BC Vaping Ape - Liquid - Review!!

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BC Vaping Ape - Liquid - Review!!

451 views | 31 Oct. 2015
451 views | 31 Oct. 2015

Whats up youtube?!! Welcome back to another episode of Vaporwood! Today we take a look at a couple liquids from my local brick and mortar store, the BC Vaping Ape!! Enjoy!! PS:: BC Vaping Ape does offer child proof caps on their online orders, and in store by request.

Get some here: http://www.bcvapingape.com

BC Vape Ape FB: http://on.fb.me/1l0Vb8s

BC Vape Ape Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/777609602362345/

Rhonda Magee

great review Kennard :) thank you

Thomas Williams akia5048

thanks bro sounds good I'll shoot on over but I have to buy more coils but when I need to reup I'll be sure to give it a tr6 peace brother


killer review man. personally I think its kool as hell that you are showcasing a local b&m on your channel. that's great. a hell of a way to get some business for your local area,as well as helping people you actually see from time to time. its great that they offer online orders, which we would have never known about them had you not shown them on your channel. kudos to you for that. I find that t be a kool thing. keep up the great work man.

Ryan D

"Oh No!" lol ;-)

DIY Dan Vapes

Nice review sexy fuckin unicorns!!!

Berin Iwlew

BUYER BEWARE. I was sold a defective mod by BC VapingApe. They refused to replace/refund it due to "FDA regulations"

This is a lie. They are required by state law to replace/refund a defective product.

Find yourself a more honest vape shop in town.

Stan Lawrence

do me a solid lay off the kush