Conan Exiles - We Can TELEPORT!

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Conan Exiles - We Can TELEPORT!

366 629 views | 29 Mar. 2019
366 629 views | 29 Mar. 2019

Conan Exiles: Neebs, Simon, and Appsro look for an artisan, killing several artisans in the process, while Thick tries to appease a gorilla god. Then the map room! The more you know, the more you Neebs.

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"Hackbeat" Kevin MacLeod (

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"Middle Eastern Metal | 1001" by Marc Jungermann

"March of the Spoons" Kevin MacLeod (

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"Brain Trust" by Wayne Jones

"Snö | Viking Music" by Marc Jungermann

"No Frills Cumbia" Kevin MacLeod (

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"Forever Yours" by Wayne Jones

"Onion Capers" Kevin MacLeod (

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"Snack Time" by The Green Orbs

"Pirate Crew" by Ross Bugden

"Wingy Dang-Dang" - by Hank and Jed © Copyright - Hank and Jed / Hank and Jed (888174285504)

"AI 2" by Vibe Mountain

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"The more you Neebs!"

bernie mcfadden

Wow this might be my favorite episode, excellent editing

Sarah Davis

my boyfriend plays y’alls podcast every car ride and at first I didn’t really care to listen (not a major gamer girl) buttt he freaked out when he heard about PLGX so of course that night I bought us tickets and I wanted to understand what he freaked out over...I’m now addicted to yalls ark and Conan series

Christopher Goley

Boobies!!! Bring back Conan!!! Boobies!!!

Silent red Lightning

Its this all the same person

Super Goji

Grindr-Gay Chat



That was funny with the whole spacebar thing between Appsro and Simon; payback was a bitch for Appsro. Also, it was funny when he got stranded. Dora, surely you can do better than that app.

cold wind

Think it's funny you're looked for an artisan which doesn't exist it's just the skill of the thrall. lol you could prob already make something that could complete that step. You guys are slow sometimes

William McDaniel

You guy's are funny need any more clan people? And if you do what server are you on?


I chose the worst time to rewatch this


“Arrow to the knee” YES! Was this on accident? Cause he’s not an adventurer anymore...

mike grimes

Simon hit the space bar!!!! Lol

The FuzzyWombat

At the 2:02 mark who else wanted to say SHIKAKA!!!

Linnea Helander

Okay. I can watch this all day.
You guys are amazing



Meat Dragon

Just sent "Doraleous" an email

Krystal Cherry

Omg!!!! I have to wait!!!


the music during the bat fight is way too awesome for me to not have...i needs it

Rey Mendoza

appsro you need a thrall level 3 or they have a name. the thralls with names are the best but take the longest to break. once they are broken put the thrall in the appropriate work station, new recipes should unlock. exceptional recipes. to make a flawless item, you need the hide from a boss i believe.

steve wallace

I hope there's going to be an IRL cosplay of Stoic :-D

Stephen Hardwick

If you turn your guys HUD on you can see what the thralls are before you knock them out saves wasting you clubs and time too

Marcus Haynes

How many people emailed CrotchCaper37 to see if it was Dorra?!


Listening to Thick raging at a statue of a monkey is HILARIOUS

Abhimat Gupta

Do any one of you know who hanuman is?

Thumper Miner HQ

How long before they discover the truth behind the death of the Level 1 Fighter?

RJ Long ಠ_ಠ

20:56 Look at the time at the top left of the phone


Thick hanuman is indian great god why you said monkey it is very insulting

Krystal Patterson

Most bosses nsa fight dt have fought neebsn ssimon aapsro dderalouse tthick

cee kay

@18:12 the world would be a better place if these guys make more "The more you Neebs" PSAs from the AdaCouncil!


I always bring a spare trudgen, never bring just one.


Teleportation makes life so much easier! awesome vid as always :)

Shadow Ninja Assassin Of The Wolves

i want to know how to do that free cam view, i seen people do that on most games, i just don't know how they do it

Justin LaBoy

finally , i know what "attuning my bracelet" means

TAB Gaming

Thick talking about black panther and me remembering it’s 2020 and the actor died


there is NO artisan thrall....use any of them on an artisan bench. a blacksmith or carpenter works....

Scarlet Goldenriver

PROMOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(By Neebs).

Juan Snow

You guys should come back to conan lol

Adrian Villa

Lol the part where thick takes the fighter to sacrafice reminds me of vintage beef doing the exact same thing.


Fighter Lvl 1..... I think we found our STAR!!!!

Big Shayne

Sign the petition to equalize Conan Exiles for all its players.

Evan Boyer

That the more you needs killed me when I first saw it

Steven Cooper

Note: [email protected]

Barbara L

Look at 24:13

Notable Zero

Really thanks to the supporters. I have been binge watching for 2 weeks.

Warchant 1911

I know I’m late to the party but that ending was hilarious

Dr. Frankenstein

how do you put war paint on greater panther?

levi griggs

The black galleon is a great place to get thralls

bernie mcfadden

Omg the more you neebs thing killed me

Soap Dispenser

11:24 was my FAVOURITE part.


Lol wtf watching you guys play is damn fun xD

Uncle Flansy

God I love the term 'bankers hours'. I work 11 hours a day at my job and talk crap to people working only 8 or 9. 'Heading home already? Bankers hours today?'


If only you guys had put any effort into this. Then thick wouldve had a big monkey bodyguard as a gift from haruman.

BFT Neelix

13:45 "We're not going to forget the wolf".....

Dead End Dan still sitting by himself on Ragnarok....

Rag dude

In real life it would take a lot more quantum physics to teleport

Selina Kyle

With this kinda content, Is it Appsros Gaming now?

Mostly Penny Cat

Tru N cheon


15:58 the diamonds around him are there to make bombs that his little speech was talking about.

Ecco wolf

Where was the boss dude in Hanuman's grotto? He drops a heart that you give to the statue to get a gorilla.

Angshuman Baruah

what server do u guys play in

David Purplous

The First and Only episode of "The More You Neebs" 18:15 Thumbs up just for that :)

Momma JiBi

If you tap E on all those red looking crystals in the underground areas, you can harvest them. They're used to make glass for...things. Gold and silver is mainly found at the beach to the East, underwater in chests and on people, and in the large ship on a rock in the SE. Also, there isn't an "Artisan" thrall, but you can use the Carpenter, Armorer, or Blacksmith in the artisan bench. For exceptional items, you need a named thrall whose job is that of the thing you want to make exceptional, so either an armorer or a blacksmith usually.

michael diaz

we need the more you neebs to be a thing and hopefully a tshirt


I hate how if you aren’t on the olaylust YouTube just takes u to some random ass episode


Funny how the Doraleous and Associates picture was not approved for "weapons/violence"...


Thick really shines in this series. Is it because Conan is metal?

Lance Marshall

Thick44, the least manliest man in the game!

Chris K


Josh Cc600

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it....

Does thick44 still talk about himself?

liquid klone

Thicks out for Harambe.


If y'all haven't figured it out yet, an "Artisan" can be a Carpenter, Blacksmith, or Armorer.

Ryan Chung

I'd hit Doraleous up so hard on Grindr

Gg Gg

He I using admin in the game when there near the end of the video pause apps to

His Majesty Sir Michael Cuthbertson II

Watched under the dome last week. Finished it. Spit my chocolate milk out when I saw thick demanding batteries from everybody. Then I started laughing. He was trying so hard to be intimidating, but he was so short. Even the short lady cop was taller than him.

Marky Sparky

2:52 damn that transition

Wlade Silson

Hanuman ....He is a big deal in India ... "God of strength".
Also, a vegetarian...i mean pure vegetarian.


Is Doraleous really Homosexual, or are ya'll just making Homophobic Bro jokes about him?

J Riri

4:55 straight up looked like the scene out of The Matrix. "No one ever makes it on their first jump."

Earl Portland

good lord these videos make me laugh so hard. I could watch them over and over.

Matthew Burgner

Appsro: "Is that how you spell it?"

You realize you're asking Neebs, right? About the worst person to ask about spelling.

trevor jaster

I prefer this game to ark and am actually interested in playing this with a group of freinds even though it will never happen

Corey Paulo

This is my 3rd time going through this series. And somehow, I only JUST noticed Ada's text at the bottom during the Grindr bit about it being a real message she got. Gods bless that's some good shit.

Kleeborp Gaming

Thick44: How is Wakanda these days?
GP: ........
Thick44: Alright! Let's go find some gimps!


That actor thrall got thicked. Hard.

William McDaniel

Darn your on pc don't think there's cross play with ps4.

Mistah Bryan

@15:00, I was expected Ada to float over the NPC who died to the Hyena's to reveal he was an Artisan :)

Topazium Z


RhinotheWorks -

Always check your trudgons and always watch neebs gaming!

Red Ace


jason fidler

Didn't Thick44 and Dora killed that bat already?

levi griggs

Needs use to be an adventurer like everyone else until he took "an arrow in the knee" lmao

Jennifer Brown

Amazed that the 1st thing was gay chat. Nothing wrong with that, but they always talking about vage.


Blacky the blacksmith?
Wtf simon rofl :D


21:00 Gotta love a guy that’s so upfront about loving someone’s lower back

Jonny Wads

Honestly love neebs but the crap in this video truly ruined it

Matt Ablitt

Open a PC server i'll defo play on it :)

Super Saiyan Monkey

The more you Neebs

Reaper 18951

I wonder how many people just joined Grinder looking for dora. Its nice to see a proud gay man go so far in entertainment.

Darth Vade

The more you neebs

Arthas Menethil

There's kicking in this game. You need to set up a Sparta scene. Don't care how, just do it.

Ray Mondelli

Ok Frzeia 15:55