Dark Souls 3 PvP - Murky LongStaff - New Dark Sorcery Staff in Ringed City DLC

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Dark Souls 3 PvP - Murky LongStaff - New Dark Sorcery Staff in Ringed City DLC

96 076 views | 14 Apr. 2017
96 076 views | 14 Apr. 2017

It's long! It's murky! Keep it away from children!

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ThrustFrom Behind

Why not use aquamarine Dagger?

Kanonno Grassvalley

how could you get killed by that sorcerer at the start...

Nicholas P

Moose Torrent how about pairing MLGS with Murky Staff? That way you have a melee weapon with good damage & hyper armour.


ahhh a nice long video to enjoy! thanks moose!

Darkeater Filip

Ringed knight's spear next pls :D

Nexodus ZeroX

Great video moose. Nice Dreg action too. Ohh btw... I d smash that bunch of R1 spammers in that brawl. Brings Mornes and become UNSTOPPABLE. Now tho for top ten unseen spells in PvP!!!!
Also Moose if you could, could you give me that date of your next DS3 or DSR Streams?
1. Flame Fan/ It's not that bad. Does 140 DMG on a 60 Faith build. Yep i concur....
2. Great Chaos Storm/ No ring... No spell..... No nothing can prevent the slowness of this spells casting speed. Don't get me wrong in PvE pretty good.. but in PvP. BACKSTAB MAGNET
3. Gnaw/ To see the little brother of Dorhys' is pretty rare. And just for that it deserves a spot on this list!!
4. Dark Edge/ Rae indeed and by you proof that it is mighty effective in PvP. But for PvE i think not
5. Affinity/ Apart from popular you-tubers this sorcery is pretty scares to see. For best optimization go the Izalith staff with 50 Faith!!!
6. Soul mass/ The crystal variant takes all the fame when really is was the bed for the HCSM's creation. More People should use it, fro low INT builds that is....
7. Warmth/ Seems like it's too risky to use in PvP, But if your gud you can use this to your advantage, providing you are aggressive enough
8. Deep Soul/ Just.... Just stop... IT"S TIME TO STOP!!!
9. soul Spear/ Same as before... DESERVES MORE CREDIT
10. Bountiful Light/ I can naturally tell when someone uses this with a regen build fro experience. And i can confidently say that it is rare to see it... wonder why?

Connor Whitehead

Magic builds were better in dark souls 2

Stew Rat

the number of times you finished off someone with darkedge is surprisingly many.


when I see iron pineapple say sorcery sucks in this game, then I see games like this....I am so confused

Elem Ay

I want to see a build with flash sword, soul edge, dark edge, lighting arrow, fire fan, and life drain scythe


Is your mic a potato?

Max Long

the stick is sick

S A D M A N E : (

ur stamina management gives me anxiety to watch

Depressed Lesbian with a big sword

are the dark sorceries stronger when you use the izalith staff with 40 faith and 40 intelligence or the murky longstaff / Logan's staff with 60 intelligence?

Garrett Hall

Why is the visual quality always so bad in your videos it's borderline unwatchable

shafat islam

am I mistaken wouldn't all the dark sorceries scale with the lowest stat of in and faith so wouldn't it scale with 26 faith rather 60 int?


I was wondering, does the murky staff's weapon art stack with the izalith staff?

Jade Johnson

Good stuff as always.

The Traveler

Eh, you don't need Great Deep Soul once you get Great Soul Dregs.

Eileen the Crow

I like the preacher arm best. has really good scaling and fast strong physical attack.


rocky I'm clipping your voice into my next vid during an invasion scene, be sure to check it out!

Augustus Morgenstern

those Dark Edge kills were perfect.

Jonathan Borg

That Crucifix is an actual meme, brought me from no ranking to 5 wins into gold in 30 minutes in Duels. It is hillarious when you get R1, L2, L2, R2, Charged R2 rollcatch and instagib havelmonsters. XD

Specter _Of _The Stars

Moose has fallen to the deep! (Abyss) and I'd say it looks pretty good


Someone start a tally on how many times he says "nailed"

Wiffleborough Spaticus

best dark souls 3 source right here!! thanks moose


U should do a vid summing up your all time fav ds3 builds/ weapons


>spams one spell
>gets killed
Why did I lose guys? Guess sorcery just isn't all that great.

For aggressive opponents, you need to use affinity more. I find even entering a fight with affinity and then spamming great deep soul is pretty effective.


you've got NAILED


Also moose what's your opinion on heal over time miracles in arena 1v1s? Some people think it's just as bad as estus but I don't believe that. I know you like faith builds like me so I wanted to know your opinion.

Dan Vercruysse

I really like the build but I hate that mask. Even if it adds 10% more dmg



Vitor Vena

dark magic in dks3 is like 6 spells that do the same shit as other ones but it requires more stats and do less damage lol if even they looked as good as tge pursuers look it would be worth it but no, instead of a dark purple (like pursuers) they chose to male a dumb dark blue that doesnt look like dark magic nice work from soft

RPG Trident

Banner Bro, i like that. That's gonna stick

MBzk K

Great description of the video moose!


Can anyone please help me with this question?
What is the best sword for Dark gem infusion?


Nice video! But, wouldn't you want to use the young dragon ring over the clutch ring?


Can you use the Lorian Greatsword? :DDD

IThe AuthorityI

idk why but I find the woman death scream insanely hilarious

Zuma 6

Hey! That's my set!

Ezra Kitchen

Heyyo Moose I've been subbed for quite a bit now and I don't think I've seen you do this particular build: Man-Grub staff and Anris sword luck mage build.

Or a Bloodlust pvp video. I'd love to see both

Beast Master

when be buffs the staff on turns fully purple but when I do it on mine it doesn't wtf

Eliban Valera

That dark edge kills was satisfying

Kyler Black

so does this staff just scale your dark spells off of int? I'm really confused as to how this staff works, cause I would like to use it cause it looks cool, but I don't know if it's for a int build or int and faith build, if anyone could tell me how to use this thing to full effect please tell me.

Sbren Sbeve

If only I had a giant but hole lmao

Ray G.

Take a drink of Estus every time he says nailed

Maksym Pisotskyi

Why do we need faith using only sorceries?

Who cares Lol

Just don't be doing anything rood this time moose

Carlitos Salazar

the battle of magics are actually fun to watch.


Powerful stuff you've got there !

Daniel Pilla

Nice Dark Sorcerer!!


it says 1 comment but I clearly see 4.

anyways that projected heal the crucifex user had? ya that shits probably getting nerfed as it's nearly unpunishable.

Donte Vann

do clutch rings work in pvp now?


"If only I had a Giant but hole"


Funny how Moose Torrent just proved InfernoPlus's video using the Murky Longstaff completely wrong.
He talks about how Dark Magic is trash and is unusable, yet Moose proceeds to dominate with it.

Isaac Halley

nice! i love hex build


This would be a very interesting build with the aquamarine dagger


Thanks for the videos Moose Torrent.
You are a really good duellant!!!

Brody Kubas

Moose I don't understand stand this.... I watched all your dark souls/dark sorcery videos ! Why don't you buff your staff 1st and then affinity? You cast great deep soul 1st! Plz explain

Autism is Uncontrollable

The izalith staff and the court sorcerer staff are better (without buff) than the murky staff.


does darkmoon blade deal dark damage or magic damage? I was gonna suggest using dark blade to buff your sword of you didn't already infuse it. :o


hey moosie how do you use gestures without going into the gesture screen

Boogypop Fantom

What the hex?!

Rango pistacho

Dark sorceries are by far the most powerful of all even better than dark pyromancies in damage as it deals dark and physical damage

An Orange Fellow

So are there any circumstances in which the Murky staff is better than Izalith? Maybe if you go 60 INT 30 FTH?

Daniel Peragine

Shame he doesn't share the build. :/

joshua kim

So does anyone else notice that Moose is actually REALLY bad with this build? Never casts Affinity at the start, which makes all of his fights unnecessarily more difficult. Hell, most of his combat is with his sword, which makes me wonder why he even bothered with the staff in the first place. He could have easily beaten the mage at the beginning had he just casted Affinity to match the HCSM, which i have no idea why he didn't do.


Did the affinity orbs always have small eyeballs like the great souldregs?


Affinity does 470 damage? Pathetic

Quality Queen



Surprised I didn't see any ringed knight dual great-swords in this vid. Any time I invade that's all I see people using these days


Fear not the Moose, my friend, and let the Torrent begin.


Hey Moose, did you join a fight-club outside of the Pontiff Sulyvahn area recently? I swear I saw someone using this EXACT SAME build! Even the same spells, weapon, etc. If it wasn't you, I think someone really liked your play style...A lot...


Was this post patch? Because the stats on that dark longsword are looking pretty awful. Maybe you should infuse weapons with deep since your INT and FTH aren't gonna be even. I think that's what is hurting the dark infusion route for your build.

Killer Vic

That great soul dregs tho

Bart Simp

Why did you take the Longsword over the Lothric Knight Sword?

LTC cherno


Moose be hexin' like we in Drangleic!!!

Eddie The Blackest

As always, great strategies, mindgames and prediction!

Mac Militant

i ve actually had good results with Demon Scar w/Izalith off hand. 40/40 fai/int. all the dark sorcery, pestilent mercury, plus black flame black serpent which actually are perfect complimentary pyros for dark sorcery.


Finally some good fashion souls for a Hex build


I went up against that dude with the dark buffed crucifix who healed. That's literally all he did for the entire game. I got him down to low health three times and I didn't heal once but he still beat me bc I had to beat three health bars lol. Such a pussy


so Izalith staff is still the best choice?

Brown Briefcase

This is not the real dark sorceries build. The real dark sorcery build is a full set of havel armor and a dark buffed dagger.


Moose i am sorry for inform you that, this staff is WORSE for dark sorceries with 60 int then the court sourcerers staff, unless you use the staff buff. I was really buffeled by this myselfe as i used this staff on an 60int 9faith build. I did a dmg test on my friend and immedeatly switched to css for more dmg

Games 4 days

I also ran a dark build it's one of my favorite videos I've done. check it out moose! your channel was partly reason and inspiration for starting my channel so thank you for being awesome!

whateve bev

Moose just wanna say what an ace commentator and fair player you are. Refreshing change from something like fightincowboy.


Will you do a build with the preachers right arm (I think that's what it's called), but only try to stab people with the weapon art?


so hexes sucks at this game yey or yep

Jeremiah Hopes

is there like a dark soul pvp tournament


moose you got me into PvP starting with bloodborne and I was fairly good at that faster style of play...could you give me some tips for ds3?

No Fun

like you moose, but you have to work on your commentary, every match is "nailed, or blasted"

Papa Joe

this is literally my setup


I love how you just casually put that in your videos with no context. 11:18


Moose, you always have good videos and great commentary. Keep it up.