DSP Tries It: Baiting Going to Jail, Ranting About Lolcow "Culture" & Not Remembering an Old Fan

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DSP Tries It: Baiting Going to Jail, Ranting About Lolcow "Culture" & Not Remembering an Old Fan

8 314 views | 26 Feb. 2020
8 314 views | 26 Feb. 2020

Thank you so much for watching!

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Kirk Findlay

You can tell he lying about Gamerlee cause he's making a huge deal about it. Whenever anyone says something that he says is a lie but is probably true he gets hyper defensive hoping that his fans will agree andnot catch on he's lying. But when he legitimatly has no clue he'll just quietly say "I have no idea/I don't understand" and move on fairly quickly unless it makes him look like an idiot. So since he had some time to figure out his response he decides to go with laughter instead of anger like he always does but focuses on it way too long again trying to be convincing.


The fucking poll he did yesterday was hilarious. I couldn't believe the answers he put there.

TrygveBlackTiger Suka

Jeeesus phill chill witht he save scumming ffs.

Daniel Ramos

Pigroach on gamerjlee
“Its not the guy!”

Detractor#1: “is that really him?!”
Detractor#2: “its the guy! Im watching his twitch!”

Robert Logan

His mom gave him bad lungs. His aunt gave him gout. This guy hasn't got anything for himself ever.

david Cruz

in dsp logic that's if I were to make fun of hitler and all the stupid and awful shit he did I'm lower then him


I've never heard of someone streaming themselves going to other people streams... Shits kinda weird

Samuli Olki

No blocking Big Bubba in prison.


My, how rapidly March approaches...


IT'S THE GUY!!.... But.... it's NOT the GUY. Great video. Glad to have found another solid channel talking about this LOLCOW.


This culling sponsored by DSP, who somehow culled himself as the first offering


Huh Phil says he doesn't need fake love because he has it in real life. That funny because khat has been faking it this whole time.


Was I the only one who was watching the gameplay when he knocked over the little kid lmao that was funny


I think I'd prefer his "dead air" over his sudden manifesto about culling the population...

BlackBible Compound

I admit I didn't watch at that DSP refuse to admit truth that it fakes story of old fan. I want to punch it in the face at that time.

shiloh h

Wonder what phil would do if a judge said ok son you are getting 10 years for evasion of taxes or, I let u off but you can never be on the internet again ., Never.....wonder what hed choose

Alantiz Zinfandel

Wassup Ozlo. Great vid as always man. So l have met tons of people in my lifetime. But l have never, never have l met someone so freaking dellusional. He actually believes that he can jump from one reality to another. I mean he can erase stuff he has said/done and create new realities at will. And top of it all, he actually thinks that he is successful at what he does. What a late boomer looser


Also imagine being nearly 40 and not knowing how to your taxes. Tragic

Martin Prince777

A few weeks ago Phail was calling anyone who pointed out the fact that perjury and not paying taxes could land him in jail a moron, idiot kid who doesn’t understand how life works. Now he is using jail as a pity tactic for his wheelchairs to donate to him... PATHETIC

Maria Isabella

Phil streams games for kids every day for hours on end.
Some people make like 30min videos about him every week.
And he has the gall to say THEY dedicate ALL their existance to this while he himself believes he has "a normal adahlt life" ?

Erick Gaudreault

Phil really does look like an English bulldog with a patchy goatee and a PlayMobil hair piece


GamerJLee reeks of soy lmao


I really just wish I was driving in his area and my tire blew and I had to go to his house for help...I really fucking wish.


In a recent stream he was screaming that we were sick! Why? Because we said he could go to jail if he doesn't pay his taxes. Ya know like he did 2 times in this video.......hmmm? ♿ sounds good!


I have no idea why Phil thought that a different former fan/teen/you met at a convention/ became a mod/kid who's father owned a shop was so damn funny, that many people hating you that they can't tell themselves apart despite 4 or 5 qualifiers is something we should find funny not Phil. Even if he were telling the truth, and I have some doubts about that, but even if Phil was completely honest, the smart thing to do would be to keep your yap shut as having multiple people who fit your pretty specific description is not a good look.

shattered Ruby

Dave calls people stupid but dose stupid things so don't take his insults seriously.

Adrian Bingham

Phil got completely exposed.

A Real Lobster With An Internet Connection

BTW not gonna say anything to give someone else a chance at getting featured.

Kristian Villarosa

Best reason to hate phil for me was when he mocked and talked shit to a dude whose brother died.


Insult viewer, insult viewer, insult old friends, insult detractors, insult someone who asks a question, insult people who might be curious, insult old fan, insult everyone’s intelligence, insult sincere suggestion...

“Hey guys, I need money and I refuse to change anything. How can I attract new viewers?”

Paige Campbell

The guy who’s 500 000 dollars in dept, who took out 14 fucking credit cards, is calling other people losers and idiots?.

The audacity of this pigroach is immense

Iron Castle

Every time I see a new "this is what caught fire now in the DsPhail gasoline factory of a life" video I find myself wondering "Why in the fuck would Khet knowingly get married to this absolute disaster of a life?"


That's gotta be my favorite part "you have a weak everything"

Ähren Mann

Imagine thinking recording yourself playing video games is a productive activity....
Its official lads he isnt even living in the same reality anymore

He is repeating the good ol THAXES Storyline
How is he operating a business? He makes 10k a month and cant save 40% for thaxes and other shit?
Its not like he buys the games and other equipment himself since he makes his paypigs buy that shit off amazon for him

AzazelTheOne aka Briyà

16:19 DSP’s first day in jail.

The Internet Idiot

Phil looks so incredibly STOOPID.

Rumia Soda

Dsp tries it- getting pinksocked in the prison showers

Woomy Cid

I also love how WE'RE morons however he has the half a mil debt.


More effort here than 5 years of DSPS "work"

Kirk Findlay

Nothing is his fault, even his mother is at fault

Ähren Mann

9:42 what great usage of that meme
Calling everyone dumb while being 500k in the red seems kinda dumb to me
But the pig lord did nothing wrong


Imagine Phil's face and night stream if his mail box is constantly full of soap on a rope lol

DudeSakuya IDK

cue “How can this happen to me” song
Phil can’t take an L DOODS!


hey idiot just pay up.


Big Herc gonna bust those pig cheeks in prison. One can only hope.

Martin Prince777

Lol u should have used the grandma arms clip when calling him weak

David Riley

The "so many reasons to hate Phil, here's a few" gag had me in stitches.

Thelonicus Gaming

Dsp has genetic smoke in his lungs from 2003, maybe he can monitize it!


I commented again. Thanks for the video

Shadow of the Northstar

If it isn't my Favorite pigroach roaster how you doing man ?

Captain Canuck

Phil obviously thought up the "It's not the guy!" lie 10 minutes before he told it.


Phil half a mill fragile pussy


shiloh h

"Snorty McSnort Snort whose name is phil, does streams 6days and trys to chill,
Tax mans a knockin
Trolls run a muck
Boy Phils streams really fuckin suck."


DSP is such a stupid liar and a scammer he should open a church, he would get so many donations from gullible people who he'll tell he can heal or he saw jesus.

Polish Deebo

I’m not familiar with gamerjaylee but I heard he got doxed and you called him a soy boy. I’m assuming he’s not good either? Someone fill me in if anyone has info.

Jack Cristo

"Of course everyone on my day off tries to harass me online" By the same standard, "everyone" was "harassing" GamerJLee because of DSP's drama segment giving too many details about a former fan he wanted to shit on. How do you think he even knew Phil was talking about him? But the pigroach only cares for itself.

Don Gargon

There must be hundreds of ex fans that hate him

Secret Technology

Hahaha Make More Videosss Pleaseee

D.C. Dawkins

Who is he trying to reach with this rant? His fans can't enjoy hearing him talk about this shit for the millionth time and the community is going to tear him apart for it. Imagine that was your first trip to a DSP stream.... your not going to change anyone's mind Dave.

federico macconi

The last rant about GamerJlee contain high level of Press "X" to doubt

Daniel Ramos

Press X to goubt


DOOM raid was just perfect on a game where Phil's crappy gaming is so obviously lackadaisically shat


it take him a week for this lie you can do better then this well he can not,


It's funny that he thinks people can't be successful in both work and social lives whilst also shitting on him. I guess multitasking is too much for his brain capacity.

Triggy Tiggy

Wait a sec... 6:35 was the giveaway really just a case with no game in it?!? Hahahaha what a chode!!!


@Based Ozlo you're canadian aren't you.

Bryan Wood

Only dsp thinks being raided is a bad thing.


I’d say the bigger doofus is the idiot who is in 500K debt, who has a bankruptcy hearing, in a public place, at a specific time, that everyone knows, who just spent the last few weeks insulting countless people on the internet. The big shot big mouth who seems to cause non stop drama, who has a legion of people who hate him, who probably really want to cause him harm, will be out in public at a specific, very specific time.

Phil has been non-stop antagonizing people from the safety of his home. Now he will be out in the public and everyone know the location, time, and date.

It will be the sheer mercy of god if Phil doesn’t escape the courthouse without any sort of confrontation on March 5th. This isn’t a threat from me, I’m just stating a real possibility for him. He needs to be more careful with his words.


hi olzo im a virgin from Jamaica i love your videos please send me your sea men


I wanna say he always means Tevin but I could be reaching. I can't remember if he called anyone else by name though. Praise be

Woomy Cid

Always love yout hot take on these topics. I especially love his fake hysterical laughter to try and make us look like a bunch of fools. Like he had some epoc information we didn't.

A Real Lobster With An Internet Connection

It’s more like he doesn’t want to say the name because that would actually be one of the few things that would get him in trouble on Twitch.


It wasn't him at all! Nervous laughter Okay let me end the stream before you paypigs ask for evidence!


The guy he wasn't talking about at all had actual proof and dave once again has none.

James Alauri

The only person who makes one a lolcow. Is the lolcow themself. How someone can be so ignorant to that fact is unbelievable. The second he genuinely owns up and apologises for the things that made him a lolcow, is the second he stops being a lolcow. But he's too stupid and too deep in the hole to ever do that.

shiloh h

"Ah shit, here we go again. ."

John McClane

*Snort*: “Dood, I wasn’t referring to him. I never meet this dood. Ack, ack, ack! Now, give me money for mah taxes!”

Morally Bankrupt

Bugged shanking mechanics ahahaha!


He was doing his everything to make it seem like gamerjlee wasn't the guy. Phil was putting on the show of the century trying to convince people it wasn't true and how not butt-flustered he was.

shiloh h


Zac sesz

DSP gives the best advice when he is ranting about detractors.
Too bad the most useful way to say it was if he was saying it into a mirror.

Vengeful Mosquito

Me on the left. It's hard to see. I'll subscribe just because I was in the video, though, big ups! dab

Iron Castle

That forced laugh when lying about the some other guy" story is 100% a tell. He has the worst poker face.

Paige Campbell

9:05, but he did say he didn’t know who he was, this guy cannot stop fucking lying. Lol


Dammit Ozlo you the only thing wrong with the 11yr old girl situation, is that her parents didn't buy Phil a gaming computer. Those parents are disloyal to the DSP Empire


I'm high, just jerked off, time to relax with a shit post.


DSP: It wasn't the guy, it was...... uh......... NOT HIM! ACKACKACKACK!

AuraMaster DX

Wonder if gamerjlee is gonna be the new Tev- i mean Voldemort

Arkk rogue

This guy gave away an empty game case as a contest prize?

Robert Logan

So if Philly is right then he treated 2 people like shit for no reason. People don't like him because he's a worthless waste of fresh air and clean watee

NCR Ranger

Dude... That smug, fake tone in his voice while failing to deflect the truth made me seriously consider taking a 10 hour drive up to his SUPER SECURE, ULTRA GUARDED WITH DSP FANS WITH SNIPER RIFLES GATED COMMUNITY and hop the fence, kicking his door down, grabbing his axe that he has RIGHT BY THE FRONT FUCKING DOOR (LMAO) and then kicking his bedroom door down while online to make the greatest DSP stream ever while l left him, screaming and violently shitting himself on the couch.

Master Of Chaos

my mom smoked all my life and im ok R.I.P momma chaos

Tyler McNamer

Do not call me names, neighbor Phil.

In Seattle, folks call me the Prince of Pinball. A shame you never tried a machine nearby in the city.

Purple Doom

you're really funny. the dsp jail bit got me good.check my vids im trying to be his #1 detractor but you & Tevin are gonna be hard to catch up 2. keep up the good work


Phil getting butthurt over an 11 year old reminds me of my old supervisor. She actually sat at her desk and cried because a middle schooler called her a fake. I almost wish I was making that up.

Idok Watcher

Good khamentary. Thank you for the pahsitive entertainment.

Iron Castle

You, my friend, have gained a new subscriber. Great job.

Ta ble

DSP's level of projection is multidimensional.