The Gang F*cks Up | Season 4 Outtakes (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

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The Gang F*cks Up | Season 4 Outtakes (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

1 306 100 views | 11 Mar. 2011
1 306 100 views | 11 Mar. 2011

Outtakes from Season 4 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Gladice is a fucking G


Isn’t 2:50 “The Waiter”?

Abel Cardenas

hyahhh good afternoon

Blue Eyes Darlem



The guy reading their job application is a fucking comedic genius with that timing

Zavier Zoo

2:35 is a rib breaker lmaooo

Vehicle RS

This made my day XD XD X D XD

Toby B

aaaaaa just noticed the guy that's interviewing them blame the regular waiter at that restaurant they go to bunch of times...

Fenris B

Can we appreciate that it seemed Cricket was literally being spit on over and over again lol

Larry Byerly

The interview scene is brutal lmao.

Mark Vogelsong

Great clips! Thanks for posting this.


do you guys use prop food

Ben Morris

I love how many shots they "needed" of spitting on cricket. Brutal

Tempa Tempo

Could it be that RIckety Cricket is getting treated even as an Actor badly?
They flat out spit on his face!?

Jodo Dojo

"It was a very educational year, and we did many jobs"...........

"here and there"

The support actor in this scene is hilarious


"Don't gimme the shush"

Jesse James

The hiring guy is the waiter that spilled spaghetti on himself.....holy shit I just noticed

Mya Elbows

"I sort of have a grasp on what i'm doing on a day to day basis" LOL

Eric Shuty

You're the realist, Gladys. RIP!!!


I wanna see that dudes sweaty hog

Zacc Lawn

100% that vase is not made in china!

Anastasia Shea

Man, I so wanted one of them to say they needed a bong made out of that unbreakable vase.


Poor rickety cricket


Watching in January 2021, that spit in the face gag seems waaaay more hostile than it probably did 10 years ago.

Jack Niere

The way Glenn said fuck you to the vase had me rolling

Brandon N

why does Dee look so damn sexy at 5:00 in that burgundy dress from old times?


For some reason I really love the theme song of his show as much as I love the rest of the things about it


Damnit Dee, you bitch!!!

Phantom Party

the blooper reels are the softest things in existence

Jessica Howell

Gladys is adorable!  You can tell Charlie thinks so too lol


I lost it at 4:18

Tom Damian

if I was cricket I'd be like, we get this scene done within 3 takes or I'm not doing it lmao

Chicken Permission

That first part with the fucking unbreakable vase! xD

Indy Goodhand

"Here and there, but mostly here"
"And there..."

I love how they hire actors who can respond to stuff like that so well :')

Nucleus Medical Media

Here you go 4:18


The old lady from Charlie’s play was the best blooper


it's insane how many takes the main cast ruin

Nathan Waite

That vase though


poor cricket, god damned street rat.

Jill Sandwich

My grandmother had an affair with Susan B. Anthony


i really need to re-watch that interview scene to see how it actually played out

these blooper takes are so good.

Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer

The old lady reminds me of Markula from ATHF.

J. A.

The old lady Gladys is a pro

Greg Wasdyke

check your levels


2005 to 2006... education

Rickety Cricket

4:55 this kinda hurts to watch in 2020


99 year old gladice is very talented

Emilia Thompson

That second, "The clothes off..! Pose off!!" delivery always has me heaving with laughter.

Assnapkin Ed

have a grasp on what I'm doing on a day to day basis

ad wall

Dude that interview scene is one of the funniest thing ever!


I had an interview today and this is killing me now.


Oh Cricket no. Cricket why?

S. T.

1:50 My grandmother was a lesbian.

Motör Punx

Hold on I just realised the guy interviewing Mac and Charlie is the waiter from the restaurant.

jay lynn

they all have such cute laughs

Kingsley Zissou

All those spit takes in the end... bravest thing I've ever seen an actor take on.

Mega Sauce

Clothes off..... Pose off

Sandi Bassett

16 spits on the street urchin



Steve Frank

dennis lost it at the sweaty hog comment

Rob Calvert

I love the Gladys scene. Right from the start you can see they're close to losing it. When Charlie says "stop snipping at me, you've been snipping at me all day" it's obviously improved. Love how they know it's so good they try to turn away to save the scene.


4:18 Frank "he ain't guna quit"


3:40 When Charlie says "All year" it always cracks me up.


I just now noticed the guy that interviews Mac and Charlie is also the waiter at Guginos.


4:16 Sweaty hog.


"Okay. Two years." That little shake of his head fucking murders me

King Jay the Bearded

"Well take time"... damn... Gladys is a fuckin savage...

Brian Jin

"for several years ive been in complete charge of everything in my life" hahaahahahahaah so what the other years no?? hahaahahah that had me dying laughing

Brendan McGovern

2005 to

Erik W

"I sort of have a grasp on what i do on a everyday basis"


"For several years I have been in complete charge of almost everything in my life"
Probably the funniest line in all of comedy


And we did many odd jobs... Here and there >_> lmao! Probably the funniest blooper.

Nick C

Greatest show ever made, by far.

mike cool

Dee may not be that hot but she does have a sexy laugh


fuck me dewd

Blue Sunshine

I feel like rickedy cricket must've gotten so annoyed with the spitting on the day of the shooting.


God fvckin damnit that job application bit was fvckin funny


Soooo good!
xoxo The Clarences

Gartacus The Bold


Noah Zuniga

2005 to 2006.... education?


"I bet if you pop those jeans you'll find a sweaty hog that won't quit either."

These lines they write for this show are just so horrible and disgusting

....but i love it.

Matthew Sunderland

Women like Gladyss are God's gift to Earth lolll


I wonder how many times cricket got spit on for that episode

Jerome Smith

You know they were fucking up on purpose just to spit on david hornsby


Dennis wearin a T-shirt Mac-style is epic


2:35 that's the waiter!!! A time before he got a big piping hot bowl of spaghetti

Trevor Payne

lol omg how many times do they spit in his face?!? 8o

Jackson Williams

God The Nightman Cometh must've taken forever to film

Tae Obama

I love iasip

Power Gamer

The guy who play the interviewer, plays the waiter too, I think.

Trevor Miller

I can't believe that "odd jobs here and there" didn't make it in the final cut


I loved Seeing Dennis progressively throwing the vase harder in each scene


i like how Charlie was trying to play off the vase as part of the story

Anthony Seidl

mostly here.

Shea White-Toney

lmfaoooo 2:50 “i sort of have a grasp on what i’m doing on a day to day basis”

Jackson Langford

they make the guest actors redo there takes so many times because the gang is always laughing at their own jokes. you can really read their genuine irritation with them haha.

William Ridd

Can’t do the spitting bit now thanks to corona virus


Holy shit, is it just me or is the guy at 2:45 the same guy that was in that David Blaine Street Magic series of youtube videos from like 2007??


the audible face palm at 3:50

Van Goth

Gladice fucking had me