Hollywood Undead - 7 Song Sampler(2007)

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Hollywood Undead - 7 Song Sampler(2007)

11 506 views | 21 Nov. 2013
11 506 views | 21 Nov. 2013

00:00 1. Turn Off the Lights (ft. Jeffree Star) 03:24

03:19 2. Dead in Ditches 04:19

07:32 3. The Kids 03:01

10:30 4. Scene for Dummies 03:28

13:52 5. Circles 03:33

17:08 6. Christmas Time in Hollywood 04:02

21:04 7. Bitches 03:30

Ifeel SoUsed

the picture they use in this has danny in it and this was way before danny even thought of replacing deuce


Deuce sing. Danny picture. Nice :D 


"I was running in circles, I hurt myself." Well then why the fuck are you running in circles if you're just gonna hurt yourself?

Shaniqua DinkaFanHoila

Why is danny in the background and not Deuce??

Malcolm Morin

This little album was actually released in 2005, so 12 years ago. Which makes Circles, Christmas In Hollywood, and Bitches a lot older than I thought they were.


Dead in Ditches is the only song I play when ride through the streets of my town.

The man from the north

Hollywood undead has done things in these genres rap/hip hop,rap rock,rapcore,rock,rap metal,punk rap rock,crunkcore,alternative rap,alternative rock/metal,dubstep,electronica

I'm Joogle

circles was always a favorite of mine. that said deuce was always my favorite