Basketball Wives Season 8, Episode 16 [REVIEW] + REUNION DRAMA

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Basketball Wives Season 8, Episode 16 [REVIEW] + REUNION DRAMA

5 177 views | 3 Oct. 2019
5 177 views | 3 Oct. 2019

Tonja Fortson

Jackie,the gemini

Adanna la foucade

Tonja Fortson

So tired of the petty coat interviewers, ask the questions,the real questions.


Lol Bryan closed the bank. I gotta subscribe now.

Diana Quewea

None of them will ever admit OG got Evelyn together


Cece: “I’ll take that bamboo stick and shove it up her p*ssy”.

Robert: That’s sexual assault. Don’t do that.

zapporah Barbour

Team o.g. , cece and tami!!!

Jaleesa Greene

You are absolutely glowing. Looking good my man.

Renee Young

Krista Benette

OG ate their goofy asses up. Laquisha is a disappointment, she and weak ass Kristen are twinnies.




damnnnn u read malaysia !! she had to block lollolol

The Glossary

@17:13 is the mood of the season

Cassandra Gordon 123, Realtor

I always wait a few days to watch it. I have to prepare myself because it's fucking engaging and have met plenty women like this makes it all the more taxing on my spirit. And this is precisely why I don't deal with a bunch of bitches; one person thinks and the others just follow. I wish I saw friendships with other Black women to be healthy. Unfortunately I you have to be choosy.

Valerie Naylor

#team og

Amazon Thomas

Yess pure stuck on stupid like they never heard of deleting messages


I like subscription


Thank you so much for this review! I totally agree with your perspective. Thanks for sharing! Peace and Blessings to all!

kia jewel

22:28 that was the best part

Marilyn McGowan


When you screamed at 22:34 LMAO, you had me literally rolling. What's your zodiac bc you are too freaking hilarious. And high key, i'm done with Marc Lamont Hill as well. He was one of my fav politically commentators but for him to gaslight Og regarding colorism (from what ppl who went to the reunion is saying) and to stick up for the mean girls over her. He's cancelled for me.

Oneka Carrington

Good night love! I loved this episode!
When OG said 2011 whiplash did set it!


I love youuuu!!!!

Liberia Rose

I am only watching reviews. I can't watch the episode. The mean girls became progressively colorist, xenophobic, and a**holish.

Jkah P

She knew Kenny Anderson was married cause ain't she from the booty down bronx, um kenny played in New York duh she knew shes a real homewrecker.

Cassandra Gordon 123, Realtor

Gwenie Beatty

I've been hit with a bamboo stick. Malaysia was fighting with Gloria had just had a baby.

Monica Davis

Marc Lamont Hill kisses Shaunie 's ass I don't like him as a host.

Tee Brown

So true, why invite CeCe and not OG so She can get beat up? Really Shaunie?!!

WakandaDreams 4Ever

I wont watch them anymore. Evelyn's desperation to drum up storylines by regurgitating beefs and petting her punany, while being her most vile and disgusting lower self.

Michelle Penn

Great review. May I ask what military base are you on or near? I'm retired military.


I am glad someone called jackie flip flopping ass tami was right

April R*E

This show was my guilty pleasure and I've made a choice to "kick-the-habit", I will no longer watch the show and that includes the upcoming Reunion. Evelyn is vile, almost debaucherous and they are all abhorrent; O.G. was the most intellectual and civilized.

Gracie Taylor

I'm done.

N. Major

Look at Chad’s BMs and that will show you everything you need to know

Amazon Thomas

First commenter #teamOG

Nee Kha

Lmaoooo jesus loves self defense


Shaunie is the worst!!!!!!! She’s disgusting and I almost hate her!!!!!!!! If there is a god Shaunie will be fired, but I know she wont be lol.

Nancy G

Can we talk about why Evelyn was in black face for the reunion?

pam west

Totally LOVED!! Your review!

Dez Does nails

I thought mark Lamont hill was better then that.... disappeared

Tray Peterson

Good review


We should all STOP watching BBW all together.

Chloe Johnson

Started a new channel and all about u! I would love to have some clips of viewer opinions for my next video let me know if your interested!!!

Tonja Fortson

We on the same team.

Janelle Harris

Blood pressure medicine, lol. I love you


For Shaunie to tell her show’s viewers that they’re “too invested” should answer the question about whether or not Shaunie punk ass respects the fans or viewers of the show.

Prosperity Bee

Idk why I am so late to this channel? But I have never laughed so hard. Period

Tonja Fortson

OG in Costa Rica, and Kim in Amsterdam, reality television on fleek.!

Denise Moreland

They need a host that don't know nothing about none of these people up there because they don't ask them no hard quick just stupid s*** those YouTube bloggers be going in on your ass

Diana Quewea

You really be cracking me up

Renee Young

These woman decided they didn't or wouldn't like OG at the very first party she gave and they saw allll that beautiful black body while Jackie had on a winter outfit!

k t

I been waiting on this video

Danae' Latrice

I said the same thing, OG not aggressive enough because I would have clocked Evelyn right in that veiny ass forehead.

Roydell Trent

I mean I love you, where have you been in my social media life


You know I couldn't wait for your review & know I had to go in again sorry so long. Lets start with OG's Evelyn's Prayer: May she close her crotch & never open it to any man with a bag. May she never open it to any man lord Jesus, may she close her crotch. And I pray lord that she keeps her mouth shut or I will break her jaw-OG.
1)Chad has never had a domestic violence case against him prior or after evelyn. His 1st one happens to be with the froggiest most violent girl on this show. I believe tami "you lied on chad".
2)I would rather mop the ocean than give any basketball wives franchise another of my views after S8 reunion. The gaslighting is disgusting.
3)The gag is, OG is chad's type. Every woman he has had a child with is dark skin. All 7 of his kids are dark skin because their moms are too. Evelyn is the only non black light skin woman he has been in a public relationship with like that. And my conspiracy theory (that's probably true) is: evelyn went ballistic on chad in their dv case not because she found out he was cheating (she has given him a pass to cheat as long as he used protection on bbw show that season) but because she saw he was cheating with a dark woman. That would've triggered her insecurities like OG saying "chad wanted me" did; because evelyn deep down knows dark women are her competition for the man she truly loves & no amount of light non black skin can change chads preference.
4)Jackie, evelyn, malaysia & tami have all said on this show & some of them this season, that they were going to kill someone. So for them to willfully be stupid/non-comprehensible is appalling.
5)Jackie continues to show why Tami said Jackie was fake. OG has been a better friend to jackie than jackie as been to OG. That's why tami unfollowed both Shaunie & Jackie on everything.
6)How did shaunie fix her mouth to say she didn't think evelyn was going to fight cece, when evelyn snuck her w/ a weapon & before cece got there told shaunie to her face she wanted to f**k cece up & shaunie told evelyn to calm down. And evelyn was climbing over golf carts to get to cece agressively.
7)The list of all the L's everlyn took during this trip lmao: got read to flilth by cece, called out by og for her hypocrisy #fendifacts, snuck cece from behind (punk bih move), became bff's with bushes, discredited herself & her 'domestic violence" story by willfully contacting her abuser over petty b.s & OG's REAL RECEIPTS LMAO.
8)Evelyn is not black, what people are not going to do is change the goalpost to blackness. She's not black, just like black people aren't white just because way down our lineage we may have white ancestry due to colonization. And furthermore, most latin x are generationally mixed aka metizo's with very little if any black in them (because most don't even have black ancestry but have native american/indigenous non black lineage). Afro latinas are born of 2 BLACK PARENTS PERIOD. Evelyn's parents, grandparents nor great grandparents are black. So the only way this racist woman is black is by osmosis. There is no standard of blackness that is why everyone can be black. The only part of slavery black people love is the racist one drop rule. NOT ALL PUERTO RICANS HAVE BLACK BLOOD to those that think they do. Race, ethnicity and nationality aren't interchangeable. If black ppl were to get reparations, the b**ch wouldn't receive a damn thing. We know latin x ppl in all latin countries show racism & have derogatory terms for black hispanics in their culture. Latin ppl who claim "afro latina" do so to not be held accountable for their anti-blackness and racism towards black people. The census needs to add mixed race & non-black poc as categories because what is happening is political blackness which is very harmful to black americans both legally & politically. And Evelyn has never used hispanic racial terms but has no problem using n word. Use yours before you use ours (and latin ppl have 3 to pick from).
9) How do they keep pushing this aggressive narrative yet went out there way to go to where the "aggressor' is. Evelyn, its not fun when the rabbit go the gun. Og has the same energy towards your relationship as you did with Tami's relationship
10) And further tea, Evelyn talking about OG is a homewrecker/sidepiece but isn't Evelyn youngest son the same age as Carl's other child who he was in a relationship with before evelyn?


Let me just say...I love u. Your reviews are the best!


Excellent review!!!! I am with you I won’t watch this show if it is called real Saints of La. Evilyn don’t make sense why would you call your abuser then she uses it on reunion that she is messing with her abuser. Evilyn is still talking to her alleged abuser. Evilyn is shook that Chad was talking to Og. Evilyn embarrassed herself.

Gwenie Beatty

Chad started talking to O G in 2011 when he was engaged to EvilLynn and they married in 2012.

lynn faraj

Let's get this disgusting show cancel!

Monica Davis

I hated the Fact that Feby told Evelyn that OG was retweeting Chad's tweets. That just made her look stupid because Chad was still keeping up with OG.

Jkah P

Reeeeeaaaadddd truth period. Team OG, and Cee Cee. Her color is aggressive in their eyes, next her education, next her natural body, and next her strength mentally and confidence. The truth.


Good review!!!! It seems everybody is done with this show

Blac Monroe snow H.B.I.C

Im mad og not coming back

Mbula Nzoka

Shitty O' nostrils is a COWARD. If she didn't want OG @ the lunch, she should have told OG to her face.

Terrae Johnson

Did you catch how it was okay for Chad to have dm's from 2013, but it was "appalling" for OG to have dm's from 2011, everyone was like who does that. Insert <side eye>, imagine Chad sitting back laughing at Evelyn because he purposefully sent her chopped & screwed messages, LOL. He is Chad in one scene and her "abuser" in the next!! I believe Tammy when she said Evelyn was fighting that man, PERIODT!!!

Chrystal Cavalier

My favorite part was when you talked about the Pepsi & pizza. Food over mean girls any day.

Don Jo

U literally said everything in this review that i was yelling at the tv!!! These b**ches aggravated my soul this entire season with their hypocrisy.. After the reunion I’m done watching ✌

Gracie Taylor

this guy tell it like is everything i wanted to to say

Janelle Harris

O.G was right ........... non of the other ladies disagreed with her comments toward Evelyn. She finally met her match, always clowning . Shaunie in denial because she and Evelyn are close . SMH