Los Gatos Police: Arrest and 5150 Outside Los Gatos Apple Store

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Los Gatos Police: Arrest and 5150 Outside Los Gatos Apple Store

53 739 views | 6 Mar. 2020
53 739 views | 6 Mar. 2020

This incident took place in Downtown Los Gatos California. We continue to wait for public records!

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Got a tip, of information?

Able to provide resources for members of our team?

Mail : P.O. Box 2220

Los Gatos, CA 95031

Email: [email protected]

Geoff Holmes

The gang soon do there thing like , knobheads

Al Nick

One of my favorite videos ever.


The law is the law and there people are hurting their trust with the people they are sworn to protect.

Richard Smith

Blue isis, .....ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!( They are not your friend!! ....all cops are sworn to rob you of your money! lie about everything they do and screw you like a dog! President Trump talks about gangs, and cops are gangs and there as dangerous as ms13!! and isis>>>> DO NOT EVER TRUST a cop and ALWAYS video them! to protect yourself! always remember cops are pirates and tyrants and Liars! DO NOT, carry on a conversation! that is what they call fishing! they will wrap you up and makeup charges on you!! So keep your mouth shut!!!
This is a ( Fact!) So, The reality of it all is. Cop has to get a certain amount of tickets each month! yes they do have a quota of tickets to hand out plus a quota of people they got to arrest each month! that is how they create revenue! They will screw over there own mother to make there quota! So that is why you can not! believe or trust them in whatever they say or do!! Now day cop are way out of control gun happy tyrants!!

No eye contact

If their were only more people like you.Love what you do.....On a side note, iv'e noticed on watching 2 or 3 videos of your's today that they end in mid sentence. Not cool Miss Bassi,lol.

Monserrate Tirado

You're doing a great job Susan....please stay safe. Big fan!

james williams

Tom Burton: BET YOU CAN HEAR US NOW - Lyric Video https://youtu.be/sYSNVc5r1m0


This lady is doing good investigation work that could put her life at risk cops may come after her on some bogus charges.

Jeffery Henry

GET EM' SUSAN! Midnight cowboy judge lol

Marc Siosal

Strange ending. Shame, because it was fascinating, but it just seemed to go nowhere in the end.


Great Job Susan!!! Thank you for all you're hard work!!


Why is this "content made for kids". YouTube will not allow me to turn on the notification bell because it is "content for kids". Unless you've got a good reason for doing so, Ms. Bassi should change that setting so I can get notifications.

Raymond Bergg

Screw ever living in California. That is one screwed up state.

Harold Shinski

didn't see any pink shirt !

Pawpaws Homestead


Anthony Rendon

Ppl like Susan are the type that should try and run for public positions so they can bring the change to all this secret tyranny. Thank you Susan for your work.


LOL; little cop was nothing more than an observer.

Irma Vera

After we get rid of the criminal president, we the people in California need to force our government to clean house in all the corruption in all our government agencies! If they refuse, then it's time to form a new party!

Butch Lake


Lynn Hargett

Facial recognition lady. Maybe the auditors should use it.


Great job and I'm with you. Take care

Jason Harding

2:05 look how the one with the stripes is the most aggressive. You dont move up the ranks in this system without being a serious sick disgusting, heartless and demon infested creature!

Neil Wilson

How can they cuff a man and take him away without arresting him?

Avey Rico

The world will be a better place because of you Ms. Bases . We need you out there working hand in hand with al of us.

Bass Fishing with the Antichrist

Does he know that Google records him in his own backyard? It's true.
Did that judge really conduct midnight hearings in court or did he falsify that document?

We need all court proceedings recorded to eliminate bias, wrongdoing and to ensure justice for all!

Terry Kavanaugh

California taxes ..hard at work harrassment citizens. Don't they have gangs etc etc
You are really good with this. I would end up punching something

Prevent PA

1.5 thousand likes, 46 dislikes. 46 predators/cowards who cannot deal with the truth of their corruption and pathetic incompetence.

Donald Scales

You are so full of shit. Time for you to get a real job

Debbie Leads

Put a mentally ill man in handcuffs. Gee, what a good idea. I don't care if it's "required" by someone. Mentally ill people get no respect. They are totally escalating this man. We must defund the police and put the money into dealing with these kinds of issues because cops don't get it. Cops only work when we need an armed soldier, nothing else. They can't do anything else.


Qualified Immunity needs to end

dai east

usa... land of the free!


These dumb ass cops have
NO idea what they are doing .

April 216

The arrest him because of his beard

Gulab jamun Master

If the cop was black he would have busted her Right there on the spot or big fines & It would have been same boat. Just WHO the hell u recording someone getting arrested & what if u got arrested & we all laugh at u —- it’s nonsense
Not cool
So my feedback is that these kind of Disgusting people have no life and the video overall was stupid pointless BORING— Get a life on doing better things.

whuzdadeal whuzdadeal

Fuck the police

bizzy tattoo

I love your work

Stephen Green

WOw! keep fighting the fight.


She's gonna need a much bigger piece of paper

Kevin Ray McGaugh

What crime did he commit they never even told him that

Edwin Semidey

I don't understand why people resist being handcuffed. It just gets more charges added on.

ricardo rivera

Love your work ! Great Job . keep doing it.. ?!!

Brad Williams

The keystone... cops? Dude couldn't even figure out leverage for a simple trip. Pathetic. No wonder they opt for deadly force. They aren't even reasonably trained... or in shape.

Ruben Cordova

These kind of kops need more training professional training and anger management period. God bless honest Americans

bay area cosplay bac

I commend you and your due diligence on holding police and local officials accountable for their abuse of power. What's even more encouraging is that your a native bay area citizen. Please keep up the great work. I look forward to viewing more of your work
God bless and be safe.

james branstetter

You are awesome!!!!!! Great work!!!!!


Keep up the good work Susan! We appreciate what your doing.


I have been 5150 for simply crying. Its as though they will 5150 anyone that doesn't make sense to them or are just an inconvenience.


What did this guy even do for them to arrest him and take him to VMC? He has a lawsuit against the LG/MS police in my estimation (but probably not the money, wherewithal, or expertise to file it or follow through with such a suit). They will charge him with loitering and file a "resisting" charge. I would like to buy this guy a camera, and have him become a First Amendment Auditor.


1:54 what a f joke that cop, look at that clown trying to put that man to the ground...

Luis Chacon

Please be careful ... Their job is the norm. They know nothing about law and confused af about policy.
The Republic either rises or Anarchy will rule itself..

Nolan Pierce

Susan,I find it ironic that you were there to record the police taking the guy in custody! I noticed that he asked if you were getting this! You are gutsy and persistent! Don't stop!

Craig Mitchell

Your and fair on this well done! I each a lot of the police watching vlog that are a lot more one sided we need more like you.

Erwin Rommel

Are we having private Pirate's plundering the pockets of people who don't know the difference?? Geeee÷eeee imagine that. Non elected privateers out plundering our court's and useing honest people for profit. WHAT THE HECK???

Michiganiac -

Who would put a "thumbs down" on this video? Yes, this is a rhetorical question.
We know who


Three stooges

Black Light

Wow they are so gentle.

Richard Smith

You are 110% right in what you are doing and stand for! cops now day is getting worse and worse! that is why more and more cops are getting killed! People are wishing up and getting tired of all the bull crap that they are doing! Now days it's all about the money cops ISN'T there to perfect you any more they are there to screw you out of every penny they can!!

glen b


Shannon 222

You are a inspiration to me

Danielle Jackson

Ms Bassi, PLEASE stay safe out there. What you do is a blessing to most. Don't ever give up your quest for "Justice". You WILL reap your REWARD! " Gangster "! I respect who you are and what you represent. Peace & Blessings. From a U S Army Retired (1982 - 2005) Iraq War Veteran

snitch hello

What a crazy bitch!!!!!!!!

Rosie Samuel

You are amazing. Thank you for all that you are doing.

erica oneal

Expose them



Orlando Perez

Why would she stop that Video like that???

Scorpius7 jeremiel

Corruption to the fullest.

Dean Ward

Bless you keep up the good work


I support your work Susan but I didn’t see any behavior that indicated mental illness

Nolan Pierce

Great job Susan,keep it up!

raheim Mundle

bass I was alerted to a channel by Joaquin valley

raheim Mundle

Keep up the good please make learning about yourwe need more people like you keep up the good fight in the face of tyranny I just want to tell you that I came across channel you watching a lot of police auditing video

Constantine Blayz

It is illegal to arrest someone for no crime.

Andrew Gilblom

You go girl. VERY impressed with what your doing!! I'm praying for your VICTORY!! One day you will see JUSTICE Susan. Thank you


I live here lol


I could watch your investigations for hours I’m from the U.K. and care about what goes on in the world and midnight courts sounds absolutely disturbing , I wish there were more people like you who want to make a difference and change this corruption judges and police

Tyrannus Venandi

I think if you hadn't been there, that guy's face would've been one with the sidewalk. Teeth gone and all.

whuzdadeal whuzdadeal

Good old racist los gatos california

doc Kaos

Why do police tell you to calm down while they physically abuse you

james walker

I'm listening
But those people at that meeting treat you like poison.

Peter Maleitzke

Cops have to prove that they need to be defunded. And they are doing a great job. Look for other work.


Silva should be locked in jail for ever.

Beverly Trader

Thanks Susan Bassi for what you do. Your one of the Best investigative reporters I've ever seen. Thanks for what you do.


Why did you cut off the video mid sentence? I like your investigation but your editing could use some work.

david wilson

bottom feeding channel


Cop or public servant filming you is creating a public record that must immediately be made readily available to all citizens upon request and it's a felony to delete. ID the person and create a FOIA request for the record. It's great to see when it's on the cop's personal phone ✌

Jason Harding

Please, Susan the Taunton family court is the most disgusting corrupt court in the world. Please Help. My name is Jason Harding and they are having secret hearings on my Family that have My daughter and I are going against each other with fake people playing the part of my daughter and I without no ones knowledge!! They are manipulating, accepting forged paperwork and doing everything completely wrong against a Family that asked the system for help!


The cop knew her name that’s why she needs to be careful.

The Re-bar Kid

3 cops can’t take him to the ground ... weak.

Roger Dale McKinney

Damn girl you're a badass should be an attorney

Him Bike

I bought my iPhone at that store.
I told the employee who helped that I am a big Apple fan. He said
“Guess who was just standing behind u?
I said who ?
He said Steve Woz.

Milan Thakkar

Very impressive and professional

Jinty C

Well done lady ,lots of love from Scotland xxx

gizmo atplay

Never agree with police dealing with mental health issues, it's a medical issue which should be private between a patient and their physicians

Debbie Leads

They are filming you so they can harass you, later.



Daniel Botwood

Well done Susan Bassi, this is just the tip of the iceberg you can bet on it. If it's not a public court of record, it's not a public court. Bravo, ask them for the tax records of these private hearings.


Susan next time an office takes a picture ask them their name, so you can FIOA the pictures. You'd be surprised what you find. Ask for all pictures taken for a few days prior.

David Lee

A few doors down is mt. Charleys. A dude was booted. He is on the ground. They walk away. A cop car rolls up. And he is saying what did i do.

Lou 13

There taking him in cause hes crazy. He doesn't seem crazy.

Latvian Orthodox

Fuck this lady is a fucking bitch. Nothing better to do. Go to Oakland and follow gangsters, "document" that.