Diablo 2 Median XL Sigma Cube Crafting (Uniques, Jewels , Runewords,Shrines)

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Diablo 2 Median XL Sigma Cube Crafting (Uniques, Jewels , Runewords,Shrines)

20 343 views | 24 Apr. 2019
20 343 views | 24 Apr. 2019

Explaining how to craft/make Uniques items, Jewels , Runewords and Shrine Items with the cube in Diablo 2 Median XL Sigma. (NOTE in the most recent patch they have changed the recipe to upgrade uniques to no longer require the extra rune.)

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Alexander Cornelis

Great stuff man, your Median XL guide videos have helped me get the ropes of it swiftly! One question though: which items do or don't you save in your inventory? I'm currently stockpiling perfect Gems, for Disjunctions, Jewels for bonuses and Runes for runewords. But also Rings and Amulets, of which im not sure if this is worth it, but in original D2 could be used for crafting. Is this still the case? Also, do you have any video explaining the charms/ shrines more clearly? I didn't quite get that part from this video

Danielle S

Awesome guide

Rhaevyn Hart

I took a shot every time you said "basically" and now I have alcohol poisoning [evil smirk] hehe great videos, thanks for doing this ♥


Ya i just tier up unique wand to tier3 level not enough, hahaha

ariel monteleone

Thx For Argentina! Crack!


thank you this is really helpful


They Have changed the recipe for upgrading tiered uniques to no longer require adding the rune so don't panic when it doesn't transmute and just remove the rune and it should work now with just the arcane crystal.

Jesper Borg

Thanks this helped me a lot

Zach Stigall



Omg I had no idea you can disenchant unique items... I sold quite a few of them, lmao I am such a noob in Median :D ty for the video


3:29 this craft dont work for me,wich ver u played? i have 1.3.4

Scooter lawson

whos running the magic find bot in the background??? u keep getting msges from the bot going in and out of game

J Laz

I just wanna ask question about gems, most of the socketed items used jewels and runes so does it mean that gems are useless in this game?

OniDeja XD

plz how farm shrine

ih rapaz

How can i know a item is unique or not?

line ways

The crystal + rune already does not work. I hate this when they have to keep screwing basic things around and you wasting time on them figuring out how they are. These tiered unix is good during level up but not really at endgame.