Perform amazing oral sex on women w/ Pornstar Nina Hartley

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Perform amazing oral sex on women w/ Pornstar Nina Hartley

799 813 views | 6 Nov. 2014
799 813 views | 6 Nov. 2014

Women: Have your men watch this great interview with Nina Hartley on how to perform amazing oral sex on a woman. Sign up for my free newsletter Nina Hartley, celebrity porn star & I discuss why porn is not an educational tool for how to give a woman an orgasm. Nina goes into specific detail on how to go down on a woman. Nina Hartley -openly bi-sexual talks about her experience with 100s of women in the porn industry & her personal life. Find out her tips on how to train a man to be an awesome lover. #Cougar dating? #Cougars and me?

This video is answering questions about dating and relationships

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I absolutely hate any kind of suction on my clitoris

Jon Smith

A love lesson from me Karen. I hate to say this but sometimes it happens. If a woman doesn't smell good down below use ice to clean her off and all the little pieces of tissue stuck to her. I have a black light in my room and with it on you can see every little piece of tissue stuck on her. I use ice anyway in the technique I do. Big cube ice will take care of any smell, pieces of tissue where she wiped and odor from a woman having a bad day. Any woman can have a bad day. And before I go downtown I clean it. It's just a regular routine of what I do so she doesn't even know if she's not clean. I love women in their forties that's when they're the hottest! Their Drive is through the roof.

Jesse Ortega

Thank you for the Info Ladies! Hi Miss Nina. Hi Karen! You Two Ladies are Absolutely Gorgeous Beautiful and Sexy.

Mason Nix

This is stupid.
She needs to lock up into a mental hospital.

Thomas Graham

nina is the greatest porn star other than Ron Jeremy

He Did Something

Love her energy

Ricky Reyes

I've ate pusssy for five hours but someone got me beat hr went all night eating pussy

Lt H

Cool video

Jesse Reyna

well dang,that is exactly what we want our innocent kids to know?? Stupid convo. This is for adults to know..not kids. x-out the teen pregnancy with comman sense.

Hgddgh Ffdej

nina has aged. maaadd hails to her and everything she has done for us to enjoy.


side to side, up and down, round circle--all at once----it works, sucking is good too and mixed in.

Karl Hans

Nina used to be so hot.

nick marcucci

Hello Nina could you send me some pictures of yourself

BBS narky

hey ladies... The most important sex organ is the brain. TELL YOUR MAN WHAT TO DO. TELL HIM WHAT YOU LIKE AND DISLIKE. If not, then it's the man who has more to complain about than you do.

Darko Darkoo

WOOW <3 <3

bonzo1200 goTrump

My last girl friend loves giving me blow joBS daily .. she loved it when I went down on her as well. What she's really went crazy over was giving me a bj while her bff went down on her.

Stephen Stewart

Hey, thanks for that fine detail & I just hope I can get lucky to perform w/ a woman that’s willing to experiment w/ & I’ll do my best to plz her to the up most, any takers out there ?


I didn't learn anything.

Saharin Cuker

This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "woman getting oral sex" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Ponaayla Piyiley Plan - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got great results with it.

Adil Lkhlifi

Number wahtsapp

Just Ray Carson Pro Wrestling Channel!

Hi there.

Ken Rozmislowicz

Nina Hartley in my opinion is the most beautiful sexiest porn star in the business I've been a fan of her for over 25 years since she is so hot and sexy and she is also my number one favorite adult movie actress and she also has the most gorgeous legs for her age and the most beautiful pussy


Karen, you apparently think that sex is for having a good time, and that any sex act between a couple is fine. There is a different idea held by certain spiritual teachers, that sex is best in a committed marriage, and that even within marriage there are sexual activities which deplete and misuse the life force. I would like to offer a quote from the book, "Finding a Higher Love, a Spiritual guide to Love, Sex and Relationships," by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. On page 132 she states:
"Oral sex is another practice that misdirects energy, whether the couple is married or not. Most people do not realize that this is so, and therefore they think there is no problem with it. It is especially important for people seeking a higher love to understand that this practice causes the flow of energy to move downward rather than to spiral upwards to Spirit. This is due to the polarity of energies in the chakras.
"When the chakras of a man and woman are aligned--the upper chakras with the upper chakras and the lower chakras with the lower chakras--the masculine and feminine polarity in each chakra is exchanged and the sacred fire can rise. During oral sex, the upper chakras are positioned with the lower chakras at a time when the sacred energies are being released for creation. The Kundalini is not raised and the energies stay centered in the lower chakras. The more one's energy is spent in this downward release, the more this practice depletes the light."
The next chapter is called, "Practical Keys for Raising the Sacred Fire," and goes into detail on that subject.

Alex Gomes


Jonas Johnson

One thing that pissed me off in porn when women licked pussies is that that just played with it the whole time. I'm curious like crazy. I'd stick my tongue all the way in there and keep it deep in there until she pushed me off lol. Like a brotha trying to have a drink.

Sandeep Kaul

Nina..let me tell you and you already know are doing a great job..very rarely if at all we get to hear about such topics and they are so important for our sexual lives..3 cheers to you!!!

Brian Sam Thomas

Nikki Glaser sent me here. :D

Nick Felix

she's sexy as Fuck without make up

Brian Brooks

I love oral sex on a woman

Debonair Fox

Here at Debonair Fox, we have crowded around a small screen and listened in silence. I just wanted you to know that. Well done

dave ayres

This woman knows from what she speaks.

Jay Lowery

Damn nina Hartley know a lot about sex, and she's been a vet in the industry for a while now .


Only if Nina Hartley was my mom.

Tony Tony

She looked much better when she tanned. Would love to do a fan meet with her 1 day

Terry Schexnayder

Yes I would to have this channel

Nehru Marcus Mohammed

I love older women who love young men an love sex

Sageer Jawaid


Eily Bates


Klaus Cartesius

Have stepped out of the sex game long ago, mainly because of feminists who insist that "all men are swines who only want one thing no matter what they say". One too many of those and you're 'dead'. Still, it's horrible how little good 'how to' education is available still today. So, is there a version/link to Nina's hands-on pussy eating video you CAN share as education, without getting banned for porn sharing?


Hmmm, im pretty good at oral sex, made it a art, love pleasing a woman and making her explode a number of times and making her go crazy and not stopping. Just have a thing for long and medium and fat big headed clits. The most exciting thing is having her everyday and for a long time and enjoying life together.


You guys last more than 2 minutes?

Vincent Davis

Nina I want you to know that you are ravishing, beautiful and sensual. You are just the kind of cougar I'm looking for in a woman.


Good lawd Nina....none better! Your excitement is unmatched in the business!

mark winn

Youre my favorite Mrs. Hartley

James Crespin




Harry Gaul

I'd do both of them at once..!

Joe Smith

I'm still just trying to get a date.

Hemi Power

So does that mean a guy should lick it before he sticks it!


Thank you so much for this. I'm late to realize my sexual attraction. I didn't realize until my late 30's. But due to my disabilities, mobility issues, and weight (and lack of a car), I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity to fuck a woman. But if I do, things like this will really help! Any more stuff like this, please give me links people. I'd appreciate any and all help.
Also, is there a way to meet women when you don't have a car, don't go to church or clubs, etc? Like I know there's Tinder for straight folks (though I've never used it). Is there anything like that for lesbians? I'm so fucking clueless. sigh

Derek introvert

Hi Beautiful!!! yes guys need to make there babe happy!!!!

c Dittmer

I was at a swingers party with her in san fran. 1987? Didn't even know her



Derrick Cropper

amazing segment!

Steve Law

How are you doing well as well as have a nice pair

Dave L

Nina had a scene with a black couple and it was sooo awesome, I wish I could find it...the stuff she did to the girl was classic...she was younger obviously and had her screaming.

James Sibson

Hartley has been saying she is "bi sexual" for years !! But it is clearly evident to me she very much prefers women to men!! I don't care if she is married to a man she is a bi sexual lesbian!!! At heart that is what she is!! I hope her husband got the memo?

William L Dykeman Dykeman

Now there is two ladies who have something against ginger and Amber lynn


Great info. Definitely will test it out. It's kind of hard getting lesbians or bi chicks to give a few pointers. Was hoping to hear a little more about the 5 things though

Abdulla Shah

I like to old women you have to contact me i am single man38y

David Mitchell

First of all, I've seen (and I think save to my favorites) a Nina Hartley how to with pussies in which she demonstrated with a younger porn star. It was very informative and I wish I had seen it (known the techniques) as a much younger man. Second, I have always loved going down on a healthy, clean woman. I never had to be asked. Unfortunately, even with women who I had long term relationships with, who told me they liked to suck cock, I almost always had to ask them to do it, and then they seldom ever took me to completion. Ergo, I learned that women didn't like sucking cock and I had a very hard time coming that way. Why? Because I felt uncomfortable because I "knew" that they didn't like doing it.

Jonas Johnson

Nina Hartley is my favorite. Yea many people do believe porn is real. I know it's fake. I use to believe it was real. Also Nina is the one who said penis size doesn't matter. You can still pleasure a woman no matter the size. Also some female say they can handle all big sizes lol. Like for real be honest. Those kind of women can't take that. People need to just be honest when it comes to sexual pleasures.

william palenik jr

Yes Nina is very good looking for her age

Bellerophon challen

the other day my girlfriend said to me, "I want you to lick my pussy." So I licked and sucked, ran my tongue up and down and inside, then I slipped a finger in and the bloody animal tore the skin of my arm....

Rahul Arora

Very insightful video Karen and apologies for asking you a direct question on a phenomena called "Pee-gasm" . Scientifically a full Pee bladder pushes arousing and sensitive areas like clitoris...So my question is - if I lick and suck on a woman's Clit while she is grinding my mouth holding her Pee, will that make her orgasm intensely in my mouth due her Clit getting sensitive by her pee from inside and sucked on by my lips from outside?


Karen if you dont mind i have some questions? I'm 18 and i recently started to have sex very often with my girlfriend which took my virginity. She's told me shes never had an orgasm but she told me she has gotten very close when i went down on her and she started to back away because she was scared to have an orgasm. Is this whole situation common? is it normal for a girl to have never had an orgasm or being afraid of first having one? Feed back would be veryyy much appreciated. Im young and i really want to make her happy.

Ralph Metcalf

Porn movies be comic's to understanding to have wonderful sex Nina teaches you.

Alan Rabjohns

Nina could blow me to death literally!

Jesse Reyna

she may look hotter..but remember she is what? An actress folks. what does that mean. They act/fake 90 percent of their human God given behaviors.

william palenik jr

I love eating pussy

Jose Ricardo

Wow 2 darling


Thanks for posting Karen! Looked like you two have chemistry... probably just me. Thanks again!


Hartley is the best star ever


my two favorite ladies together in one show!!!


Yes...I'm a pussy worshiper and proud of it!!! In fact, if it were up to me, I would do this every single day, numerous times a day...I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!!! No reciprocation needed either. I just love to worship the pussy!!! And other parts too!! ;)

HT 406 3531 14

I love getting head and those who swallow i swallow their gold drips when i sniff kiss lick their lips and other split with stinks always with stinks i favor

Alfredo Duende

Lol, 20 minutes jerk-off. You know nothing, Nina Hartley


Nina is 59 y/o and is still hotter than most chicks half her age! This woman is bad!

Gonzo Great

Where in tbe HELL were these women when I was young and could have profited by their instruction? Now I am too old but if only my generation hadthese Ladies as real sex ed. Instructors the divorve rate of my generation would easily have been cut in half!

Nina you are still a beautiful, sexy woman


Id love to ge in your circle of trust Nina.
You to Karen

Donna Krug

You would have multiple orgasms if went down on you I learned from a lesbian

Marvin McDougle

A couple things here. First, great tip on how to illicit an example from a woman on how she wants her clit stimulated. I would never have thought of getting her to show me on the webbing of my thumb. This video is going into my favorites for future note taking.

Now for questions. At about 3:10 Nina talks about the Dairy queen Ice cream something? I think I have a general idea what she was talking about, but if you've ever seen me eat at Dairy Queen you wouldn't let me near your clit... unless you're particularly brave. Could you possibly help clarify the point for me?

At about 3:46 You say "you don't want to really start doing the rapid..." Then Nina flips out. You mention that it might be good later. I've been under the impression that the closer a woman gets to the O the more you kind of want to pick up the pace. Is that wrong? Am I working against myself at that point?

Final question. At no point do you bring up fingering during cunnilingus. I typically try to get a woman warmed up then gently introduce a finger and start palpating the G-spot. I recently read, though, that the G-spot is a myth. I intend to perform my own experiments on the G-spot, but frankly it could be some time before I get the chance. My question is; Is there any value in fingering during oral sex? What's your personal opinion on the G-spot? 

As always, whether you respond or not, I greatly appreciate your contribution. Keep on rockin KLP.

Edit: The fingering question is answered in part two, sorry for not watching before I asked, but I'm leaving the question in to get your opinion on the G-spot.

Anthony Duncan

I love how comterble you are with sex, a young woman would have a problem with this and I decovered at a young age older women's are more sexy then the younger one's.!!!

ONCE I had a older LOVER and I never looked back to this day and will not date anyone under 35 year's or younger.!!

WE had sex two or three times a day and it was amazing , how she loved having sex on a regular bases together and it was never the same every time we had sex .!!!

SHE wasn't fearful of trying anything that made her happy and I was happy to put that smile on her face too.!!!

Infamous One1

Wonderful ladies.


karen, love your vids girl your the best! also, geez i hope nina dosent get mad about this! but think you are hotter and you hAve a goreous smile lol. keep doing your thing girl! i would love to speak with you one day :)

Stealth Kiwi

Karen you nailed it when it comes to men's education on pleasuring woman, woman need to say how they want it, it's all in the communication!

Jocero Le

Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BABETONIGHT------------------c0m

john Fetzer

Karen I'd do you with "no problem"


beautiful ladies

Yoselin Hernandez


Kaleb Bragg

yulp still fuck both 10/11/2017 no audience

James Butler Jr.



hey karen! its been a while! how are you!:)

Johnny Marlin

She is Jewish polish decent.


The Best Advice For The Bedroom You've Ever Received (r/AskReddit) Brought me here.

Dzeljana Pusiga

Thanks for the video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you considered - Jalezenoh Tongue Code (just google it)? It is a smashing one off guide for mastering the art of blowjobs without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work colleague got excellent results with it.

Thomas Graham

takes 2hr now

Cinta Mahara

Suka gratis sex vidios ketrinne merllot

Entity Keeper

Nina Hartley is an incredibly intelligent lady. Her looks are the icing on the cake.