Wurm Unlimited - Tutorial - Episode 53 - Cooking Tools & Oven

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Wurm Unlimited - Tutorial - Episode 53 - Cooking Tools & Oven

1 351 views | 4 Jan. 2016
1 351 views | 4 Jan. 2016

Welcome to "Episode 53" of my "Wurm Unlimited" "Tutorial" series. In this episode we make a Frying Pan, Sauce Pan and an Oven. To prepare us for the cooking episode. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it for you. :o)



List of Cooking tools - 13:05

Making a Frying pan - 13:47

Uses for a Frying Pan - 15:38

Making a Sauce Pan - 17:44

Uses for a Sauce Pan - 18:15

Making an Oven - 19:35

Wurmpedia reading on Ovens - 26:00

Alleykat Games

Gamester! So glad you're back! - Sorta nasal wif a "code", but back anyways! Hope you're feeling somewhat better! Mama Quote #834 - "If'n  it don't rain, it pours!" (Gotta love mama quotes!) At any rate - onward and upward! I play lots of different types of games, I suppose most of us do eh? LOL My latest gaming conquest are usually enclosed in the "Humble Bundles" (http://www.humblebundle.com).  Dabbled a bit in "Stranded Deep" this week, but its really not a long term game that you would play for years, (me anyways). Will look forward to whatever you choose! (As long as it doesn't have zombies!hahahaha - I regard anything with zombies as being rather stupid.)  Same with cartoon characters - with the quality of graphics out there and available, I am disappointed when games don't have "skyrim" quality! LOL I run a medium/high end machine, with setting on ultra for usually all my games. Ok, I've waffled on now, so will stop! Nice video on cooking! I did not know that the quality of food items cooked in a forge was not as good as in an oven! Thank you! ~Alley


welcome back gamestar4life. I was having gamestar4life withdraw, but anyway think you should do "life is feudal".
but using the forge help's to lvl your skill up faster because it increase the difficulty.


Good to have you back Gamester!  I can relate to the plague you got I've had it about a week myself.  Hope the other issues work themselves out I'm pulling for you!  I pretty much have all the games you mentioned so I'm up for anything you decide.  I don't know if you ever played Don't Starve but it's also a pretty good survival game.  Looks simple enough but it's been kicking my butt pretty good.  Reminds me of Wurm looks simple but will teach you respect very fast.

Michael Iarrobino

Life is Feudal is a fun game and it seems the devs have based a lot of their ideas on Wurm. When my LIF friends ask me about Wurm I tell them LIF is a small subset of what you can do in Wurm with LIF having better graphics, maybe better combat, and a whole lot more bugs. I frankly have some serious doubts about LIF's developers - they seem to have no idea about quality control or testing before they release stuff.

ARK Survival Evolved is a fun game too, and really cool if you like the idea of taming and riding dinosaurs. The devs there are been very good and responsive and put out regular patches. If I was to fault them with anything it is probably some lack of communication about what they are working on. When there are bugs and players don't hear the devs are working on it they assume they are being ignored, but usually the problem gets fixed in the next patch or two so you know they were listening and working on it, but the players just didn't hear they were.

With both of those games you can easily set up your own server for doing your videos, just like WU.

As far as what game to do tutorials on, the real benefit to a viewer, IMHO, is to hear from someone who has played a while and can give you the great pro tips and information that you may not learn for a long time (or possibly never know). I have played Wurm long enough that I now have already done many of the topics you are now covering, but I still listen to pick up the finer points and get your "pro tips" on the subjects. (Plus I do like hearing some of your stories about your times in Wurm Online with Raynstorm.)

So my suggested game would probably be one that you start playing for a bit and enjoy enough to get into it in some depth. Then when you do some videos you will have the knowledge and more importantly some of the passion like you do for Wurm.

Ash Esna

Hang in there Gamester.   I would choose Life is Feudal as well.  I feel like a sandbox game is a better use of your talents to talk to your audience, where an RPG game like the Witcher (which is amazing) limits the interaction you can have with the Audience.   Good luck!


My vote is to keep within the Wurm Realm and maybe do adventures or "let's plays" so those who don't wish to invest time in the game can live vicariously through you. Me for one, cannot wait to play along side you and Rayn. I feel if you adventure off on other games, you may lose time and interest in Wurm, which scares me.


for choice of games, i wouldnt like to see Life is Feudal. Its too easy to skill up, and all that quality effects is the objects durability....its Wurm on easy mode. Maybe you can go on an adventure in Wurm Online? If you like older games id vote for Pizza Tycoon or Capitalism 2 ;)

esham blazer

There is not enough Wurm Videos out there. I would flood youtube with them.


Hello gamester! Welcome back to the vid making :D

...being chinese, that greeting sounds oddly delightful.

Charles Doucette

Just wanted to let you know I'm going to try to start a let's play series. First video is up. I will try to do this every friday.
Also, this is Simbiant4's gaming channel, my simbiant4 account is more for private stuff so I made this new one.


Katherine Harrington

First of all, thank you soooooo much for the time and care you have put into these videos! I started out watching your videos because I had purchased wurm unlimited. After awhile I became curious about wurm online and am now playing that. I love it! I wouldn't be there enjoying this game as much as I am without your videos! Thank you! Finally, I would love to see you do videos for Life is Feudal. I have been interested in that game for awhile and have heard it's similar to wurm. I'd love to hear your take on it! Keep up the good work! God Bless!


lol, you reminded me of my first 200 baud modem I got back in the 80's!! We all started somewhere Gamester. :) Great to see you back mate. Remember what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! You'll be Super Treebeard junior soon!

waffle mode on My two cents worth for the choice of Games, LIF is very very buggy atm after their last release. Please check that before doing it, but if you want to I have a server I can let you use for that. Ark is a fabulous game and highly recommend it, but a lot of people are covering it. (I have a server for this too) Planet Explorers is in a bit of a hiatus, waiting for release 9 to come out. (many many months now) if you time it right with that release it would be a great series. Please don't touch Reign of Kings. The devs for this game have a REALLY bad reputation and the game has not seen a major updates for months. (Same Devs/Company as Starforge, enough said) Also the content is very lacking and unless you are on your own server its a exploiters heaven. 7DtD is another great game and with release 13 just coming out with truckloads of new content its a really good time to start a series on this too. (Again I have a server for this if you want to use it) As for Minecraft FTB, the sheer size of the Monster mod pack makes a tutorial really hard to do, the problem relates to which mod path you follow in the tuts. The only guy I have seen that successfully did this was Direwolf20, and he has his own mod pack on FTB. It also puts a huge overhead on you as you need to learn all about the 180 odd mods and how to use them before you start. I have tried to do these types of massive mod packs and its really really hard work to do. But that's not to say you shouldn't do it. :) Just to throw another two into the mix, The Forest. It's a horror survival crafting game with a great atmosphere, loads of content and great responsive Devs. Secondly for a Sci Fi bent Empyrion Galactic Survial, this is a wonderfully polished game with loads of content, but a complete opposite to Wurm. Again, a new patch recently with loads of new content. Ok, sorry for the waffle but thought you might like to know some of that. Waffle mode off Now onto the Index. :)

List of Games to choose from
Life is Feudal
The Witcher 3
Spiderweb Games - RPG's
Planet Explorers
Reign of Kings
7 Days to Die
Minecraft FTB Monster

List of Cooking tools - 13:05
Making a Frying pan - 13:47
Uses for a Frying Pan - 15:38
Making a Sauce Pan - 17:44
Uses for a Sauce Pan - 18:15
Making an Oven - 19:35
Wurmpedia reading on Ovens - 26:00

Green Man

Hi Gamester ..  Id like to see you play Timber and Stone ,  Regards .


When you mentioned Spiderweb i was thinking i know that developer from somewhere so had to go look it and found they made Geneforge which is good series never played Avernum but im sure its just as good lol


Loving your series!! It has been an awesome help and I've made it this far in a week!! Thank you soooo much! Recommend "7 Days to Die"


Lol, loved the monologue at the beginning, laughing with you and not at you Gamester. Keep up the great work! No one else would have turned me on to both Wurm and Salem, light years beyond any other survival games.

Oh and I know you already started Ark but 7Ways would be great


After Wurm... more Wurm! The game won't matter too much. Just be yourself, play a game you enjoy, keep talking like you do and people will enjoy it. Keep it up!

Destiny Collectibles

I'd love you to do a Series on the Island Survival game SALT but Life is Feudal is my vote based on your options my friend.  Hang in there when three doors close one amazing door will reveal itself to you.

Chris Millenbauer

Hey Gamester! If its not to late id line to sugest you do gameplay videos of 7 days to die. My motivation foremost is that i think you and Raynstorm will enjoy playing it alot. That is not a small thing if you plan to do a series. Besides, her design and you efficensy in resource gathering you will make a great combo. There alot of 7D2d videos out there, but alot of them are "l33t fps 360noscope" survivors. Id prefer watching you two because you strike me as very humble and nice people. I would "care" alot more and be worried if you guys get attacked by a horde then any other youtuber ive come across. :) Besides, it shares the same longlivety aspect as Wurm, potentially and due to the randomness off the game you never see the same gamepley.


I have to say it...I can't resist.... eat your ores, forge your meals face palm on 3-2-1 #SLAP#

Vikki Lawson

We love you Gamester and Rayn. Wow I really missed you guys. Hang in there like Davidakajc says. God always has wonders in store so just keep trusting in Him. My vote is Minecraft with beast mods :D or spiderweb games. Glad u r feeling better

Robert Stout

Welcome back Gamester, I'm glad you are feeling better! If you are serious about starting a Let's Play I would like to make a serious suggestion on how to go about it. Do regular episodes, (call it for example, Saturdays with Gamester) where you do a single episode on a new game that interests you or has been suggested. Then based on the feedback and likes you receive on that single test play, choose whether or not to continue it in a full play-through (multiple episodes). This way you and your audience can get a feel for the game, without committing yourself and you can add additional Wurm-like play-throughs to your channel without risking anything. Additional it will be fun to see you try various games. Don't forget your original fans when you become famous!

* Factario
* The Long Dark
* Don't Starve
* Timber & Stone
* 7 Days to Die
* Savage Lands
* Prison Architect

I would really enjoy gaming with you sometime!