Gul'dan Mythic Guide - FATBOSS

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Gul'dan Mythic Guide - FATBOSS

217 933 views | 6 Apr. 2017
217 933 views | 6 Apr. 2017

Gul'dan Mythic Nighthold Raid Guide by FatbossTV.

Gul'dan WoWHead Guide -

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Heather S.



Can anybody name all the addons that Fatboss (the hunter) is using?


"This is a frontal cone that hits your tank and anyone else STUPID enough to get hit by it."

I have a feeling they had some fail whales in their raid lol.

Wacpac Zeali

So when is Bitesized comming out? =DDD

Mex Renzokuken



Small correction.
Your tanks cannot take the shatter essence without the extra button if they are not druids or monks,so they'll have to swap


Half an hour - damn. Getting Ragnaros vibes


You mentioned survival hunters, but what about MM and BM, are they not useful for this fight?


This seems like a lot of false difficulty by just adding more and more mechanics. Blizzard needs to take a step back and rethink their design. Go back and look at naxx 40 four horsemen. Not a shitload of mechanics but required perfect execution. This bullshit is why everybody quit.


What talents should i be running as MM hunter on this encounter? currently using 1-3-2-3-1-3-3

Chris Haugh

I know Gul"dan was a HUGE part of WC lore for so long, but damn...a 32 minute boss guide...LOL

Vale Tudo

This fight looks so damn complicated, it doesn't even look appealing anymore. A one hour fight of constantly recalling memorized patterns for each phaze? No thank you. That is not even considering the countless wipes.

Stetson S

How the fuck, do healers heal fo 700k-800k for 16 minutes sustained without ooming? Like what the fuck?


Amazing guide guys now I canudnerstand why it took y so long to slay him!! Can't w8 for Tomb of Sargeras raid!

Tadeáš Anděl

finallyyyyyyyyyyy I couldn't wait for that!


WTF is this fight. This is stacked with mechanics like no tomorrow. Great video though!


congrats on realm first :-)


require strong target switching, sounds great for an affliction lock ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ...

Cammy Camcam

now THIS is pod-racing. Thank you for the guide

Sheila Mclowen

What does your holy pally use for their bars?


whats that addon that shows the icon above the player at 12:30 ?

J.J. Shank

Wow, this is tougher than Imperator Margok! Crazy!

Daniel Silva

how da faq can healers scale up to 800k + heal...


this seems like fucking aids


Why the hell are you guys always recommending "dropping stacks" or "taunting" at certain percentages or stack counts? 99% of all abilities where a tank swap or "drop" is nesseccary, the answer is: "Do it when the buff is gone." or "Taunt when your debuff is gone." - There is no reason phrasing it as "Taunt at 7 Stacks" when the fact is "When the other guy has 7 Stacks, your debuf expires so just taunt." - That again can be simplified to "Taunt when you have no debuff." or "Do X when the buff is gone."


I once whiped on this in LFR :'(


You need to be a nuclear scientist to do this....

J. L.

The last part isn't Illidan - it's the demon he bound to (Azzinoth) since all demon hunters consume part of a demon they kill, which live in their souls and not only give them greater power but also influence them in any way they can (many initiates aren't strong enough and go insane as a result). It seem like in order to bring Illidan back to his body, we had to defeat the demon in his soul first.

Edwin Olivo

whats that raid frame addon at 12:38?


What addon is used to show player names above their head?


@FatbossTV, you guys should set up timestamps for when you talk about comps, walkthrough etc. makes it easy to jump around.


19:33 that got me wet, down there ;)

Happy Penguin

wow that is a LOT of mechanics for one fight

Mr. Anderson

honestly whos goign to spend 30 minutes watching a guide. wtf


You can avoid the second add in p1 and the horrible overlap in p2 by having good dps

burbon ­

holy fuck 33 minutes xD

Angelo D

Lots of "Omg such a long fight, so many mechanics, no wonder people are getting burnt out". This is Mythic raiding not for casuals. This boss is actually easier than Elisande IMO. Sick of normies complaining about " omg mechanics too hard" on every video. Most of these are heroic mechanics.

Jaeus A

On soul soaking, it doesn't matter NOW to me since we won't likely clear Mythic Guldan before Tomb, just ~7/10M or so, do the souls cap at 9 on Heroic too?


150 pulls? That doesn't sound too bad. Mythic Gorefiend took my guild 155 pre-nerf. It had less mechanics, but my god the timing was ruthless.


Might sounds dumb. but what addon is it that shows.... the Flames of Sargeras portraits above the infected players. as well as that count down timer on the time zones?


Wow. That fight really looks amazing

Adnan Aboukewik

19:30 best disengage ever you are the best fatboss


What friendly name plates are you using?


Jesus fuck Mythic fights are insane.

Joshua Langston

"You should at least expect to take 150 pulls in order to kill this guy" ... summarized briefly why so many people are feeling burned out of this expo.

Ryan Harris

32 mins dayumm

Holocron Stories

I have been waiting for this one! You guys kick ass! Thanks for all the vids, my casual raid group has done well due to some of your tips!


All of that and illidan just decides to crush gul'dans head?? I would've kept his head as a trophy....

Gabriel Barberio

15:20 That DK just clenched his butt so hard!


Nice video as always but pls could you do those litlle letters for abilities as you used to do ? pls :D


Great video guys ^^ btw are you thinking about uploading your UI ? :3


people bitching about the fight being to hard or too long. Guys this is the ABSOLUTE ENDGAME content right now. It is supposed to be the hardest thing you can do in wow right now. Of course not everyone can complete it

At SevenAM

jeezus christ what a great guide, the one from method sco was nothing compared to this


LOVE how its a thing to bring less range to avoid mechanics lol, blizz really needs to re balance things makes no sense that melee dps are op and all they do is jack off infront of the boss in the majority of nighthoild

Ana Cat

Dang, I cast a glance at those damage meters, and here I thought I was doing amazing at 570k+. Mythic is on an extremely other level.

Marcel Golsteijn

That mythic draught of souls drop tho <3

Jesper Danielsson

1 of the few bosses when you hear - Dont bring to many ranged xD

Max Pheby

I hate empowered eyes soooo much. Also there is nothing that has ever been in the game that will kill your raiding guild more totally than 50+ 3rd phase wipes on gul'dan lol.


Jesus... that explains the long time between Elisande and Guldan kills.


lol dhs the new spriests but far less skill.


How much time would it take to explain what is being described in this video to a person who has never played WoW before in order for them to understand what is happening..

Winzu Music

33 MINUTES !! -----------------...................-------------------
And my Guild is at 4/10 M xD

I am not in Mythic Raiding... but I am a Monk and the Guild got only me as monktank :P ^^

Sleepybunny Norbun

What UI are you using?

Darwin Ying

32 mins...God............

Illyena Os

Good one Alex, clutch


What is the addon that makes him see raid members names like that ?

Marko Pavicevic

they need to make next expansion another time travel adventure where main villain is guldan again it would a big plot twist and people would love it

Richard Wetterhahn

Awesome guide as usual! Ty!

Hi im Myself



Great video, but anyone know the music that was used in this video?

Robert Grant-Seiler

How many Wipes before kill?


Holy mother of god, 32 min guide D:

Stone Cold

150 attempts, lol. Glad I don't waste my life away doing mythic anymore. HFC was bad enough. Mythic is more frustrating than rewarding if you don't like wasting a ton of time on wiping.

Sean McConnell

that disengage at 19:30 :O