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151 749 views | 29 Oct. 2018
151 749 views | 29 Oct. 2018

BO4 Easy Diamond Camo Tactical Rifles, Spectrum Camo

ALL BO4 Diamond Camo Tips


Pistols next?


How do you play with such bad players? I always get put with pros....

Yusuf Khan

With the swordfish with high caliber just do core modes, much easier

Marky VanDerMost

what i recommend is use the swordfish preset class until you get all the attachments since it has the operator mod

Black Panther

Dang ain't heard u since bo2


Why am i having a hard time doind the auger?

Big Tall Bean

Hardcore for me is a blast. U know why bc prestige masters spray me with an lmg camping in corners

Zach G

In my matches nobody plays ghost they just shoot the uav down ASAP

EJ0v0 aka FairyKing2K

It took me only 5 hours to get that Auger done

Tony Lehn

I watch all of these like three times my fav series on youtube

Akatosh classified

I fucking hate the dmr im having more trouble then the damn outlaw this peice of shit bounces all over when you shoot

Cody Selden

My 1 hour of 2xp from monster lasted all weekend for some reason

SC Purity

Will you be showing how to complete calling card challenges this year as well?

Caleb Hill


Logan Wright

Funny. I got the vibe Mickey didnt like the m8, but i love it. I run the operator mod, high cal, and fmj. Melts at long range


Do pistols next pls


Bro thank you for this vid I got my ABR AND THE AUDER gold in one day I already the swordfish gold now I got diamond LMGS AND TAC RIFLES


We need a pistol, and knife guide


Dark matter camo would be the easiest thing to get ever if it wasn’t for the bloodthirsty challenges

Dylan Rowe

I already got 3 guns gold from hardcore Domination and I'm lvl 50


Thank you so much man, all of your easy diamond videos have helped me, I use the same perks for every gun because they are just gewd, and instead of equipment charge i use stim shot on hc domination.


Whats the easiest guns for diamond?

Kaleb Wilkinson

Does the high cal 2 attachment make it a one-shot headshot in core?

Frank Woods

The ABR sucks ass


I’m trying to use abr


Tactical rifles are annoying but way easier than Dan outlaw and sdm sniper rifles

Richard King

Do pistols

Lonnie Hall

I no scoped the like button but missed

hoodini 011

How close are u to darks matter


This mans getting like 20 headshots a game

Zach Miller

Your guides help so much


i got to red tiger for the auger in 1 day using threat detector scope, high caliber, fast mag and the operator mod double tap. then i had stim shot, gung ho, and ghost

Frank Woods

The saug and spitfire is so hard I watched scump guide on headshots and he said it was easy with the saug but no one can aim as good as him I miss the first shot I freak out and start shooting everywhere it be so much easier if I had a keyboard and mouse I would be getting like 20 headshots every game

Mystic Thunder

>As you can tell from the gameplay, with the one shot kill to the head, I am playing HC

No offense, Mikey, but I was able to tell from a lack of HUD. Honestly something I've gotten so used to seeing from my own exploits in HC modes that it's become more conspicuous when I see clips of people playing in core, and I have to remind myself that that's what the HUD actually looks like...

EDIT: Undoing YouTube's shit, because for some reason it's been automatically inserting a second line break after every single paragraph I write lately

Rafael Morrison

Why u use high caliber in hc?


Lol. It just melts people in hardcore mode...... that’s because it’s hardcore


Do snipers next

Spyder !


Gxnz Sxtx

Thats my last sniper until i unlock diamond

Jano Esterhuizen

This actually works..


I only need the launcher and 3 snipers and 1 pistol to get dark matter and I’m prestige 9 level 23


Getting headshots with the abr is terrible


ABR Repeater.Op no cap

Burhan Buttar

Swordfish Penta burst?

Quarantine Tk

Cant wait until you do snipers lmaoooo fucking hardest shit in my life

Ryan Meyer

Does the swat and deamon effect diamon camos


The abr is hands down the worst tac rifle

I H i G h F l Y l

Great these slow guns aren’t going to beat the vmp

Daniel Dragojevic

Spawns are a joke, get in the spawn and you have easy frenzy kills or even more

Oj571 Zzz

Swordfish is trash


Dogs don’t ignore you with cold blooded...

Chase Sams

you have really good tips but your class setups trigger me lol but you’re better than me so maybe it shouldn’t

Alfie Grimes

Proof that he is passionate about making videos is that his vid is 9:55 long

Kill me

Am I the only person that plays Deathmatch Moshpit? Just asking


What’s you’re sensitivity

The names bucko

I just joined a so called XP lobby and got them in a day

Robbie MacEachern

Best for headshots? FFA. I was averaging 15-16 headshots per game.

Afro Man

Can’t even get one bloodthirsty with this crap abr even on hardcore , not worth it getting dark matter trying to get kills with this shit gun

Daniel Strøm

Love your vids dude.
But seriously, i've played core in this game. And each damn time i'll empty the entire magasine in the backhead of an opponent, and the opponent turn around, and tap one shot in my fot... Aaand i die.. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Just chilling

This is my last gun class to get diamond so I can have dark matter and the only gun I’m nervous about is the abr

Liam R

Could you make a s6 stingray class please?

James Rader

The headshots for the auger are going to be a pain. Almost have the headshots for the abr. Swordfish is done. So close to prestiging too.


Damn bruv I fr can't get headshots with the dmr man


am i the only one who HATES the augar dmr?

Ashton Wallak

I try to NOT think of spectrum because I get blood thirsty s by accident unless I’m trying to get them

Gaming-W- Ramon

The swordfish and the auger I did them on chord, but omg the abr is so bad on chord I had to go to hardcore


What if you miss the noscope on the like button and hit the dislike button ;)

Garrett David

Put penta burst on sword fish it can be a one burst in core


I cant be the only on that is getting annoyed by the fucking dmr

Nick Palmer

They need to buff all of these god damn tactical rifles. Fucking shit!!!! Their all garbage. Point blank 2-3 shots and I’m not killing any one Every other gun has been a breeze. And no. I’m not. A bad player I have a 3.2 K/D. These guns are shit

Afro Man

The abr is the shittest gun in the fucking game


You should split up your guides, one for core players and one for HC players
HC is just not for everybody

Tejai Wilson

Took me a day to get the 100 headshots with the ABR. I'm working the technical challenges now. It wasn't that hard to be honest. I ran engineer, dead silence, and cold blooded and elo, silencer and stock. The kn-57 was a pain in my ass. Took a freaking week to get 100 headshots.

Anthony Leon

Ghost is a very weak perk in its current state. I would rather just use the launcher to take out UAV's.


Yeah I think everyone should grind tactical rifles first thts easy diamond since it’s on 3 guns and their op especially ABR and I don’t even play hardcore so tht says a lot


Nuke town hardcore is terrible for bloodthirsty


Not sure why everyone is hating on the ABR 223. The first game I legitimately used it without picking it up from a random corpse, I got 4, nearly 5 of the headshot camos. Core Team Deathmatch is a goldmine for newer players and it was extremely easy to align headshots there. Hardcore is just full of dumb asses spraying with the Titan and Hades, so don't rely on it as of now that is. Using the class in this video but replacing Engineer with Scavenger, and Equipment Charge with Acoustic Sensor makes it quite easy.

Mikey Gaming

What guns should I get diamond next?
I'll be live later tonight

Jaden Rountree

Its always hardcore


I only need the abr 223

Squidward Tentacles

At 5:08 listen closely you can hear someone saying DAMN

This Ain’t It Chief

The swordfish is good with penta burst and high cal and long barrel

Casey Mitchell

Can I hard scope

Alec Burgard

The ABR is the only weapon I can’t get headshots with. Why couldn’t they give the ABR high cal.

Brady Ward

Bruh. I got the Auger done in like an hour on nuketown 24/7, legit like 10-20 headshots a game

Nizar NK

Easy for console players :/

Sam Ali


C9 Squishy

Bruh this is the last weapon class for me to unlock dark matter thanks


If u get Penta Burst on swordfish it is probably if not one of the best guns

Nate B

Omg it’s you bro, Not watched you since bo2 like 5 years ago

Charles Couch

He puts easy in his video title that s*** is f**** funny nothing in Black Ops 4 is easy I hate every second I spend on this game do nothing but rage this game is nothing but sweaty ass try-hards who have no life nothing else to do with their time but play this game non-stop 24/7 I guess they think they're going to be the next optic scump or the next great FaZe member f**** clowns they're not going to be s*** when are the dumbasses going to get it through their head guarantee Activision will never get another nickel of mine I don't give a fuk how good the baby is how great the game looks never will I ever buy another Call of Duty product ever in my life I bought the game just like everyone else when am I going to get to enjoy the game? Oh probably be never cuz I'm not a sweaty ass dry hard I have an actual life f*** this game f*** the community Todd is the worst toxic f**** shittiest Community out there f*** Activision f*** Treyarch f*** Raven

imsleepcuh tbh

For headshots on tac rifles put on the recon sight and hardcore ffa it’s so easy. Make sure you have a headset so u can hear footsteps.


I got gold on the auger and swordfish in one day and seem to be having trouble on the abr

Chris Bearz

3:51 damn accuracy

『 ЯiΖΞΝ 』

Auger is best in core in my opinion just use high cal 1 and 2 and op mod one trigger pull on head is a kill comboned with prophet and quick charger its pretty easy in core


This is all I need for dark matter


Damn I wish you could do solid screen on free for all that would be easy head shots


Operator mod is good on that gun "auger", also the swordfish is the best gun in hardcore.

Jalen Dawson



All I need is abr and swordfish and I have dark matter