MGSV- Nameplates, How to get them

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MGSV- Nameplates, How to get them

18 293 views | 25 Oct. 2016
18 293 views | 25 Oct. 2016

The snake nameplates are limited time only when their available. The other nameplates can be accessed whenever want, b warned it will take some time to reach your 100 core goal.

Snake Nameplate Criteria:

Must be placed in the leader boards during the contest.

1-10: Gold

11-100: Silver

101-500: Bronze

501-1000: Normal

Other Nameplate Criteria:

Must reach a players core while defender is present

1: Normal

10: Bronze

30: Silver

100: Gold

How to farm: Make sure your security settings are low, have no guards, remove all other devices except cameras. Visit your buddy and steal something to open a retaliatory hole. Then you both buy insurance, invade, get caught, reach the core and repeat.

Trouble shooting: If wormhole is closed a way to trouble shoot is to add a third person to your friends/supporting list and you can reopen another hole through the indirect retaliation. But if you followed the steps this shouldn't be an issue.

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Ernest Gil

GAME PRO24X thank you for all the helpful videos and tutorials, especially the FOB ones and the farming guides. You just earned a new subs! Kip Eet Ap Bruh!

Chris Anderson

Might be time to get back into Phantom Pain now that I have an ultrawide 75hz monitor. Took a little .exe hex editing and such but this game does work with 21:9, it's just the enemy markers and such are kind of f'd up and off. Sadly no way to fix that without using CheatEngine which is a pain. If only Konami cared enough to give us proper Ultrawide support.

Stuntman Mike

how come when you spawn, your unit levels are so low?

N G460

do you Kno why nameplates don't show up for me? I'm ranked 34 in the current FOB mission and still nothing.




thank you!!!


do you gonna make a video about mine and camera placement ?

Jigga FIRE

how is it I can never find you on PSN? Game Pro24x


Would any1 like to help each other for quiet nameplate on ps4?


If I have my friend added in the supports, and I give him to train in his base, and that the between, is it effective? Does the training count?

Ayame Kyoto

The problem with this whole thing about being in the top 10, is some of these people don't sleep, and with no score cap, it can be a real pain to get up there. It should be: First x amount to reach [set score] is more balanced. Hideo is more consciences towards the health of his fans suggesting we take periodic breaks to rest our eyes (ex from MGS 4). Here, MGS V, Konami is highly inconsiderate and just want us to exhaust ourselves for a stupid bell and whistle.

Keshav Khindria

Anyone wanna do this?


nice video but the whormhole not open when i visiting suporting why i steahling but it get not open

manu m

Jack xD? Hahaha ya could have tried it anyway men xD Towelie got it on the first try but yea :)
Also, first time hearing somebody calling me that :)

Kurt Snow

Your farming method got me banned from Virtual battles

Hpesoj Ogladih

I dont get the once part so meaning i got 100 reached cores does it mean all 4 name plates will be unlock when i invade with a defender in it 100-101-102-103 and so on?


great vid thanks for saying how long it takes


Will you do ASMR for the 4k subs celebration?


gamepro im have 14 Event FOB infiltrated and im not have nameplates :/


ok, its explained in the video but people still dont get it. To get a snake nameplates the event you play has to say in the description that its being offerd, otherwise you wont get anything for placing top 10 @ 0:30 . For the character nameplates you can earn some every event but you need to reach a defending FOB core to get them @ 2:49. Its explained in full detail in the first 3 minutes of the video. If you cant understand that then please go ahead and waste all your time reaching top 10, get nothing, and get upset because you cant understand basic instructions.

EVERY EVENT DOESNT OFFER THE SNAKE NAMEPLATE, I dont care if its skulls attack or bound dragons. If the online info DOESNT STATE these nameplates are being given out THEN THEY ARNT AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT! and i will copy and paste this response to to anyone who comments their frustrations for not getting any nameplate. Sorry if it comes off as being a bit rude but you try keeping your cool for a simple answer that has been answerd many times already in a video that people still magically miss. Gee i wounder if they even watched the whole damn thing.


how do you farm s++ ?

Gian V. Valois

any ps3 players that are still up for this?

Senator Steven Armstrong

Took me a long ass time to achieve the gold nameplate legitimately, with the exception that I boosted for it 5 times or so when farming S++ staff with a friend.

Nahom Seifu

Any PS3 people wanna do this, Im stuck on last gen


Can you get banned by using this farming method as there is an anti cheat?

Charles Durchev

You are the best, thanks for the tips, wish you can make more videos, even the game is very old.


I know this video is 3 years old but can you still get the nameplates,because i want to get a D-dog nameplate

Negotinaz R6

wtf peapol doing tht shit for nameplate?!!!!!I get my silver legit!!!

Leon K

Anybody wanna do this on PS4


Space Frog

Anyone trying to unlock them on PS4 in 2020? I'll be glad to help as long as someone helps me back. I've been trying for weeks but nobody showed up to defend their bases

luc evans

Even in 2017 this is very useful

Zaku Guriin

I am coming into FOB kind of late. I have been playing for the last 2 months. Are these still being offered or have I missed out on getting them?


Great video, very informative. I got one question, is PS Plus required to do this with a friend?

Cinnamon Zombie

That's too much work for a nameplate. They should just let you buy them.

Big Juice

Congrats on 4k subs!


Dammit, I forgot to DM you mine!