Horizon Zero Dawn UNLIMITED FAST TRAVEL - How to Get the Golden Fast Travel Pack

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Horizon Zero Dawn UNLIMITED FAST TRAVEL - How to Get the Golden Fast Travel Pack

25 501 views | 1 Mar. 2017
25 501 views | 1 Mar. 2017

In the Horizon Zero Dawn, you can unlock unlimited Fast Travel feature to cover the distance quickly and reach the destination fast. You need to collect the rare Fox skin and Fatty Meat in order to unlock the unlimited fast travel. The following guide shows how to unlock the unlimited fast Travel in the game and how to Get the Golden Fast Travel Pack

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2:20 you’re welcome


RIDGE wood. RIDGE WOOD. Not "riggid".


Thanks mate you just saved me some fattey meat and bones appreciate it

Raf3 Games

U sound soo like h2o delirious

Adriano Boi

Thx so much dude


Rig-ged wood


Great video! Keep it up! :)

Yasmeen Hoosen

Thx man very very helpful to travel long distances especially in th cut


Bro just get to the point

Tobias The Wolf

2:19 video starts


Im lv 30+ and still not in meridian lol coz i did all the side quest and explored the almost every inch of the map


Over 3 minutes for a 20 second bit of info.....



yo video got removed



Connor Stiles

17th lol

Bradford Whelan

Fast travel to the point. 2:20. :)

Allen Legaspi

No need to go to meridian you can buy also in the tower merchant