Multiplayer NEW HARD MODE Series| Ep. 1 - *25% PROFIT MARGIN!* - Stardew Valley 1.3

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Multiplayer NEW HARD MODE Series| Ep. 1 - *25% PROFIT MARGIN!* - Stardew Valley 1.3

16 406 views | 15 May. 2018
16 406 views | 15 May. 2018

●Today we play some of the 1.3 MULTIPLAYER open beta. I am joined with 2 of my friends and we are doing the hardcore mode with the profit margin set to only 25% making this playthrough very challenging. How do we get on? Find out NOW!

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I am cool with more please.




Ayyy new vid :D

Nathan R

favorite thing ..... food couldn't be less boring if you tried lol

Mont Smart

I loveee this please make more vids like this thanks love u guys


1:38 100% legit xD



Kalle qamole


Ashantin 3

Great fun.


So... growing plants is useless?


I haven’t done a challenge like this because it seems to be too hard to do. This should be fun

The Real Turtle

This is going to be great please do more.

Matej Ahačič




MyBoyJigglz Conte

game shark predicts fish ponds

Gameer 00

Got a little question about the geodes. I couldnt find anything on the internet about the 25% profit margin except this video.

I ask myself if I should even open geodes on a 25% (solo) playthrough. They still cost 25g to open while not really giving you the money back. opn a regular playthrough, one sold parsnip can almost give you enough money to open two geodes, but on 25% it's not even 1/2 of what you need. So opening geodes seems pointless to me. Did you have a similar experience?


Please note: I never got my £20.

Josh Wysocki

keep uploading... would love to see at least a year 2 multiplayer farm

Andy Lacayo

Yay! I love this! Please Do more! :D

Jackson Bohling

Your boii can’t wait to see that Drake partnership

kai moate

Great video. Please make more.


You guys are so funny! I was busy practising kanji for my exam on Friday and put this on to listen to in the background, but you made me laugh so much I could barely get any writing done. Can't wait to see more!

Pixelated Grace

Lol idk who's idea it was to do this but this is quality lol

Popescu Alin

Do a daily one pls


Reply pls
Hi GameShark
Your the best

Ben H

yeeessss more please :) was very entertaining and fun to watch

Kimberlyn Salmon

How did I miss this one?




what did you do to another videoooooo?

Lucka Čacká

Fishing is bugged with line across the map, we also found out, that if you buy different floor tiles with kitchen upgrade, sometimes it change back to black/white floor after logout :/ Anybody please, do you have idea, how legendary fishies work in multi? Is it one per save or per person?

Extreme Nonce

Let's go hardcore bois


So early

Joonatan Jürisson

Cool idea! Never thought of it as hardmode lol


I wish I had friends.

Andy Lacayo

Btw What happens if you go to skull cavern and you find the secret note to go to level 100 but you go with stair cases all the way down? Thanks!

Cynthia Darkheart

More of hardmode!

Anna Baelfire

I started doing this last week playing solo on river to further minimize the land I have available while also attempting to finish the community center in my first year. Its been pretty hard so far.

dssblindfox z

Booo sellout :p

Magga the G

Just subbed for this series hope u can deliver!

Hugo C

this is going to be a awsome series

Andrew Belo Lopes

That accent is so cool, love that, are u from england? Im from brazil, but i was living in london... Good video btw.


can you fish on an angle like that on Switch?


Hey Chris! Please make more of this! This is very funny to watch!

A Lazy Snail

Love the start, I was laughing soo hard.

Luna Snow

love this! please make more. This should be fun!


Gameshark I download mods and I saved my files. My saves are gone but I do what you said. I Take my saves to another folder before I download mods. Then I moved these saves to my saves folder and my game was 14 summer but now it is 22 Spring?? Why? Can you help me :(

Alolan Eevee

Amazing content you deserve so many more subs!

Sandra Skender

That tumbnail


Omg, Yas! I have been waiting for this for a long time!


i want u to do another one of these pls