Fallout 76 Witch and Skeleton Costume Plans October 2020

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Fallout 76 Witch and Skeleton Costume Plans October 2020

3 265 views | 14 Oct. 2020
3 265 views | 14 Oct. 2020

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The Halloween holiday is upon us and what better way to spend the holiday in the full Witch and Skeleton costumes in Fallout 76. In this video, I will show the location where I consistently got the Witch and Skeleton trick or treater spawns.

I checked around on various other videos and while some of them contained encounters that I happened across, none of them got me any closer to the trick or treater spawn I was looking for.

This location has been valid for me each time I visited it for the costume plans and as of October 13, 2020 I am still picking them up there.

Nora G

You left out the Mothman spawn... ty, great help. Lol or the un detonated nuclear bomb, that can be activated... which wire... so many choices. Omg, Lucy...

the kreebie

I hardly ever comment on vids, but have to say thanks so much. Got skull mask and costume plans after 3 jumps. Found witch costume after ~30 mins more

Evil King 18

Got the skeleton on the first try but it took about an hour of server hopping before I got it.

Cynthia Duran

I picked up the first encounter, she had candys but no plans and I decided to put my camp next but since the first time I saw the corpse I don't seem to get another encounter with anything, is empty, did I do something wrong? I'm on ps4

William Margarido

I know just west of central mountain lookout has been hot for some people as well.


Do you think the pipe is a nod to centennial Pennsylvania?

Harley leitch

Is this on console as of right now bro

Kennie Nielsen

I tried for hours last year in the mire... It sounds lame but this spot made me get it in like 6 mins.. Thanks bud. you get a like

Robo Mouse

Does it lower the chances if you have the hollow tape?

Abomination x69

Anyone know how much the outfits r worth if u just sell them to players? Lol

Jon Rodriguez

I can’t find it


Hey dude, been hopping servers for hours with no luck lol. Would you sell any spare plans or at least make us a few costumes each? Thanks + Sub.

Oop Bedoop

Bro i have been hopping for 5 hours and only found a witch hat. This sucks


First time I camp close to a random encounter spawn and I loved it, got the witch hat and the skeleton in about ten hops.

Michael Blanford

I guess they changed the location as I did not find a single spawn :{


Thanks for the tip. Found both within about 20 server hops.


So I’m not sure if the drop rates changed, but the last 7 trick or treaters I’ve found do not have a plan. Horrible rng? Can you confirm if you’ve found any within the last week or two?

J Rogers

after almost 300 jumps back and forth to that location I have only found the costume one time

Cristina Z

Yes!! Great video! You’re unlocking the most obscure secrets!

fredy espinoza

Who here has the witch costume and is in Xbox? I’m willing to buy it off you

845 Pops!

Thank you, I spent 1.5 hours jumping servers and checking out other encounters around this area, a lot goes on over there, lol. I did finally get the skeleton costume and mask. Yay!
Edit: 15 server hops