[Warframe] IS MOTUS SETUP WORTH USING? [-imp crit strun wraith test]

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[Warframe] IS MOTUS SETUP WORTH USING? [-imp crit strun wraith test]

21 182 views | 6 Jun. 2019
21 182 views | 6 Jun. 2019

Hey guys, no chromo but i like i t when people comment. and subscribe

Scorpio FTW

I mean, if it lasted 5 or 6 secs i would use it


Where is hot dog? Angry face.

Maarten van den Berg



Could this work with nutsacks sweeper as a stat stick?

Sektos Eisenherz

works nice on the drakgoon with my riven firerate status multi -zoom

fr3aky boo

thats how mafia works

Taka Brute

I really enjoy how real you got about the mod setup man. I like your comedic tones, and attitude, but I really like that section in particular.

Where the fuck are those free rivens I DONT SEE A FITNESS CHANNEL

i lov u no homo


going to try this on my kohm

Jalen B

Imagine if you were in a fight irl but then you do a small hop and a sloppy little spin then break your opponent's spine


A better question:
Where is it worth to use
Should I wait for 2 hours in survival?


Isn't this mod godly for the hek/ vaykor hek?

Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX

What’s better 170% multishot riven or a riven that makes kohm hot 100% status

Neighbor With A Hard R

When you have a good girl and she listens to you. 1:03

Maxie Primo

Looks really annoying. Dead mods already.


Hello Ssab Ksilitaach, pretty informative, 5/5 dispo vid

Paulius P

Try it with Teeming Virulence Nidus


start lifting you fatass

Snake火 1027

yeet or not yeet thats the question ....

corrupted_03 [cK]

Can u do a dual kama prime build plz...

Rokador ʇɥǝ qox ɥoɐɹpǝɹ

Pretty much perfect mod for maniacally jumping Boar Prime users. Like me.

Sleep Deprived Gamer

When captain frontflip gets his own mod


Maximum cromo. I give u the big comments Ksil

Nui Ifriit

I love your Vauban fashionframe btw. Also fitness channel when? Ps: I'm late.

Sir DragonKnight

What stance is that you are using ?

Santiago Palumbo

Yoyo ksillyboy, do mitter revew

Rob Job

Bunnyhop stealth wisp combo XD

Kevin Schauer

Put it on a sentinel, it still procs the passive, but you can still mod the weapon however you want

antonio serangeli

I have strun riven DMG+mult+toxin-imp if u want test, i want to see one build about this riven

Wei-Zheng Tan

I can't justify buying a -Imp Strun when I rolled my own DMG Multi CD +Rec. Also share the same thoughts on Motus Setup. Already 1 to 2-shot everything so it would kinda annoy me to play around a mod.


Ummm ima put that on my kohm

Neighbor With A Hard R

Ma boi doing more than just rivens *sniff* he all growed up.

Tyler McElveen

I’ve been trying to sell my strun riven. 300% damage and about 190% or so mulitshot with -ammo max. My luck with selling is terrible.


Whether it’s useful or yes

AntiBullyingCrab CRAB

Why don’t you have 100 percent status

this guy

we would want any overkill gotta jump slide hide .....and shoot


360p gang unite


I have a strun dmg,ms,sc neg slash and it 2 shots lvl 165 bombards,can u do a video on a neg impact vs neg slash?


Yeah, get that face lifting done already bruh. It's hard to watch you while you're streaming. Your fashion-frame is on point, nothing more to improve there, now it's time to take care of yourself.

Nicco Lo

Hey klisab


But why is everyone adding status when the mod gives you 100%?

BlueFire - MMOs Coverage and Games Reviews

the set bonus is unequippable basically
prime reach destroy the other one, and double jump boost is nahhhhh
this is the only good one but double jumping every 4 seconds it's for frogs not for human beings xD
and speedrunners can use amalgam serr and 2 shots instead of jumping twice and oneshoot so it's usless


bruh ... should have used on tigris instead ... o wait ... thats what my motus setup video will be on

dan Halo

The duration is my biggest gripe with this mod too it should give you at least 8 seconds for the plus 100 crit and 100 status after the jumps, 4 seconds is way to less it makes it super inconvenient to use. This mod could be really decent when they would just change the duration a bit.


Look at this duuuude backflipping and shiet


Motus Setup's best use I've found is Mirrors/Eclipse Mirage + Astilla...it's godly on that setup.


can't i just shoot people in the head without doing some sickass parkour shit while dabbing? also.
500 lbs bench press or i'll unsub <3


unsubscribe from s1ngyy

pascal strys

For endurance runners it looks good. We jump all the time

B Brown Productions

Nice setup!

Commander Sting

Wtf is wrong with you Ksilisab where tf is the hot dog review?

Lain inVerse

I think the main reason they made this Motus set is the Wisp. Her invisibility depends on you staying in the air or jumping everywhere non-stop.

Trey J

You better poop out a fitness channel before I silla slap you silly, i need gainsss bro!!

Kameron Cole

Boar prime worthy+riven cc and multi?


Works for the drakgoon too, mostly just to more easily get 100% status. No damage falloff on the dragoon charge so it's the real sniper shotgun.


Just jump for papa ksilisab 4 ez crits

Nelson Morales

So in other words, you gotta be a Jumping Judy to get high damage from the mod.

Cody Vasquez

Cool mod ty Kissimmee for the videow

Damn Dank

Is the 100% CC and SC a flat increase? Or is it based on your standard CC and SC on the weapon?

King Jerbear

How do you Forma your weapons quickly dawg?

Loo Wai

How About Proton Jet Mod ? Has Effect Same But For Rife


Also, make that lifting channel you lazy fucc! Get of yer assssssssss

Da Mede

I've bullet jumped a 165 Heavy gunner from full health... that's me asking for help
Edit: Removed armour first after realizing how slow it was

Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX

Hmmm I may have to try this with my kohm


Do you keep 4 sec buff after landing even if you jump again? Might use it with Wisp if that's the case


Now this is a video for epic gamers.

Isaac Anderson

dude singy 69 subs tomebnnbbwb!!!

One Lonely Boi

do you actually play the game or just trade rivens and show them off

Joel Peters

foreskin patrol > paw patrol




foreskin patrol

Jacob Gainey

I use this on my launchers. You already double jump a lot using them to avoid self damage, and it makes them less shit. Still shit, but better. Like shit prime.


It's a stupid mechanic. " You must do stupid things to get this perk" . Ppl that use it will just spam jump and shoot. Like meme strike. Spam slide Attack through whole tile set

Aljo Ferhatbegovic

if it was a longer duration then yeah I guess


Damn, I need a -impact Sobek riven


Very cool video, Ksilisab! I really enjoy your -IMP riven reviews!

Yousuke Atagi

what about proton jet

Alex Kravchenko

I don't know much English but I will try to explain. This shotgun has one point that allows you to make it stronger. his status can be increased to 100 percent, but what if you continue to strengthen the status? I did a lot of tests and found out that it affects the number of shells with status. if you're interested I can show you screenshots with status difference. and I have a suitable riven mod, with multishot and status.

Larks' tounges in aspic part 1

foreskin pistol


kdaddy on power saving mode :(

Zellarc Hyphan

Would've been perfect on the Zarr. Sad they only made it so that shotguns alone can use it : /


Yeah,boy! Suck on that bitch! >.<

General Ablon

Set bonus on Titania?

Howard the Alien

The wall latch one is good

Himi Jendrix

It’s better than that fucking travesty of a mod called Nano-applicator. Fuck nanoapplicator


keep bullying me to poo that fitness channel out I don't want to hear the end of it

Frat Quintero

Motus Setup is additive not multipilicative . (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Motus_Setup)

Fortunate_ Guy

What do u use to record

Hoang Minh

It probably be good on a non riven modded kohm


3:56 god bless


full chromo k billy fab


i use motus setup for the arca plasmor

IlGutsl I

Watching these videos while you’re wasted af is the greatest thing ever. You’re a real treasure bruv