what chill summer days in miami are actually like... (ft. friends)

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what chill summer days in miami are actually like... (ft. friends)

54 261 views | 27 Jun. 2020
54 261 views | 27 Jun. 2020

i love you and hope you're having an amazing day

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kyra shah

bro I’m low key contemplating moving to miami when I’m older so my kids can have this life

Leilah Davila

summer 2020 has hit ilysm

Emilia Leopard

Oml can I please live there and have friends like that

Mariana Pinho.

Tamara lives in Miami.
Me: the best dream ever

Aitana Caballero

Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays in the car of tamara when hannah has the camera please??

Pushpa Verma

She looks like moana

lily anna

question, do you have a bf? Like bruh ur looks and personality is so beautiful.
also could u do a Q and A??


you're so pretty and nice!

Mica Coca

Your life seems so much fun

Amy Muller

Who else think Tamara should do a carpool karaoke video with her friends ?I feel like that would be so fun!

Jocelyn Mazo

Where is your black bikini from ????? Pls replay


so stupid. people are dying!!!!!

Carys Akerlind

Why do I feel like the most boring person when I am watching Tamara have the time of her life?


Where are you and your friends going to college?

Emily Searle

does anyone else watch the vlog then know the exact tiktok she posted that day

Jessica Brady

i would not be leaving my house if i lived in florida lol

gaby rodriguez

she’s really just livin her best life

Emma Cornette

You’re so pretty!


I need friends like these asap its been too long

Maria Mehandzhiyska

What’s the song on 6:36

caroline anthony

OMG. Where is the blue, black, and green crochet bikini from? I love it!

maddie t

i love ur vibe <33

Alba Martin

do you guys not have parents?

Lilly Ward

she literally has the best life anyone could ask for like i wish

Sabrina and Ava

That joke about weight watchers was not funny toxic

Rima Sebane


Deyanira Trevizo

tamara is the prettiest youtuber istg

Carolina Munoz Tebar

The way her content snaps >>>>>>>

Trinity Faye

He vid w him is gonna be asking boys questions again

Alexis Kit

What rule of camera do you have ?

ggonzalez _8514

I think the “best life” is living for God and knowing He’s there For you bc then all the pain goes away if you just choose Him over the world. From experience I could say it’s completely worth it from turning away from all that sin I was living in and just focus on Him and nothing else. I’m not judging the way she lives her life or telling her how to live it, I’m just saying what I think is the “best life”. No hate towards Tamara completely love her. Have a blessed rest of the day guys:)❤️

Kelsy Igierobo

I was about to make myself some dinner but your notification popped up and suddenly dinner can wait


ur so pretty ahhhhhhh

Tali’s Vlogs

Her life is my dream also how is she so gorgeous

Maylee Little

I just want to be friends with youuu!!


la mejor

Camille Murdock

I want I want I want

Adrianna Raygoza

ur so cutee :)

bibi vava

i never miss any vlog


Can you make a video on how you do your intros ?

Trinity Faye

Can you and your friends do a baking vid or some kinda challenge w the boys. Y'all party a lot which I love but take a break and bake. It'll be fun

Abby Nansubuga

i love how happy you are:))) like ur having so much fun go you

Kailey Bock


Fiona Wildeth

im Tamara's fan since 93.1k subs.
Tamara's smiles look likes nessa barret smile

Andrea Orellana

Hey Tamara can you please give me the name of the place you went to see the puppies with your friend I want to go there the puppies were so cute and I want to go look at them i commented on of your tiktoks but I hope you answer please.

Olivia Hayes

so happy you’re living your best life but this is exactly why florida’s cases are going up and it’s getting so bad there

bella marie

best life and so pretty!!! can it get any better ❤️

Ana Mirage

I literally can't believe America, Florida has some of the highest cases of COVID in the USA and yet y'all act like it doesn't exist. in my country, we spent 3 months in quarantine and everything is starting to re open just now. please have some common sense and stay home and practice social distancing!

Asya Cakir

Is no one going to talk about her friends apartment? Like IM JEALOUS (and also about Tamara‘s life tho)

Noelle Jamison

You should try the curly girl method for a video!

Isabella Calderon

i luv you tamara

Madison Weiner

perfect angel

sultana al ajaji

is no gonna mention how Tamara legit fed us sm content this quarantine

sophia duluc

hi tamara ily and ur content sooo much i wish someday i could meet u!!

Amanda Offor

tam ily but stay safe. rona is getting crazy in miami rn ❤️

those rat girls


Alexis Barfield

ngll i ship dylan and Tamara baddddd. love you <3

Jasmine Dunigan

yooo are you and dylan gonna do like a 24 hour challenge thing?

Valentina Samanez

Im so happy for u

Zoe Dru

dream life



Sofi Rodriguez


Akemi withanage

Tamara i love you and ur vidss :) <3

alexa Reyes

where are ur sunglasses from girl ?

Marla Cook

does anyone know where maya's bikini is from???

Beyonce Bri

you should do a try on haul with the zaful swimsuits!

catherina kirchhof

love your summer vlogs!!!!!! love you so much

ashton acevedo

i get so excited to see her no videos in my recommended

Carmen Fernandes

tam tam

Jaelee Rae

Highlight of my day is seeing that Tamara posted

Catalina Ferzzola03

Love you from Argentina

Coco Aurini

if i looked like them i wouldnt know how to act! :(

Leena A.

Love these videos and they’re so entertaining but THIS mentality is exactly why Florida has so many cases...

ilse peña

i’m absolutely obsessed with your videos


she rlly out here living her best life and I can’t even leave my house :(

cynthia lin

I’m sad I just got the notif and thought I was early :(

Kelly ward

i love your channel its so cute

Abby Alexis

loooveee your vlogs they never fail

It’s Tanya

Ngl but you DESERVE so much more subs than you have rn!✨
(btw i love your vids :)

Carmen Alejandra

love from puerto ricoo

Freily Zapata

it feels so good to be able to watch you having fan and being so healthy! be safe! love youuu

Justynn Medina

I’ve never wanted to have somebody else’s life so bad-

eva long

i. want. to. be. friends. w. you.

G i s e l l e


ava smith

this is the best surprise to come home to

Kai W.

and then we act shocked when COVID cases wont stop rising :000000

Carolina Munoz Tebar

I love Tamara I’m her biggest fan

Hailey S.

When you hang out at ur friends house without them being there

Ava Dasari

best. youtuber. ever.

zobe lobe

Tamara says she thought fish were going into her pants her friend Mya frantically laughed like he he he lol lysm you are the best ☆hope hope you see this

Lily Langdell

I love your vlogs

Jaylynn Collins

Love these types of vlogs !!!


Omg my home town miami

Rita Alnajjar

Tamara i love you and love your videos ❤️


where do you shop? you have the dream life

Mia Hernandez


Jessica Lambros

where is the black and green swimsuit from!! Plz respond Tamara ily!

Yasmina Chamas

What’s the name of the song ? 3:27 ?

Bakhita Harkins

she do be living the dream

Salma Marhaben

Weee really need the video with dylan pls