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65 505 views | 14 Feb. 2018
65 505 views | 14 Feb. 2018


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Outro created by myself :)

outro song is by "thefatrat" and it is called "Monody" and you can listen to it here:

Hope you enjoy guys!! And as always stay Geeky, Stay cool, bee Awesome and bee Happy!!







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-Abdalla Mansour

york lane

A Live Action Movie of Overlord sounds awesome, but I don’t think they’d be able to do Overlord justice in a movie like that.

Jarret Hicks

Isn't Ainz sense of justice -500 "Extreme Evil."


I love how you still keep the old opening song in the background

Pepe Montoliu Antón

Evileye is badass


Sébas is my favorite caracter in the show now !


hey dee, can you reupload overlord season 2 episode 7 plz? o.o

Waifu Albedo Gaming

her name spell tsuwary


Sebas is the ultimate gentleman because he was programmed by Touch Me. Touch Me always believed in helping others and doing the right thing. He was the original founder of the Guild "Nines Own Goal" and it's original Guild Leader, a Guild where Monster-Race players could happily play the game together (Monster-Race players often faced trouble getting parties and friends, often getting harrassed and PK'd, Touch Me created the Guild as a safe haven for Monster Players to enjoy the game).

Even as the Guild grew and fell away from his ideals (cash items, base building, evil/monster roleplay taking precedence), he happily stood down and promoted Momonga to lead in his place as a more suitable Guild Leader, reforming the Guild under the name "Ainz Ooal Gown".

As such, Touch Me was a hugely positive player, World Champion and all around good guy, and he programmed everything about Sebas. That's why Sebas is such a noble man amongst the NPC's. He has the highest Karma ranking of all individuals in the Tomb (Karma is set to maximums of +500 to -500, Sebas is +300 (Very Good), Ainz is -500 (Extreme Evil)) and has been programmed following the ideals of Touch Me combined into his role as a Perfect Butler. As such, he is significantly different to all of his peers by miles.

Timothy Reaper

They had better show Entoma's fight!

Also all the ladies love Sebas and the guys aren't happy about this, but they don't hold it against him because he's just that awesome!
Seriously, it's in the LN. They didn't point it out in the episode, but if you pay attention you'll notice all the ladies in the Guild are smiling at Sebas.

Matthew Chiddix

for those who remember season one you might recall a certain member of a adventure guild by the name of blades of darkness talking about her sister being taken by a noble.. hmm.... at any rate the next episode expect to see one-punch Sebas. You thought shalchair was fun, just wait for the next episode.

Olivier Luc

you kind of forgot that human are low and pathetics shxt for the people of nazarick that is why solution "the blond maid" was pissed.

Mr Lavos Plays

Yea this episode got me in the feels upon Tuare. Sebas is truely a bad-ass gentlemen!

Dino3214 Jake

Service my man seeing her cry breaks my heart


Sebas is a great guy. Extremely loyal but a gentleman that is happy to help any random person who asks him for help (he helps like I try to. Help anyone who you can that tries to help themselves. Like he says to her if you struggle I will help)


All players and npc in game have a status, which is named as “sense of justice ” maximum 500, minimum -500. Sebas is 300. Very few Nazarick npcs have a positive sense of justice, especially as high as sebas. Other characters with positive sense of justice are Cocytus, Yuri alpha

David Romig

I agree that I don't like crammed stories either. There is the danger, though, that if they don't, the anime could be cancelled and you end up with no story, or worse a hanging story-- those are the worst. So, I'm torn. Why can't all started stories start and progress properly without the worry of ratings and financial backing. Sigh.


In season 1, episode 6 this silhouette was shown during a discussion of the Kingdom's Adamantite ranked adventuring parties-
*hint* *hint*


The reason Solution is so displeased is because not only does she, like most denizens of Nazarick, consider everything outside Nazarick to be inferior but Sebas might be endangering their mission and disobeying orders by bringing Tsuare in. Disobeying orders equals a betrayal and betrayal means death, especially after the thing with Shalltear everyone is especially tense about it and is ready to kill the other NPC's at just a suspicion of betrayal (though there is no way Solution could kill Sebas and there is no way they would actually go through with it until Ainz allows it)

Also BTW Sebas can't cook and Solution can't either, there are only a few beings in Nazarick that can cook, so Sebas has gone out and bought the food.

Rudy Sanchez

Lakyus the leader
Gagaran the brute
Evileye the masked caster
Tia and Tina the twin killers

Shiro the Eternal Silver King

If what the opening shows is accurate, we are gonna see some serious nazarik on kingdom action in a few episodes.

Jiro Grandison

If i came to face with shaltear and lived i would retire as a gaurd

Jeffery Drake

It may get brought up in a future episode, but Sebas can't actually cook. Its been a while since I read volume 5, but I believe that NPCs can only cook if they have specific skills from the game.

Dominik Magnus

I'm sure hyped for a long talk about Overlord with other youtubers. You can take Chibi Reviews as someone, who have read LN. TheDriver would be great and he's making manga reactions as well as anime. I think they have a lot of things to say and discuss. But really anyone you can come up with is ok with me.
Just saying. Hype.


Sad to say the food Sebas brought Tuare wasn't cooked by him. In the LN he went out and bought it, plate and all, to bring back to her due to the fact that neither he or Solution need to eat, so the house had no food to prepare.

Griffin McCabe

Sebas: Ultimate Gentleman

Former Formling

I notice the video he's reacting to is delayed a little. Is anyone getting the same thing, or is it just me?

Christopher Combs

Solution and the rest of nazarick hate humans tsure is a human the main exception being sebas because thats how touch me programmed him

superfox destroyer

In English dub one of the bad guys sound like whis from dragonball super.


solution is against what sebas is doing because they are currently under order from Ainz to go undercover in the capital as a Merchant daughter and butler. they're supposed to keep a low profile and feed information known in the capital back to nazarick. having tsuare around is a liability to their mission. they don't know if she's a normal girl or a spy, either way it's too risky to have her around long.
on top of that, almost all denizen of Nazarick dislike human, well they all generally don't like anyone outside of nazarick unless Ainz give his blessing. as a predator slime who enjoy torturing and eating human, Solution only see Tsuare as a stray dog. dirty, diseased, not good for fun or eating.

Ryan Long

This might seem a bit presumptuous, but if you're look for people to do an overlord podcast, i'd be happy to join!

Lord Vaust

Sebas is one “hell” of a butler ;)

Vincent Li

Overlord Lore Time ! - featuring Sebas - the Iron Butler / Justice Value System (no spoil, only personal data)

First of All, the attribute "Value of Justice" represents the degree of the character being good or evil.
And Note this : only a few member of Nazarick have positive value for this attribute, such as Cocytus(50) and Yuri Alpha(150).
Even for Ainz, I remember his value of justice is -500 (super evil)(exactly same for Albedo, Demiurge), but at least he got a human soul inside. This explains why the group of Ainz looks so evil and despises all other creatures, because they are EVIL !!

Sebas's Attribute : Value of Justice : 300(super good) - What a "curse" for him, making him black sheep of Nazarick.
He is a Level 100 dragonoid Monk, same level with all guardians(Except Victim Level35).
And for Plaides Battle Maid, their levels vary from Level 46 to 63, so they'd better listen to Sebas.

Sebas's Creator - Touch Me is the No.1 warrior(half tank/half dps) of the guild Ainz Oal Gown, and also the PVP World Champion of the entire Server. He is a successful white-collar worker with a wife and a daughter in real life .
Remember the cool white armor Touch Me wears ? That is an offical reward for PVP world champions for all 9 servers.
Ainz was never able to win even once against Touch Me in a duel back in the game.


His full name is Sebas Tian, the Butler. Yes... Sebastian... and a butler. such an original name. XD

Azure Balmung

In the manga, one of the girls behind the counter glances at Sebas, who in turn asks her what the matter is. She merely says she likes his reading posture, but when Sebas smiles and thanks her, her eyes turn to hearts and the caption "Panty Status - Genesis Ch 7:17" (Which, incidentally, is "The flood continued for 40 days" more or less xD)

Black Reaper

Sebas IS my favourite character :P , he's been made by the strongest of the guild, which casually was even rather humble about it, despite being an insane tank which also did immense dmg xD. So it's safe to say Sebas is much stronger than initially thought... Actually there are hints that he's capable of taking out albedo with ease even if she's supposed to be advantaged against him ... But i won't spoil anything :P , (also in the anime they censored a bit , cuz Sebas appears to be so handsome/attractive that women around him while he walks in the guild are wetting hard over him AHAHAH)

Kurt Galicha

I don't know if you guy's noticed it yet, But it seems like Solution ate Tuare's kid. She made a scissor like grabbing thing and said something along the lines of "Ill eat you before Sebas comes home"

Tribal Deity

i would rather them cram because budget while pushing the manga for story, rather than pull a bleach and give no anime towards the end

Reverse Dreemurr303

Can U plz Uncut PLS like the old ones


Re-Estize sure has a lot of blonde girls...

Dee Bee Geek

There are some inconsistencies with the audio guys due to my software acting up! I apologize! Other than that enjoy the reaction!! :)


Bro.. That shaltear flash back :D


witch they had the parts where all the women of the town just fall in love with him. but theynhad the dark parts added soo im happy ither way.

alassandro Osilia

Funny thing about Sebas, his creator Touch me-sama, designed Sebas in his image and personality. Touch me-sama was a person, that as put in the words of Ulbert-sama (demiurge's creator) a winner in life.

Ali El Harari

Well actually Tuare was pregnant so solution ate her baby then return her body to normal


Nazarick is full of evil monsters, maybe Sebas is the only exception. The characters development are slightly different for example the anime didn't show how cruel is demiurge when he was torturing persons to make scrolls.

Shiro the Eternal Silver King

Plz rewatch this episode in dub in 3 weeks. I want your opinion on Sebas new voice.

Shiki Ren

Minor Spoiler (probably will not even come up, but still) :

Tsuare is the sister of Ninya, the "girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy" from Ainz' killed adventurer party from S1. The sister sold to some deviant noble, who then sold her to that brothel.


Lord Touch me would be proud of Sebas! This arc was good bit rushed still great.

Yu Chih Tzeng

What Solution ate was Tuare's baby. Tuare was pregnant, but the embryo was dead in her body.

Some Guy

The reason why she is against what Sebas did is because most of Ainz's servants despise humans; most likely because they are monsters

Kuro ChanDog

devour "it" first. not her. referring to something else, in that poor lady's belly....

Joshua N/A

Solution is against Tsuare being there for a few reasons. One, the inhabitants of Nazarick hate humans because human players often were enemies in the game. And they think humans are beneath them.

But, most importantly... Solution thinks that this will lead to trouble, cause the ones that did that to Tsuare are likely to cause problems for them when Ainz specifically ordered them to keep a low profile, so he's going against Ainz's orders. So, she believes... that Sebas may have BETRAYED NAZARICK. ...and you know how the members of Nazarick feel about that.

Joe The Prox

Just got home from school and I been hyped about the reaction of beedeegeek


12:57 Nappa is that you?


Great reaction! You Should react to Nanatsu no tozai if you have time

International man of mystery


BellowD Gaming

IF you noticed Solution's fingers became forceps,

it's implied in the light novel that Solution ate Tuare's baby, she was pregnant because she was raped and was used as a prostitute she's also the sister on Ninya the girl that died in season.1 from the hands of Clementine

David Romig

What is wrong with Solution? Well, to the guild, humans are animals, monsters, and the enemy. In addition, they are food to Solution. Even Lord Ains emotionally feels that way now that he is physically an elder litch. But Lord Touch Me's influence of always protect the weak largely influences Lord Ains and Sebas. Plus Lord Ains is still sentimental about humanity since he has all his human memories.

I find that dynamic fascinating-- they don't care about humans but they are instructed to take care of humans. I wonder if they are going to ally with local kingdom or take it over, because I can easily see either at the point.

Silent Jack M.D

They're going to have a father-daughter relationship I'm calling it and it's easy to forget sebas isn't human


This episode was ok but I felt a little bit bored watching it


9:01 xD_6:46 :O

Jarret Hicks

The reason solution and the other guardians are so against humans is because they were created because of the guilds policy of no human race allowed only monsters. Also sebas us like he is because Touch Me loved justice and helping people in need.


Damn skip

Tony Nunez

I'm simply one hell of a butler!

Georg Tolstoj

Looking forward to sebas vs the eight fingers. And entoma vs evileye

Chandler Mason


Dang Dỹ

how can you forget Touch Me's line from ss1? :<

Kurt Galicha


Coada Catalin

Manners maketh man. Sebas would be the most badass Kingsman ever. Also, based on the opening, the bald tattooed guy is gonna receive a lesson in manners from Sebas.

FanThumb Z



The name Touch Me is meant as a taunt- Touch Me played a melee tank/DPS and was the top ranked PVP player in the server, having won the World Champion tournament (his armor, which Ainz wore for his fight against Shalltear in season 1, was the reward he received with the title). The name is meant to be taken as him saying "touch me if you can".

Touch Me was the most powerful of the guildmembers and was the leader of the clan that later became the guild Ainz Ooal Gown (he stepped down from the position when the guild was formed and Momonga/Ainz was chosen to become the guildmaster instead).

jeg tano

This is where Sebas made his first mistake. As some have already mentioned, the duo were task to investigate the kingdom. Everything in it. It’s laws, topography, climate, organisation within it etc. They were task to do so in low profile. And everything must be reported. Sebas’ encounter with Tsuare was by chance when he decided to take another way back home as part of mapping the city. Saving her was actually a bit of a minor thing. Practically speaking, they can hid her without a trace, erase her memory and leave her on a safe area. But this is the thing, Sebas refused to report the matter to Ainz, in opposition to Solution’s suggestion. That is where the problems started showing up.


I can't help but wonder how much, if any, convincing Ainz as Momon would have needed to rescue this girl like Sebas does naturally.

Quake Midaro

Overlord anime is doing good to keep the important things in albeit cutting a bit here and there as if everything was added in this series would turn into another One Piece like anime with easily over 200 episode just up to volume 5 if they include every little detail


Eight Fingers is basically the mafia of the Re-Estize Kigdom. The criminal organization is divided into eight independent departments: slave trafficking, assassinations, smuggling, larceny, drug trade, security, banking, and gambling. They are not united in the sense that each department look out only for themselves, but they do work together from time to time to achieve maximum profit.


Is it just me or did anyone else figure out Sebas is short for Sebastian

Rafael Santos

basic their Mission is keep a low profile but when you buy a fight agains the big crime organization is kind hard keep a low profile so Sebas is goin agains Ainz commands


Evileye might joint Mormon team in the future

Joshua N/A

The other girls from the group getting rid of the drugs... the big amazon was Gagaran, and their leader with the floating weapons is Lakyus.


There rushing the without of this they missed about 100 pages worth of inner Monolog and character being introduced read the ln if u get a chance

Diable Jambe

Sebas acting like a good guy is the one acting "weird". There are only a few characters in all Nazarick that are actually good, so for someone like Solution, Seba's actions are meaningless.

Azure Balmung

Interesting to see the slight differences between here and the manga. In the manga, the 'reading device' was a pair of glasses with the same enchantment, I suppose to draw less attention than holding a monocle up.

Darth kingededed bobo

the monocle Sebas has is magical it let's you read any language non of the NPCS or Ainz can read the language of this world so Ainz gave it to Sebas to help him in his mission of getting information

Knightwalker V Peace

Yabba Dabba Dooo

Ronnapon Khrongsinsab

"solution" has setting to see human as bug
(in yggdrasil normally nonhuman and human hate each other )
sabas has mission from ainz as spy to collect information (lowkey , stay away from any conflict)

then for "solution" sabas make mission has a risk to save a bug


Placenta forceps



Just pointing out that Situation's hand transformed into the shape that's very similar to a tool that is used for abortions. With that, she was most likely not talking to the young lady in the bed in front of her when she said "eat her".


This episode is all about world building and it kind of rush so something might confused if you never read LN before. First Sebastian he know that his actions is against ainz order to keep low profile and gathering information by helping that woman but he can't let her die either because his Morales code forbid it and he feel bad for it. Second group of woman that raid drug field is adamantie rank adventurer name Blue Rose one of three adamantie rank adventurer in kingdom including the black hero(ainz himself) third eight finger is 8 crime organization that form a group call eight finger the woman I believe she from drug dealer group. Cocodall is from slavery group and that big guy is from mercenary group. ( he mentions 6 arm too. Six arm is the strongest 6 individual that belongs to mercenary group rumors said they can fight toe to toe with ardamantie rank adventurer.)

HV HyperVelocity

Spoiler vampire princess

Zvonimir Tomac

What do you think of the dub?

Rik Thunder

Evileye...Cocco Doll...Zero... Could they be...players from Ygdrasil I wonder... No human is born with such ridiculous names I think o.o

King Excalibur

Tuare = Two-are-a

Just so you know

Lightning DSTY

tsuare and evileye are my favorite character outside of nazarik
hope they dont ruin their characters in the anime

Rik Thunder

Well, Solution, as most of the undead/monster npcs see themselves as higher beings than humans. Soo yeah. Taking care of a human would be confusing to her. We already had that with Albedo once.

The Truth

Almost all of the the people in Nazarick doesn't care much about humans. Simply because they hate them. One of the rules to join the guild Nazarick during their time on the game was "Your character must not be human". Basically almost all NPCs there have the settings to hate humans and see them as a lower lifeform.


Sebas is one of the few characters in Nazerick with a good alinement. That’s why he’s so nice and helpful compared to most others who are either neutral or flat out evil. The people burning the fields are blue rose, and adminantinite adventurer guild. The people at the round table are 8 Fingers, names after this worlds god of thieves and crimes who supposedly had eight fingers if memory serves. They are the underworld of the kingdom. Each finger controls a different aspect of crime. Drugs, slavery, thugs for hire, etc.


so about that sebas thing he and yuri alpha of the pleiades ar actually the only charaktars who are "safe" to handle humans
cant wait for the next episode and your reaction to it
see ya


Remember, everyone under Ainz have pretty much a profond hate for human.
BUT Solution have an alignement of -400 sens of justice. YES MINUS 400. Or Sebas have 300 sens of justice so..

Albion of Avalon

sebas did the right thing saving her and ainz will be pleased he did that