Dragonfable Pride (Master Soulweaver solo)

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Dragonfable Pride (Master Soulweaver solo)

200 views | 20 Jan. 2020
200 views | 20 Jan. 2020

One of the harder challenges in the Inn. I had fun! No temporary items or additional potions were used.

Stat build:

200 LUK

157 INT

88 CHA

Dragon points:

200 Fighting

200 Magic

200 Protection


Exalted Penultima/Soulforged Scythe (Ice Scythe shown)

Dark Sepulchure Helm

Wings of the Unraveler III/The Hidebehind IV

Unhallowed Deathknight Circlet

Leaf of Flux III

Ribbon of Compromise V

Legion Bracer

Uaanta's Blaster (Charging)


P.S I apologise for not having audio. I believe Android does not allow internal audio recording


https://imgur.com/W2RTcII.png (hugs)

emanuel oviedo

what is helm?