How to lvl 30 Solo Interception - WARFRAME Riven

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How to lvl 30 Solo Interception - WARFRAME Riven

1 817 views | 1 Jan. 2020
1 817 views | 1 Jan. 2020

UPDATE 27.0.8

0:00 Interception Nodes

Sedna, Selkie (Grineer 30-40)

Eris, Nimus (Infestaion 30-40)

Pluto, Palus (Corpus 30-40)

Kuva Fortress, Taveuni (Grineer 32-34)

Void, Mot (Orokin 40-45)

0:26 Method A - Specter Entourage

Equip specters to your gear wheel. Start a solo interception and then deploy your specters, only one Warframe specter can be in use at any given time but there is no limit on the specters gained from syndicates and other miscellaneous sources.

From here either tell one unit to hold position on the tower as you are capturing it, move around the map fortifying the towers with your specter followers as you take control of all points.

Or simply capture the towers while allowing your specter army run rampant and provide some low level interference with the enemies.

1:02 Method B - Frost and Friends

I used Frost in the video but any Warframe with some type of crowd control would be a valid pick. Even Warframes like Volt and Gauss could be a good choice on some of the larger maps. Use abilities to lock down one or more points, use the Warframes parkour and the operators void dash to travel across quickly.

1:30 Builds Used

- Frost

- Atomos

- Amprex (with riven)

1:49 Endcard

 Other Tips

Playing in solo mode is advised.

Equip an "Enemy Radar" style mod to see enemies on the mini map.

Watch the hud (top left) and map to spot and stop enemy captures.

Chained beam, explosive or AoE weapons work well here.

Distant specters do not teleport to your location.



Quake - Finale (N64)




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Capture: Elgato 4K60 Pro, OBS.

Editing: Premiere Pro & Photoshop.


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