KSP Mods - Mk3 Expansion

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KSP Mods - Mk3 Expansion

28 820 views | 28 Jul. 2017
28 820 views | 28 Jul. 2017

Welcome to the Kottabos Space Program home of the fastest growing space exploration program on Kerbin (and fifth safest to boot). Come and see as we launch our brave (and not so brave) Kerbonauts into the heavens on a shoe string budget.

In this episode I mess around with The Mk3 Expansion mod which adds into the game a series of parts that fit the Mk3 fuselage.



• https://www.patreon.com/Kottabosgames



• Previous: https://youtu.be/owfzChO3-Jg

• First: https://youtu.be/EbAdRW07LoI



• Kerbal Space Program: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/

• Mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/109401-mk2mk3-expansion-dev-thread-13-version-135-153017/

• Discord: https://discord.gg/SfVrpPp



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• https://www.facebook.com/kottabosgames



Produced by the talented Kevin MacLeod

• http://www.incompetech.com/

.♪ "Enter the Party" .♪

• http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100240


Every plane flies.
Some just do it for a very little amount of time.

salt boi

imagine putting the mk3 cupola in front of the mk3 bride 0_0




Who thinks that this will be added to vanilla ksp

Rhapid Fyre

That Mark III command bridge was disappointing

I thought it was massive

Operator 801

No bigger landing gear?


Ant Craft

The 'Slevert' engine is probably meant to be Sievert as it was an atomic engine and radiation is measured in sieverts.

Percy Purple



Mk3-2 Cockpit looks like a duck.


I love your intro lmao

Jason Morello

I love these parts, I havve been using them for months. I love the fuel varieties availabe. I kinda wish he made a scaled ramjet like he has for mk2.


No craft download?

Noodles TheAsian

For those who want to join the Kottabos discord

Here it is


Cupola IVA looks like a B29/YT-1300 (Millenium Falcon) cockpit


The inline cockpit can be used for front loading cargo planes or landers


I really appreciate all the work put into showcasing all the KSP mods, but the terms used annoy the shit out of me. Gigantic, gorgeous, very fun... seriously. And the emphasis. Gigaaaaaantic. Irrelevant.

Tom Hopkins

been needing more mk3 parts for ages now, but I am not having a plane with a duck face... sorry

Eric Shafto

Just beautiful modeling. Simply wonderful. Took me a minute to realize the connection between Big-S and Bad-S. I guess that makes me a dumb-S.

Rhapid Fyre

Also 18:37 squad monolith

Jordon Kimbrough

Please do the home grown rockets mod!!!

Engie Neer

Rising ideas for escape pods.

Winston Bergseid

i need this mod and u fogot to mention how stock alike this is


Hi ;)


"Jim, let's build a plane!"
"Alright, I got some designs, we need to make it aerodynamic, it needs a long-"
"Shut up, let's build a fat X-Wing! With a cockpit facing the wrong way!"
"Bob, no..."

Tank gameing

is it just me or the mk 3-2 cockpit look like a duck?

Rob Murray

Cox-swain ?!? LOL pronounced "Cox-en" (A person that steers a ship.)

Lolek M

Please do one for KAX

Smilin Troll

yay 294th viewer :D
loved this video, mod looks pretty good. Keep making awesome reviews like this :D

James Moton

Bug: Electric Charge should be free, but the cost got set to just above 0, at 1 cent for 500 electric charge. Why?!

Ben Kimber

Why aren't aerospikes air breathing engines? Why are they called aerospikes?

Adam Taylor

2150 veiw

Eric Shafto

Scott Manley would have flown that thing through the tunnel and landed it vertically on the VAB helipad. Still, I wouldn't have gotten it off the ground in the first place, so I salute you.


the 3-2 cockpit front nose cone looks like a duck.... LOL

BA 1673

21:27 I hope everyone survived

PAW Team


Idiot Patrol, of the duck empire



I honestly just want the decoupler :P


I really want a mod to add a part/parts that will go on the bottom of the mk3 parts to make a flat shuttle bottom. Squad, take notes!

egg gaming

this adds a lot of awesome parts





now that I have your attention, what's your favourite fuselage size? MK 1, MK 2, or MK 3?

Shock Engi

It's the arc170 from the clone wars


I think I can also use that Cupola to replicate the B-29

Dark Dreamer

he revealed his real name it's Frank 19:00

shane loftis

Love the possibilities with other spaceplanes mods

Xander Fletcher

Fave mod. Necessity. Must have.

Der History Meister

Picked up this mod a little bit before you featured it. A great little add-on. :D


10:42 you might wanna read up on this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolf_Maximilian_Sievert

nice mod presentations, though, thanks for the detailed info

Jett Quasar

I just like saying giant cupola.

Hugas Bernotas

Legends speak of a land that is far away, a land that to set a goal to reach it you have to be insane, this comment is one of the relics of the land, which the elders call comments, but we call this land "the lost section of the comments"
You can see I had nothing better to do. Mark the visit to this relic with a comment if you wish ;)

Majales Majales

KottabosGames That engine is named 'Sievert' after swedish medical physicist Rolf Maximilian Sievert, who was studying biological effects of ionizing radiation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolf_Maximilian_Sievert

catty mcbatty

Thise wngines make the goliath engine look like the weezly engine, or even the junu engine!


Why do you say every model is a glorious piece of work?


mk3 saddle remind me of OPT's J type, sadly opt not have adaptor to mk3 :(

zenol leytan

putting a crew hatch on an air intake, that is so kerbal. XD

Galactic Pirate

The Wellington engine? I live in Wellington (which is in New Zealand) and I can tell you, that it is very windy here. Nice metaphor mod creator!

Lance Clarke

17:48 That actually looks like something either me or my brother would make, but good on you, good sir!


i like using mk3 parts for my "ships" (failures resulting in death) now i can make them look cooler!

Harold Smith

I've been using this mod for a while (although I think it's been slightly updated since my version) so here's a few thoughts/added info:

1. The point of the Truncated Saddle Tank is to go alongside a cargo bay and leave space for the doors to open. it's a shame that none of the Saddle Tanks have an oxidiser-only option or work with Interstellar Fuel Switch.
2. It's curious the the Hurricane 'turboprop' engine has piston-engine-style exhaust stacks sticking out of it...
3. The OMS engine is designed to go on the back of the Shoulder Mounts to replicate the systems on the Space Shuttle.
4. The point of the Sievert (pronounced 'see-vert' - it's a radiation unit of measure) nuclear thermal engine is that it gives you turbojet-level fuel efficiency in non-oxygen atmospheres. Basically it scoops 'air' of any kind in and heats it up with a reactor instead of burning fuel in it, thus it doesn't matter whether the 'air' has oxygen in it or not.
5. It's a shame that the Service Bay doesn't have an 'empty' option to let you load it up with whatever you want.
6. The Mk.3 Subsonic Intake has a 1.25m core and an attachment node in the middle of it which makes for some very 'interesting' possibilities...
7. The Big S wing segments are NOT just enlarged versions of the standard wings: they hold liquid fuel without any other mods (which is why it would be nice to be able to put oxidiser in the Saddle Tanks) and they have a mesh switch which enables you to make the leading edge, trailing edge or both thin.

Bronner Media

add some vertical stabilizers and move your wheels slightly forward and you have a pretty flyable plane

DiscoveryShuttle - Roblox, Among us and more

Blue screen of death in the cockpit.

Mihajlo Popadić

so you installed a lot of mods that were fun but there is one epic mod u didnt showcase. It will take a lot of time but trust me it WILL be fun... it is B9 Aerospace PLZ DO IT .

Daniel Brownson

Maybe do a little extra episode where you fire up all the engines?



Usagi Tsukino

18:06 is an overwatch reference

Ben Harris

Downloading this mod. Looks good.

adam kruse

6:46 basically a symmetrical version of the stock mk3-mk2 adapter


Can you review north kerbin Dynamics

Percy Purple