GETTING TO KNOW GULLASH (Notes of Hearts - Episode 1)

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GETTING TO KNOW GULLASH (Notes of Hearts - Episode 1)

8 679 views | 12 Jan. 2019
8 679 views | 12 Jan. 2019

After reading Christopher Kingston and Kat Hiroyushi's suggestion for Notes of Hearts, I looked into the game, and fell in love with it from the trailer! I found this game yesterday, so I am going into this without any real knowledge about it beforehand. It looks very promising based on its description of being both a novel and a RPG. I'm not much of a gamer, but I'll do my best with it.

Here’s my Twitter account, which posts art and video updates:

You can also support the crew of Notes of Hearts, and download their game from this link:

Look Behind You

Remember me?

Ivan Lee Eboa

Phantom Baphomet

This look like it made from RPG Maker.

Pretty fun to use.

RPG Maker MV (Trinity in japan) , coming out for Switch , PS4 on Sep, 3rd , but it's less fun compare to the PC.

The PC version allows Plugins and Add our own create-able characters , objects , enemies, while the console version don't have it. But later should have DLCs.

(I Heard XBox1 version got cancelled.)

But is good to get , for those who don't have a PC. It's better that RPG Maker 1 for PS1, 3 for PS2 and RPG Maker FES for 3DS.

And for RPG Maker MV for Switch and PS4 should have a app called , RPG Maker MV Player, where other players , can play other people's created games for free.

Phantom Baphomet

8:11 Boo!


Cesar KIMO gkrig

Remembre Reference of final FANTASY
I cute.... Ver. Furry

Cyrus Lupercal

Gullash, lol. It's the name of a Hungarian dish. He is meaty though ;)