45% acc lands his freezes, slow and glancing reliably. mine is on 60+ and i have numerous acc team enhancement runes on my team just for safety measruement (and because i also use those units pvp) and he lants maybe 50-60% of his debuffs....
plus the wirst wave cleave proccs on average after every 3rd unit of mine xD
i mean i finished toah but still this seems so inconsistent

Kerekami Wollford

Tbh im really mad to see that my team cant handle toaH 50 or it can when i get lucky BUT thats no reason for me to show this in negativ comments at least its my fault that i build the wrong units etc... so there should not be 1 reason to blame you for our badness

Son of the south

I got verad a bit ago, would he make a good replacement for tyron?

Randy Duran

This Beyond helpful you are one of the one’s that inspired me to keep playing The game Thank You


maybe only mob f2p but all his rune p2w

semaj nedamla

Nice strategy dude....gives hope....hahahaha....


keep it going


haha Better than YDCB videos just because my parents can't tolerate his scolding all the time

Ichigo Kurosaki

Bro please do toah100 for us beginners

Maxime Rouhier

Thanks your videos are awesome !

Tampax Br

Muito bom goooooood

Adil Hamamci

*Beginner Nuke*
Gorgo 2A with 30k+ hp with godly runes

Pound Cake

I've been watching a ton of your videos lately, but I'm really struggling with getting a team that's really reliable! I don't have Tyron, so I'm not able to make this exact team.. I've been trying with Fran(L), Loren, Baretta/Lapis, Verd and 2A Gorgo. It's good for the most part, except for some ragdoll stages (but I've read that you have to manual those anyway). I really want Gorgo to have a spot on my ToA team, as I absolutely love him. Do you have any recommendations since I don't have Tyron? I also have 2A Kro.

Jon Tan Yong Qian

who can be a replacmenet for tyron?

mel villegas

LOVE THE SERIES! I want to see some more daisyB definitely motives me to get more progress done on my account! Thank you!

Avinash Mohan

I am using this team for toah as i dont have tyron i replaced it with jeanne it works so fine .. i started my game 18 days back .. i am strucked at 64( 4 mihos and 1 light vampire) .. can you pls help me.. i dont have any good nat4 to clear that level .

Jayson Marquez

You have great contents and advices on how to progress on the game. The reason I clicked that subscribe button. More powers!

Don't mind the bashers. You do you, man! Keep it up!


Bro how did you done the Mihoe stages at ToaH?

Lil Chopan

Gorgo is a beast in this stage. Aoe atk bar reduction, aoe atk break and the aoe stun is just the cherry on top then just let Kro burst arta down like a mad dog. And I swapped Tyron for mav to get a faster scar rotation for kro.

Dylan Ps4

Shizzz this taught me to take despair off tyron


i love how he always says that he is back IN daisy B. makes me think of something completely different. its hilarious

kill me

Aymen Auditore

can i replace tyron with verad?

Faisal Abougalala

Don't listen to noone mannnn i love your videos and I'm not gonna lie.... Im kind of copying ur teams lol

Coy Leigh

This comment section is like my blood type... :O Positive

PP - Uh

Not relevant since he buys packs for the beginner acct

Mark Rodriguez

Can you beat it with gorgo 5star


i definitly need to build my kro
waiting to the last inu skill up to be dropped

La Fatalite

Nice video like all the others! You ensure to find new ways of playing, to test monsters that all underestimate, and for that I love your channel! I look forward to the following!


my antares procs non stop though, totally different. sad,
after some rerune and retry then it's works!

Eduardo Mondadori

Man, Thank u so much! I changed some mobs, but if you hadn't shared this team, I would NOT have gone through it...

Marenne Bamba

can you help me to my account by rune my monster? i can provide you my account, is that possible? by the way im your biggest fan. i also copy your gb10 db10 and toan but for toah i cant

Tamer Cantele

Go camules against akroma

Tiên Võ Thành

how about the stage like.. 62 or something with 4 dark cat Sean. Help me please

J Cool

Helpful... Please upload more videos to help us improve our team

Fist Full of Gems

I'm only building dark warbear because of you, and I'm loving it! thanks seanb

James X

No rune viewing?

Dodger Plays

nice nice goodwork daisyB ..

Christopher Martin

Says if I can do it you can to new players sweating thinking about how to get a LD scroll without sacrificing a arm and a leg pshhh not to be a negative Nancy but this is for more mid lvl players tbh great video but the wrong crowd, let's say a new player joins and sees this video they go oh my God your saying I can do this?? And boom the realization kicks in that they can't get LD scrolls without super grinding and them as new players won't know what to do, look I get it yes some people can get lucky but there's a lot to think about like 2Aing what new player can do that ?? So instead of getting new players hopes up just say oh you can work twords this and build on to the team but don't just say oh if I can do it you can to.... That's not how that works

ad D

Who tf would tell you to stop?! Just cause you feel outdone doesn't mean you should tell other people to stop doing what they enjoy. I can't believe there are people with that type of mindset.

Cheese Ham

Sorry if your getting negative comments and all sean b but i dont some are intended to be horrible and nasty. I think in general people just want to know if you are earning enough money and keeping healthy and all since you gave up a really good job. But as long as your happy with the path u have chosen in life and you are keeping healthy then that makes most of your fan base happy.

Dennis Andrian

I got verad to sub tyron cause I don't have him, but then I lack slow debuff to keep everyone stun lock :/

Grand Krunker

seanb I love your vids but a better team that you can build is fran, loren, mav, spectra and lyn/ shannon for the defence buff with shannon though you can replace spectra(this team is mostly used for toa 100)

Shandon Nahale

You’re HILARIOUS.! You were one of the main reasons why I came back to summoners war after leaving for like 2 years. Not even joking. Happy holidays my friend.

yo wtf

Seriously... fuck akroma zaiross stages

Also whenever kro nukes the bosses its SO satisfying! I love my kro!

Kester Romany

You're amazing, your content helped me out so much. Please keep it coming

Chikim Tran

this is actually so wholesome, appreciate you guys. ty i honestly had sm trouble w progression in sw but i love these daisyb vids ty from another viet lmao


Would woonhak work in the place of gorgo?

Christian Flores

Question is he better than Spectra?

victor harris

Thank you this really helped me out . More Please.


the only annoying on toah 80 is the first stage with fire lich procing out of first turn

Jake Garcia

Is there an alternative for grogo?

Lunar Walker

Beating the toah boss for the first was memorable in my case not because its fulfilling but the LS reward from that gave me a wind pumpkin. Lol. Imagine the hardwork and effort went down the drain real quick.

Brute forcegt

How to complete without tyron?

Jawad Valam

Here comes a negative comment.

No positive ^^!

Ferdian Betta fish

My first toa normal 100 is
-. 2A vigor( hp%, hp%, crit dmg, despair and energy)
-. 2a shakan (hp%, def%, crit dmg, rage and guard or blade)|replaceable with fire humoncullus|
-. Konamiya(spd, hp%, resist, violent) Replaceable with fran|
-. 2a ursha ( full hp% on despair)| replaceable with loren
-. Last is veromos( accuracy, spd, hp, vio and revenge) Replaceable with gorgo or kro maybe.

So Vigor is for high attack and also anti crit. Konamiya, ya know lah. Ursha crowd control(make sure the ursha have more than 37k hp),vero is for crowd control and dots. And shakan is for attacker. I think shakan is replaceable with kro or spectra idk.

(Shakan is wind werewolf)


What was the build on Gorgo? Despair, energy, but what 2, 4, 6 slot attributes?

hasan efty

i cleared toa within 30 days with verad

edo wijaya

Hmm i wanna ask sean, how about tyron with despair focus rune?

Bagus Satrio

Can i change the grogo with another like okeanos with despair? I like this content plzz give more tips for toa H :) thanks


What’s the music called

Romeo Glenn Obedencio

same i stuck in 80 thanks for your recommendation summons!

James Javier Piastro

anyone might comeback here after being defeated in this stage again...

my team is same to sean but gorgo 5star +20khp works :)

Jusper Javier

How did you 2a your GORGO and what's the stat of its 246?


Bet everyone here because of coconut virus and Arta on 80 this toah rotation


would you say that this comp also works against Leo Ragdoll Stage?

Snow Jester

Does it work if I replace the dark bear by sigmarus ? And tyron by barretta ? I am actually stucking at the toA 81 and I'm working on the hard rn I will try to use a full f2p team Fran/Verde/Loren/Sig/Mav or barretta idk I will see depend on the situtation and btw gg SeanB I really appreciate this series you made for beginners continue it :) !

Artamiel: You can defeat me

SeanB: I know but she can

Artamiel: Wait what ?

SeanB: DaisyB

Jordan Heyd

some people dont have tyron

pogi ako

any replacement of tyron sir?

Dragon Aidz

Alexandra or Vivachel work well vs Akroma stage ^^

Eddy Ciputra

Hei sean, use dark elemental. *3 can do for those 2 akroma

Nguyen Quyet Chien

The contents is too bad and I’m feeling extremely bad about the videos


i cant do this stage in normal, looks like im just gna build a dots team to kill the boss or something, its frustrating to say the least

Zep Vibe

toah87 = garo

The Spartan Soldier

I used super f2p team, poseidon mav colleen rica anavel :) seeeee anyone can beat it kekw


Maaaan I'm supposed to quit from the game because of this stage (toah 60 this month). I've been trying to defeat it for more than 4 hours, then I came across this vid. Now i have to try again for another houŕrrrr but I don't have a warbear and tyron. Should have invested on that warbear instead of that freakin' homunculus


Thanks for the video, but unfortunately I don't think it would help me for this month. I've cleared toah the last 4 or 5 months...this is looking like it will be the first time since that I won't be able to clear.

han2xiah :

could 2a naomi also do the job of Kro here?
cause he needs less CR with that many debuff and all of her attack will benifit on it.

Narendran Nair

Saw a guy in 101 Asia server who completed Toah 100 in 20 days**. Dont think i have seen anyone faster than him. His team was quite similar except he would have Bastet for tyrion, and had a despair tanky lapis for cc if needed. But still man that was impressive.

Nicholas Grundhofer

Great job Sean! I love the series and also Don’t forget that you don’t need to do everything. Do what you want to as well so you can be happy

Gian Marco Te

My team is Baretta Mav Fran Basalt Aria, with baretta being only 5*. boss is easy if first skill rotation stuns everyone

Felix Leon

You're great Sean, we really appreciate you man. Thanks for the content bro

Joel Bucci

love your content sean


if i switch tyron for light paladin, wich unit should i take as leader?

kanh vih

Welcome to 87 hard :)))

Greg Sens

That’s a positive comment

tobias lowen

Good job Sean, my first clear of ToaH was 66 days in, was before Loren though remember struggling for days on OG:s on 90. :) Keep up the awesomeness

Yasin Muhammad

For Toah 87 use Bolverk. You’ll take 50% of their health and heal your team.

emmanuel lopes

It was inspiring , thanks for the videos

Ronthiek Hmar

Don't stop posting.. I have zero knowledge about this game before I saw ua videos.. now ma knowledge about this game is 10%. Hehehe .
I didn't quit dis game... So, y vl u stop . Keep it up sir.. love from India.

jay for outcast

when u find out that all he needed was a garo on vamp to solo both of them ...

Maxime Lvo

It worked thank you so much ! I juste swap Gorgo by Basalt

Jzfr Lpz

Wow. I actually have passed this stage quite okay with hathor. But the stage i wasnt able to pass was the stage of Akroma. Until i hear you say about Garo. Lile wtf, yeah right! XD thanks SeanB!!!!!!

Giovany McNally

SeanB what would you recommend for TOA hard 100 been playing since 2015 and still can't pass it any suggestions


if only antaras proc rate was 0%