Secrets of Grindea: Easy way to Farm for all Monster Cards

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Secrets of Grindea: Easy way to Farm for all Monster Cards

10 146 views | 18 Feb. 2016
10 146 views | 18 Feb. 2016

The easiest way i found for grinding for monster cards.

Also sorry for the loud noise near the end of the video.

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Scott McNeil

what is the best way to farm pecko? is there anywhere that he respawns?

Ardyn Izunia

Sorry to say but this video is as informative as if you said "just kill many monsters very fast."
Seriously. This can be done with almost any sort of character. If you go ice magic, max the frosty friend and its the same, if you go air, max chain lightning and it is the same, if you go one handed max spirit slash and it is the same if you go two handed max the spin slash and it is the same. I am just saying every way besides fire magic has incredible AOE so farming monsters is nothing you need a guide for. Also, you actually calculating 5 times 3 for so long and not being sure of your bonusses seemed very "unprofessional" for you making a guide video. Below the talent there is pointed out at wich level you have it skilled so you know what you get right now because the talents mostly give "so and so much per point in the talent".
Also, what put me off, you saying the boss plant never despawns BECAUSE you never saw him go away. If you are going to do guides, READ THE SKILLS! The gold charge description of summon plant says that the boss plant does never despawn unless you use the gold charge again as you summon him to your position than. The way you made your guide seemed like you were just guessing about everything you said and don't get me wrong. I am not trying to say this video is bad but I am trying to say that you probably jst did this on a whim and that every guide that someone did organized will be 100 times better and more helpful to players.

EDIT: Oh well, I just looked at the like/dislike ratio, sooo, you probably know already that this video was kinda pointless as it was basically just "I dunno, use plants." stretched out to over 13 minutes.

Mikael Jalamo

Good job with this, the beginning could have been shorter due the fact that this video was mainly for the card trick and not your equipments and such. I guess it was somewhat relevant but next time try to be faster while showing that stuff and ull do great!


Skip to 7:38 if you want to skip everything and just see the actual place to go.




interesting video but going through and naming all the cards is a bit much.


For people who see this video and commented, I should have separated this video into 2 separate videos, one for the cards stats/info and the other on how to farm them. This just shows my inexperienced as a content creator.

The reason i'm posting this is because i have received a lot of comments about it and, for some reason i can't see or reply to them in the comment section of this video, but i do see them in my notifications tab, and wanted to let them know i love and appreciate all there comments/feedback.