Barney Error by AndrewSilverman1 (Download Link in description)

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Barney Error by AndrewSilverman1 (Download Link in description)

32 644 views | 17 Oct. 2018
32 644 views | 17 Oct. 2018

This is my first ever recording of the Barney Error on PowerPoint by AndrewSilverman. Guess what? I changed the font to GrilledCheese BTN by turning on editing mode.

Download the GrilledCheese BTN font:

Download the Barney Error PowerPoint:

Devin Bounking

Noob & guest error 20 chances to 0 chances NOOB AND GUEST NO MORE CHANCES! CODE TIME! a you have 10 seconds! What is the code? 1 2 3 4 5 6? 9 24 48 56 12 7? 6 13 66 130 666 1300? 4 8 15 16 23 42? Correct code!

Olive and tails the Fnaf dog and fox fan


Todd Guenther

Is the barney error real?

elf ruby animate


Ângelo ak

Angry Babie

Jonathan Encinas

100: 000 chances what

Madam Lee

20 chanes starting 10 evil mode 4 scary 1exe 0 code time

Haydee Moreno


Prince Of All Saiyans Vegeta

Barney is not even scary

Kill me plz

How do you make that Barney voice??

Prince Of All Saiyans Vegeta

2:26 hahahhaa good one dude

Snakey Lawrence74

That happened to my computer

Jacob Garaygay


Haydee Moreno


Lorenzo Michaud

(1:44) Choo-choo in auto captions? That was really hilarious! xD


Your basically paying 130$ to play this game cause of Microsoft power point download....

Cynthia Toles



are you brave?

Angel Sanchez


Allan Prest


Haydee Moreno

20 changes to 10 changes YOU ARE A PURPLE STUPID DINOSAUR HOW DARE U CALL ME IM A STUPID PURPLE DINOSAUR 9 to 4 changes 4 to 100,000 4 to 0 NOW CODE TIME time up worst ending I WILL MAKE UR PC DIE good ending correct codes u got the the correct from turning ur pc 20 time bad ending 2 Im sorry but that the wrong code I will show u the correct code now I will make ur pc die


Where can I play this?

Allan Prest

100.000 chance

Naruto Uzumaki


Cupcakes and rainbows

1:49 YoU NeEd To ClEaN YoUr EaRs

Madam Lee

You are a stupid purple dinosaur teams lets fight these i have one quininion power you can do it team

Naruto Uzumaki

I still want to do this because no Barney error is the post to happen he says bad things to you. Plz DONT. DO. It

Cynthia Toles


Carlos Torres


Big6 Lucas

Yeah are you Brave andrewsilverman1

That red tender engine_7

i love barney error

Cynthia Toles


Haydee Moreno


Pastel the flamingo fan

Is it real?