(Level 5-10) Two Dots Games | Puzzle Games | Video Games | Razu The Gaming Bee

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(Level 5-10) Two Dots Games | Puzzle Games | Video Games | Razu The Gaming Bee

29 views | 5 Jun. 2020
29 views | 5 Jun. 2020

(Level 5-10) Two Dots Games | Puzzle Games | Video Games | Razu The Gaming Bee

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1. (Level 1-5) - https://youtu.be/CePPt9DjLy0

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Two Dots: Two Dots is a puzzle video game for iOS and Android, developed and published by American indie studio Playdots, Inc. The Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft Windows versions are no longer supported. It is the sequel to Dots. It was released for iOS platforms on May 29, 2014,[2] and became available for Android on November 12, 2014.

Two Dots gameplay. In this screenshot, the player forms a green-colored rectangle to remove the rest of the corresponding, green-colored dots. Developer(s) Playdots, Inc. Publisher(s) Playdots, Inc., Tencent Games[1] Platform(s) iOS Android Release iOS May 29, 2014 Android November 12, 2014 Genre(s) Puzzle Mode(s) Single-player

Gameplay Unlike Dots, Two Dots has power-ups, objectives and a campaign (series of levels), while lacking online multi-player capability. At the start of the game, only level one is unlocked; each subsequent level is unlocked only when the previous level is beaten. Levels are grouped into "worlds", with the first ten levels assigned to one world, and after that every 25 levels grouped into a world. Worlds differ in gameplay elements, obstacles and objectives. In the earliest levels of the game, objectives include sinking anchors and breaking ice; the objective is to accomplish a target number of each, for example to sink a specified number of anchors. As each world is completed, the player receives a postcard for that world.

The game now also features a weekly "Treasure Hunt" mode, where players compete worldwide to be the first to complete a sequence of seven levels.

A new world is added with each major game update, currently on a release schedule of roughly once every three weeks. As of March 19, 2020 there are 2625 levels. Makers left a note that say "Stay Pawsitive more levels coming soon".

At the start of each level, the objectives are displayed; furthermore, the player must complete them within a specified number of moves. At the start of a level, a set of dots is "dropped" from the top of the in-game area. The player must connect at least two dots of the same color in order to make a move. They can be connected horizontally or vertically, but never diagonally. The connected dots are removed from the game area; dots directly above those will then drop down until they hit other dots or the floor beneath. When a player connects a grouping of at least four same-colored dots to form a complete circuit, all of the dots in the game area with that same color will disappear, and any dot(s) fully inside the circuit will become "bomb(s)" which will explode in all eight directions once those dots drop down. If there are no two adjacent same color dots to connect, the dots are automatically scrambled so that the player can make a valid move, similar to other games.

Two Dots received fairly positive reviews from critics on GameRankings and Metascore. While it was praised for its simple design and a variety of obstacles and level layouts, it was also criticized for its slow life-regenerating system.[6][7] The player begins with five lives, and it takes 20 minutes for a single life to regenerate, with up to a total of one hour and forty minutes required to regenerate the maximum of five lives. It was also pointed out that some levels are nearly impossible to beat, draining a player's lives quickly and prompting the player to make in-app purchases of extra lives or booster packs.

Two Dots was given the people's voice for best game on handheld devices for the 2015 Webby Awards.[8] At the 2018 Webby Awards, it was nominated for "Best Visual Design", while it won the People's Voice Award for "Puzzle".[9]

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