The Voidz - QYURRYUS (Lyrics)

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The Voidz - QYURRYUS (Lyrics)

9 848 views | 20 Mar. 2018
9 848 views | 20 Mar. 2018

Thanks for watching this lyrics video I made

of The Voidz - QYURRYUS

from the album 'Virtue' out 3/30.

My website:


Cheers from Montreal

Vinder Resual

can y `


Wow, again, i really really like your art, it's so great! i wish you all the luck in the world

Gavel Gavel

I just wouldn't share someone else's music like this... Kinda hurts their profits & the wallet of everyone who works for them... Which is a lot of people. I don't understand why people do this sh*t

Vinder Resual

can y `

Dismal Chords

i loved this video but also side note: i thought it said yeah yeah the voidz are here the first time i heard it lmao 0:33

whatthe frikk

FCKING SOLID graphics, my dude... You just gained a sub. Also, what do you think of the album so far?

Alberto CG

uff <3

Vinder Resual

can y `

Eljunior Cen

This is insane phenomenal job thought this was officially from the voidz.

Arctic Douche

Nice work omg beautiful shit!!!


Honestly i'm here for the voidz ,but your videos are amazing!

Vinder Resual

can y `


How did you get this effect? Amazing!

Ritesh Parab

Thanks Eva

Vinder Resual

can y `

Pablo Quiroz

Amazing. Love your work dude!


this video is amazing, i can't be the only one though that thought on the end bit of the song he was singing 'i lost my mind' and then 'i lost my spine'...


this is

Mykhaylo S

why you are using SS styled the same way as on the Nazi uniform? (Schutzstaffel)

Vinder Resual

can you make tutorial !!!!

J Rox

These lyrics are Subliminal. Attack. Address..
Voting for who? For the Worst side.
You would be a fool to actually believe the official lyric is correct..
You know Julian is political and purposely put the wrong lyrics to his own song.

Vinder Resual

can y `


If you liked the video, please share it so maybe the band will see my art! :) Thanks!!

Riley Wilson

This is freeking sickk